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Safety Insider: Workplace Violence

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Legally Assess and Identify the Characteristics of a Potentially Violent Offender
Workplace violence is a growing concern for employers across the country, ranging from incidents of employee harassment to brutal active shooter attacks on a commercial facility. In many cases, the onus is on the employer to ensure proper precautions and protocols are in place to protect their workforce. They may risk costly fines and damaging litigation if they fail to do their due diligence. What’s more, lives are risk.

To help employers and managers meet this critical challenge, the publisher has curated key editorial resources around response plan preparation, employee training, and peer best practices to help mitigate the potentially tragic impact of a violent event. This HR Insider report will serve as a tactical playbook, helping human resources professionals to:

- Legally assess and identify the characteristics of a potentially violent offender
- Understand what responsibilities you have under federal law to prevent workplace violence
- Craft your own active threat plan so your employees are prepared in the event of an incident
- Apply lessons learned from real case study examples of workplace violence scenarios
- Effectively train your employees on situational awareness and response protocol
- Learn response strategies specifically for an active shooter event, straight from a former Secret Service agent (BONUS webinar!)
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1 Executive Summary

- An Unfortunate Truth

2 Planning & Assessment

- OSHA’s General Duty Clause and Workplace Violence
- Know the Four Types of Workplace Violence: Are You at Risk? And What Can You Do?
- Getting Ahead of the Safety Curve: Keys to Building a Successful Active Threat Plan

3 Implementation

- Workplace Violence: Where to Begin
- 12-Point Action Plan-Handling Violence in the Workplace
- Workplace Violence Model Checklist and Guidelines

4 Training

- What Are Some Common Mistakes Made When Providing Training on Workplace Violence?
- 10-Minute Training Talk on Active Shooters in the Workplace
- 12 Tips to be Prepared For-and Respond to-an Active Shooter in the Workplace
- QUIZ: Active Shooter in the Workplace

5 Case Studies

- It’s Time For Walmart to Roll Back its Approach to Workplace Violence
- Is the Company Responsible For Injuries Caused When One Employee Attacks Another? - Case 1
- Are You Responsible For Injuries Caused When One Employee Attacks Another? - Case 2
- Is the Company at Fault When a Customer Attacks an Employee?

6 Expert Q&A

- Workplace Safety and Security: A Q&A With Bill Gage, ReACT Consultant

7 Featured Webinar

- Active Assailants in the Workplace: 5 Ways to Protect Your Employees When Violence Strikes

8 Bonus Posters
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