Indian NIPT Market Outlook 2022

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In October 2015, Medgenome Collaborated With Natera for Providing Panorama Tests in India


  • Ariosa Diagnostics
  • Bloom Fertility Center
  • Dr. Lal Pathlabs
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NIPT helps obstetricians and pregnant women over different age-groups to better manage their pregnancy at a very early stage. Over the last few years, an increasing number of women in Tier-1 cities in India are giving preference to their career, and are opting for childbearing at a later age, stretching to their 30s. As a result, a rising trend of conception related complications can be observed in Indian cities. In India, around 80,000-100,000 IVF cycles are performed annually. Also, due to the large number of births, India has the largest number of babies born with chromosomal disorders in the world. Every year, between 23,000 and 29,000 children are born with Down’s syndrome in India, the highest in the world. Up to 90% of such cases can be detected if pregnant mothers opt for genetic screening, which represents a tremendous opportunity for NIPT tests in India in future.

According to the new research report “Indian NIPT Market Outlook 2022”, with the launch of NIPT tests, India represents a great opportunity for the growth of NIPT. In this regard, in October 2015, MedGenome collaborated with Natera for providing Panorama test in India. The company performed 1000 free NIPT test to identify the pattern of chromosomal abnormalities in fetus. However, factors such as lack of awareness relatively lower affordability, and a high number of births taking place in rural India limit the growth of the industry.

The report provides the potential market for NIPT in India. Furthermore, the report also provides a depiction of macro-economic factors, healthcare infrastructure and population demographics to assess the industry potential and growth. The report also covers a brief description regarding the available NIPT tests in India as well as in global market. Moreover, regulatory scenario has been prudently analyzed to reflect a clear picture of the immense possibilities in the Indian NIPT market.

Pathology labs and IVF clinics in India are rapidly expanding their networks, and witnessing a huge surge in fertility tourism and so in NIPT. The report also includes the findings from another  survey namely “Gynecologists survey to assess the potential for NIPT in India”, which reveal moderate awareness level of NIPT in India and highlights tremendous scope of NIPT that could revolutionize the prenatal diagnosis scenario in India.

The last section of the report discusses about the prominent players in the global as well as Indian market with a brief business overview and analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, which will act as a pristine source of business intelligence for players looking to enter the highly lucrative Indian NIPT market. Besides, detailed profiling of Indian pathology labs and IVF clinics will help the medical centers who are seeking for partnerships and collaborations to make an informed decision. Overall, the research contains exhaustive information that will help clients in formulating market strategies, and assessing opportunity and potential areas in the Indian NIPT market.
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  • Ariosa Diagnostics
  • Bloom Fertility Center
  • Dr. Lal Pathlabs
  • MedGenome Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nova IVI Fertility
  • SRL Diagnostics
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1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Introduction to Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
     3.1 Tests Available in India
            3.1.1 Panorama
            3.1.2 NACE
     3.2 Other Tests
            3.2.1 MaterniT21 PLUS
            3.2.2 Verifi
            3.2.3 Harmony
            3.2.4 NIFTY
            3.2.5 Bambni

4. Association of Down's syndrome Risk to Fetus with Mother's Age

5. India: Macro-Economic Factors, Healthcare Infrastructure and Population Demographics
     5.1 Country Profile
     5.2 Healthcare Spending
     5.3 Hospitals, Sub-Centres, PHCs, CHCs
     5.4 Pathology Labs
     5.5 In-Vitro Fertilization Clinics
     5.6 Population

6. NIPT India: Market Potential
     6.1 Potential Customer Base
     6.2 Market Entry Strategy for Foreign Players
            6.2.1 Whether one should Setup a Lab in India or Send Samples to Base Country?
            6.2.2 Who should be Company's Face to Customer?
            6.2.3 How should the Consumer be Allured?
     6.3 Gynecologists and Obstetricians Outlook on NIPT in India: Survey Findings
            6.3.1 Respondent Demographics
            6.3.2 Current Challenges of Prenatal Testing: Indian Scenario
            6.3.3 Awareness Level for NIPT
            6.3.4 Gynecologists and Obstetricians Opinion

7. Regulatory Scenario

8. Global NIPT Players
     8.1 Ariosa Diagnostics
            8.1.1 Business Overview
            8.1.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
     8.2 Sequenom
            8.2.1 Business Overview
            8.2.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
     8.3 Verinata
            8.3.1 Business Overview
            8.3.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
     8.4 Natera
            8.4.1 Business Overview
            8.4.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
     8.5 BGI
            8.5.1 Business Overview
            8.5.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
     8.6 Berry Genomics
            8.6.1 Business Overview
            8.6.2 Strengths and Weaknesses

9. Indian NIPT Players
     9.1 MedGenome Labs Pvt. Ltd.
            9.1.1 Business Overview
            9.1.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
     9.2 Igenomix India
            9.2.1 Business Overview
            9.2.2 Strengths and Weaknesses

10. Key Players in Indian Pathological Services Market
       10.1 SRL Diagnostics
                10.1.1 Business Overview
                10.1.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       10.2 Dr. Lal Pathlabs
                10.2.1 Business Overview
                10.2.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       10.3 Metropolis India
                10.3.1 Business Overview
                10.3.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       10.4 Thyrocare
                10.4.1 Business Overview
                10.4.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       10.5 Quest Diagnostics
                10.5.1 Business Overview
                10.5.2 Strengths and Weaknesses

11. Key IVF Clinics in India
       11.1 Bourn Hall Clinic
                11.1.1 Business Overview
                11.1.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       11.2 Southend Fertility and IVF Centre
                11.2.1 Business Overview
                11.2.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       11.3 Morpheus IVF Fertility Center
                11.3.1 Business Overview
                11.3.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       11.4 Bloom Fertility Center
                11.4.1 Business Overview
                11.4.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       11.5 Manipal Ankur
                11.5.1 Business Overview
                11.5.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       11.6 Cloudnine Fertility
                11.6.1 Business Overview
                11.6.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       11.7 Nova IVI Fertility
                11.7.1 Business Overview
                11.7.2 Strengths and Weaknesses
       11.8 Srushti Test Tube Baby Center
                11.8.1 Business Overview
                11.8.2 Strengths and Weaknesses

List of Figures:

Figure 3-1: Panorma Test Validation Results
Figure 3-2: Coverage of the NACE Test
Figure 3-3: MaterniT21 PLUS Test Validation Results
Figure 3-4: Verifi Test Validation Results
Figure 3-5: Harmony Test Validation Results
Figure 3-6: NIFTY Test - Summary of Phase I Clinical Trial
Figure 3-7: NIFTY Test - Summary of Phase II Clinical Trial
Figure 5-1: Healthcare Spending Per Head (US$), 2015-2022
Figure 5-2: Consumer Healthcare Spending (Billion US$), 2015-2022
Figure 5-3: Share of Diagnostic Services in Total Healthcare Expenditure (%), 2015
Figure 5-4: Breakup of Public Hospitals by Urban and Rural India (%), 2013
Figure 5-5: Breakup of Public Hospitals Beds by Urban and Rural India (%), 2013
Figure 5-6: Forecast for Share of Organized Pathology Services Market (2022)
Figure 5-7: IVF Clinics Presence by Number of Cycles Performed (%), 2015
Figure 5-8: IVF Clinics Presence by Number of Cycles Performed and Structure (%), 2015
Figure 5-9: Population (Million), 2015-2022
Figure 5-10: Middle Class Household (Million), 2015-2022
Figure 6-1: India - Number of Births (Million), 2015-2022
Figure 6-2: India - Number of Births by Mother's Risk of Down's Syndrome (%), 2015
Figure 6-3: Number of Households Earning more than US$ 10,000 Per Annum ('000) 2015-2022
Figure 6-4: Factors Influencing the Indian NIPT Consumer
Figure 6-5: Respondent Gynecologists by Tier
Figure 6-6: Respondent Gynecologists by Region
Figure 6-7: Recommendations for Amniocentesis/CVS per Year
Figure 6-8: Challenges with Invasive Prenatal Tests
Figure 6-9: Are you Aware of DNA sequencing Based Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPT)?
Figure 6-10: Are you Aware of Technology used in NIPT?
Figure 6-11: What NIPT Players are you Aware of?
Figure 6-12: Respondents who are Interested in NIPT Post Being Made Aware about its Advantages
Figure 6-13: Age-Based Profile of Patient to Whom Respondents will Recommend NIPT
Figure 6-14: Respondents Who Recommend Integration of NIPT with Regular Maternal Screens

List of Tables:

Table 3-1: Comparison of Features of Key NIPT Tests in APAC NIPT Market
Table 3-2: Bambni Test - Summary of Phase I Clinical Trial
Table 3-3: Bambni Test - Summary of Phase II Clinical Trial
Table 4-1: Risk of Down's Syndrome with Rise in Maternal Age
Table 5-1: Key Economic Indicators (2015)
Table 5-2: State-wise Breakup of Sub Centres, PHCs and CHCs (2015)
Table 5-3: Population Break-up by Age-Group (Million), 2015-2022
Table 6-1: India - Number of Births by Age of Mother and Region of Birth (2015)
Table 6-2: India - NIPT Potential Market (Million US$) and Potential Customers (2016)
Table 11-1: Presence of Bourn Hall Clinic
Table 11-2: Presence of Southend Fertility and IVF Center
Table 11-3: Presence of Morpheus IVF Fertility Center
Table 11-4: Presence of Bloom Fertility Center
Table 11-5: Presence of Manipal Ankur
Table 11-6: Presence of Cloudnine Fertility
Table 11-7: Presence of Nova IVI Fertility
Table 11-8: Presence of Srushti Test Tube Centre
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- Ariosa Diagnostics
- Berry Genomics
- Bloom Fertility Center
- Bourn Hall Clinic
- Cloudnine Fertility
- Dr. Lal Pathlabs
- Igenomix India
- Manipal Ankur
- MedGenome Labs Pvt. Ltd.
- Metropolis India
- Morpheus IVF Fertility Center
- Natera
- Nova IVI Fertility
- Quest Diagnostics
- SRL Diagnostics
- Sequenom
- Southend Fertility and IVF Centre
- Srushti Test Tube Baby Center
- Thyrocare
- Verinata
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