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HR Audit Checklists

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New Edition Helps You Maintain Compliance with the Latest Laws and Regs
Recently Updated! The HR Audit Checklists eliminates the guesswork, assumptions, and errors that plague most internal policy reviews, helping you uncover flaws in even your most obscure processes.

HR Audit Checklists leads you through a series of straightforward questions about your current workplace practices. All you have to do is compare your answers to the provided plain-English analysis. Then, with a new understanding of the depth and scope of the problem, simply follow the instructions to “right the ship” and steer clear of legal dangers.

Because key employment laws have recently undergone significant revisions, HR Audit Checklists has just been completely reviewed, revised, and reprinted to help you keep all your policies in compliance, with new guidance on:

- HR Administration-posters, notices, handbooks, recordkeeping, HRIS, and more.
- Hiring and Recruiting-background checks, immigration, interviewing, etc
- Compensation-payroll, FLSA compliance, job descriptions, exempt workers, and more.
- Benefits-healthcare benefits, COBRA, workers’ compensation, and retirement
- Leave of Absence-FMLA, sick and personal leave, vacations, and military leave
- Performance and Training-Appraisals, reviews, raise policies, training procedures, and more.
- Discipline and Discharge- Don't risk discrimination and harassment claims
- Workplace Technology-electronic monitoring and privacy
- Health and Safety-OSHA, drug and alcohol testing, and workplace violence prevention
- Unions, and Emerging Issues in HR-nontraditional work arrangements, social media, and employee wellness
- And so much more!

Plus, because this HR tool was created by a team of experienced employment law attorneys and HR executives, you’ll get the right answers to ALL your self-audit questions, from the right source.
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HR Administration

- Posters, Notices, and Communication
- Overview
- Communication with employees checklist
- Posting required notices checklist
- Bulletin boards checklist
- Publications for employees checklist
- Handbooks
- Overview
- Employee handbook checklist
- Recordkeeping
- Overview
- Employee records checklist
- Access to personnel records/confidentiality checklist
- Overview
- Computer system for personnel records checklist
- Ethics
- Overview
- Ethics review checklist

Hiring and Recruiting

- Recruiting
- Overview
- Employment planning checklist
- Recruitment authorization checklist
- Analyzing hiring costs checklist
- External sources for recruiting employees checklist
- Employment advertising checklist
- Employment firms checklist
- Internal sources for recruiting employees checklist
- Applications
- Overview
- Application forms checklist
- ADA and job descriptions checklist
- Background Checks
- Overview
- Preemployment inquiries: What you can and can’t ask checklist
- Immigration
- Overview
- Employee verification and civil rights checklist
- Interviewing
- Overview
- General interview questions for various industries checklist
- Interview questions for the education industry checklist
- Interview questions for the financial services industry checklist
- Preemployment inquiries checklist
- Interview questions for the health services industry checklist
- Interview questions for the hospitality industry checklist
- Interview questions for the manufacturing industry checklist
- Interview questions for the retail industry checklist
- Onboarding and Orientation
- Overview
- Orientation audit checklist


- Payroll
- Overview
- Salary administration checklist
- Bonuses checklist
- Executive compensation checklist
- Incentive compensation checklist
- Garnishments and attachments checklist
- Loans and payroll advances checklist
- Fair Labor Standards Act
- Overview
- Hours of work checklist
- State laws on compensation checklist
- Federal laws on compensation checklist
- Internship programs checklist
- Teen worker safety checklist
- Safe harbor for improper deductions checklist
- Exempt and Nonexempt Personnel
- Overview
- Employee classification checklist
- FLSA exemption checklist
- Administrative exemption checklist
- Executive exemption checklist
- Learned and creative professional exemption checklist
- Outside sales exemption checklist
- Trainees checklist
- Job Descriptions
- Overview
- Job analysis forms design checklist
- Job descriptions checklist
- Job description information checklist
- Independent contractor checklist
- Preliminary job description checklist for assistance with ADA compliance
- Sample job description


- Healthcare Benefits
- Overview
- Group health insurance checklist
- Health insurance carrier checklist
- Health insurance cost containment checklist
- Overview
- COBRA continuation coverage checklist
- COBRA recordkeeping compliance checklist
- COBRA gross misconduct policy checklist
- Information needed to comply with COBRA checklist
- Contents of notice to qualified beneficiaries checklist
- Workers’ Compensation and Disability Benefits
- Overview
- Workers’ compensation insurance checklist
- Disability insurance checklist
- Retirement Benefits
- Overview
- ERISA compliance checklist
- Miscellaneous Benefits
- Overview
- Flexible benefits checklist
- Employee assistance programs checklist
- Facilitating childcare checklist
- Outsourcing benefits checklist
- Reviewing your benefits communications

Leave of Absence

- FMLA and Medical Leaves
- Overview
- Family and medical leave checklist
- Pregnancy leave and benefits checklist
- Parental leave checklist
- Sick and Personal Leaves
- Overview
- Sick leave checklist
- Personal days checklist
- Educational leave checklist
- Funeral leave checklist
- Audit
- Checklists
- Vacations and Holidays
- Overview
- Vacations and holidays checklist
- Military and Other Statutory Leaves
- Overview
- Military/uniformed service leave checklist
- Jury duty checklist
- Leave bank policy checklist

Performance and Training

- Performance Appraisals
- Overview
- Performance appraisal system checklist
- Performance appraisal process checklist
- Performance appraisal interview checklist
- Performance appraisal evaluation checklist
- Performance appraisals-Responding to employee reactions checklist
- Training
- Overview
- Training for salaried employees checklist
- Training for hourly employees checklist

Discipline and Discharge

- Discrimination and Harassment
- Overview
- Discrimination prevention checklist
- Preventing discrimination against individuals with disabilities checklist
- Affirmative action for disabled individuals checklist
- Affirmative action for disabled veterans and other protected veterans checklist
- Sexual harassment audit checklist
- Handling sexual harassment complaints checklist
- Discipline
- Overview
- General discipline and work rules checklist
- Progressive discipline checklist
- Supervisor’s discipline checklist
- Disciplinary deductions checklist
- Evaluating the discipline interview checklist
- Termination and Discharge
- Overview
- Discharge checklist
- Pretermination review
- Termination procedures checklist
- Return of company property checklist
- Severance agreements/packages checklist
- Layoffs checklist
- Exit interviews checklist
- Sample questions for the exit interview checklist

Workplace Technology

- Electronic Monitoring and Privacy
- Overview
- Electronic monitoring checklist
- Personal information security checklist

Health and Safety

- Overview
- Occupational Safety and Health Act checklist
- Drug and Alcohol Testing
- Overview
- Developing a drug and alcohol testing policy checklist
- Workplace Violence Prevention
- Overview
- Preventing workplace violence checklist


- Unions
- Overview
- Union avoidance checklist

Emerging Issues in HR

- Nontraditional Work Arrangements
- Overview
- Flexible work hours checklist
- Telecommuting checklist
- Work-at-home checklist
- Social Media
- Overview
- Social media policy checklist
- Employee Wellness Programs
- Overview
- Alcohol abuse employee self-assessment checklist
- Stress reduction checklist
- Wellness program compliance checklist
- Smoking checklist
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown