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More than 700 Prewritten Job Descriptions
Job descriptions set the framework for everything that gets done in your organization. For optimum productivity… effective performance evaluations… and fair compensation – accurate, legal job descriptions are essential. But writing them can be a daunting task…. especially in your hectic workday. The Job Descriptions Encyclopedia contains more than 700 prewritten, ADA compliant, sample job descriptions in one two-volume resource.

The Encyclopedia also includes a complete, easy-to-follow how-to manual on how to write effective and lawful job descriptions that don’t run afoul of the ADA. You’ll also receive quarterly updates so you can constantly add to and update your library of job descriptions. The Encyclopedia includes everything you need to have an effective description for every job in your organization.

- More than 700 prewritten job descriptions
- Every major position is described, arranged by job category
- Suggested pay grades
- Helps you set competitive salaries
- How-to section on writing and implementation
- Simplifies writing and implementation by walking you through the guidelines
- Common, legally acceptable format
- All job descriptions include essential functions, additional responsibilities, education and experience, job prerequisites, independent action, and supervisory responsibility
- Quarterly updates
- Expands and keeps your library of job descriptions current
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How to Use This Book

Part I - How to Write Job Descriptions

Chapter 1. Introduction to Job Descriptions

- What Is a Job Description?
- Specific or Generic
- Why Are Job Descriptions Important?
- Typical (but Not Terrific) Job Description

Chapter 2. The Job Description in the Organization

- How Are Job Descriptions Used?
- Other Uses of Job Descriptions
- Your Job Description Program-Setting Goals
- Managing the Process
- Who Should Prepare Job Descriptions?
- The Approval Process

Chapter 3. Basic Elements and Format

- Basic Elements of a Good Job Description
- Job Identification
- Job Summary
- Essential Functions
- Accountabilities
- Job Description Format
- Sample Job Description Format
- Writing ‘Behavioral’ Job Descriptions

Chapter 4. Gathering Information: Job Analysis, Job Specifications

- Job Analysis
- Preliminary Job Description Questionnaire
- Job Specifications
- Special Note on Mental, Physical, and Environmental Job Requirements
- Sample Job Specifications

Chapter 5. Job Descriptions and the ADA

- Physical Requirements Check-Off Form, Work Environment Check-Off Form
- What Is a Disability?
- What Are Essential Functions?
- Nonessential Functions
- Reasonable Accommodation
- Training Supervisors to Write Good Job Descriptions: A Sample Training Session… Job Description Worksheet

Chapter 6. Organizing the Information

- Choosing Your Words Carefully
- Writing Guidelines and Style Recommendations
- Writing the First Draft
- The Approval Process
- The Final Draft
- Words for Your Use
- Glossary of Useful Verbs and Terms

Chapter 7. Position Descriptions: An Alternative for Managerial Personnel

- Before You Get Started
- Getting Your Program Started
- Management Support-A Necessary
- Format and Content
- Program Maintenance
- Sample Position Description Format
- Position Descriptions and the
- Organizational Chart
- Preparing the Position Description
- Sample Position Analysis Questionnaire

Chapter 8. Communications, Access, and Maintenance

- Communicating the Program
- Union Participation
- Sample Introductory Memo for Job Description Program
- Accessibility of Descriptions
- Keeping Job Descriptions Up-to-Date

Chapter 9. Pay Grades

- Job Description Recommended Rate Ranges

Sample Forms

Part II - Sample Job Descriptions
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