Development and Market of SNG in China 2016-2021

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With the increasingly hot issue of environment protection globally, energy saving and emission reduction have been required more. Demand of natural gas was expanded sharply as clean energy. China faced a serious problem of stocks shortage and production limitation. In addition, the hazy weather prompted the process of utilization of clean coal, therefore, the modern coal chemical projects were boosted. 2015’s consumption of natural gas reached 190 billion m3. It is important to achieve multiple channels of resource supply for relieving energy supply and demand contradiction.

SNG (Substitute Natural Gas) was an effective substitution of petroleum products, thus, it owned high potential, and it has been the hot investment field among the coal chemical projects recently. With the development of coal chemical technology, more techniques that are available could be applied. Those technologies of being mature, energy saving, eco- environmental and economic will be the developing directions of coal chemical projects.

Aim of the Report
- To provide readers with comprehensive and in- depth understanding of Chinese SNG product industry;
- To analyze the market SNG product industry;
- To analyze the Future trends of SNG product industry;
- To analyze industrial size of the industry;
- To reveal opportunities for SNG product companies in China.

Benefits of the report
- Obtain the latest information of the SNG product industry, such as market size, production, key players, etc.;
- Discover market potential;
- Find out how Chinese SNG market will change and how your business can be involved;
- Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in China;
- Learn about key market drivers, investment opportunity;

Scope of Investigation
The report will investigate Chinese SNG industry from the following aspects:
- Market size
- Demand and supply
- Patents
- Bellwether company

Delivery Time
One work week needed.

Please note that this report takes 1-2 business days for delivery.
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Executive Summary
Definition and Methodology
1 Overview of SNG in China
1.1 Energy Production
1.2 Energy Consumption
2 Related Industries of SNG in China
2.1 Coal Industry
2.2 Natural Gas Industry
2.3 Coal Chemical Industry
3 Technology Patent
3.1 Amount
3.2 Main Technology
4 SNG Projects in China
4.1 Size
4.2 Main Projects
5 Consumption Market in China
5.1 SNG
5.2 Fuel Gas
5.3 LNG
6 Chinese Bellwether Company
6.1 Sinopec Group
6.1.1 Introduction
6.1.2 Product
6.1.3 Performance
6.2 Company B
6.3 Company C
6.4 Company D
7 Forecast and Prospective

List of Tables
Table 1 Energy resource production of China, 2008-2016
Table 2 Energy resource consumption of China, 2006-2015
Table 3 Energy resource consumption structure of China, 2006-2015

List of Figures
Figure 1 Coal production capacity of China, 2007-2015
Figure 2 Coal demand structure of China
Figure 3 Regional coal demand structure of China
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- Sinopec Group
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