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Must-Have Interviewing and Hiring Guide - With Fully Editable Documentation You'll Need
Anyone who has ever hired a new employee knows the feelings of uncertainty and risk that accompany the process. The more skillfully you can assess the person now, the less likely you'll regret your hiring decision later. But this is not a simple process.

Do you know which questions you can legally ask a job applicant, and which ones can trigger a discrimination lawsuit? Traps for the unwary abound,thanks to the tangle of California and federal laws related to hiring.

Hire Without Fear is designed to cover every stage of the hiring process, from advertising the position to inking the job offer or employment contract. At each step along the way, you get sound, practical advice and checklists, expert legal guidelines, and the insights you need to make smart decisions.

You'll find:

- A library of over 200 ready-to-use interview questions designed to help you assess an applicant's strengths and weaknesses, abilities and motivation, interpersonal skills, and character;
- Key do's and don'ts for conducting lawful interviews, along with a comprehensive list of what you can and can't ask applicants;
- Clear guidelines on when you can require applicants to undergo employment testing, including medical exams and drug tests;
- Step-by-step guidance on how to conduct legal background checks;
- Critical questions to ask former employers to help elicit information you need to know about an applicant;
- A comprehensive New Hire Compliance Checklist you can use to make sure your paperwork is in order for every new hire;
- Samples of the documentation you'll need throughout the interviewing and hiring process, (editable versions sent when you order), including:
 - - An employment application;
 - - Authorization forms for medical exams;
 - - Drug testing and background checks;
 - - Job offer letter;
 - - Mutual arbitration agreement; and
 - - Confidentiality agreement.
- Plus much more!

It's like having a California employment lawyer on call, helping you through the hiring process, at a fraction of the cost.
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