The Shopping Habits of Nigerian Consumers

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Nigerian Consumers Spend 17% of Household’s Expenditure on Clothing, Shoes and Accessories


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Retail industry in Nigeria is acknowledged as a key sector, and is driven by factors like strong income growth, changing lifestyles and favourable demographic patterns. The Nigerian consumers are finally beginning to embrace e-commerce and mobile payments. Has a population representing 15.4% of the total Africa’s population and 2.5% of the world’s total population. The urban population is 48.6% in 2016 and expected to hit 50.2% in 2018 and to further grow to 67.1% in 2050.

The report findings enable you to:

- Gain competitive intelligence about market leaders.
- Understand consumer shopping preference and emerging consumption trends
- Identify strategic business penetration in Nigerian market
- Understand unique selling features for different retail outlets
- Track key industry trends, opportunities and threats.
- Inform your marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales and supply functions.

The report provides current and detailed snapshots of the unique behaviors, attitudes and spending patterns of consumers in Nigeria.

In addition to covering important core topics like household disposable income, consumer expenditure, savings and credit and housing and home ownership, this report also contains hard-to-find statistics on more specific consumer-related topics like eating and drinking habits, shopping habits, preferred types of stores and retail venues, clothing and fashion trends and descriptions of brand preferences for mobile and smart phones, home electronics, home appliances, hair care products, spirits and other alcoholic beverages, snacks foods, breakfast cereals…

A consumer segmentation section in the report breaks down the Nigeria’s consumers by specific age groups, ranging from teenagers and youths to pensioners; household income groups, from high-end consumers and low-end consumers; highlighting the factors that influence purchasing decisions and the products in greatest demand for each segment.

Use the Shopping Habits of Nigerian Consumers report to answer questions including:

- In what types of stores do consumers prefer to shop for food and drinks?
- How is monthly household’s income distributed in Nigeria (i.e. rent/mortgage, food and beverage, phone/internet…)?
- What informs shoppers into choosing specific shopping outlets?
- How does household income influence consumer preferences and expenditure trends?
- What is the frequency of shopping different income class on different consumer product categories?
- How has mobile internet access revolutionized online access and digital marketing?
- What is the household sizing of online access using desktop computers, Laptops, Smartphones, and or Tablets?
- On the whole, are the Nigeria’s consumers’ spenders or savers?
- Are consumers willing to spend more on specific products?

Buy Consumer Shopping Habits reports to:

- Get a quick, clear and comprehensive understanding of consumer trends, attitudes and behavior in Nigeria with relevant data conveniently laid out in a single, easy-to-read document
- Immediately gain hard-to-discern insights from local analysts into the factors that influence daily decision-making processes of Nigerian consumers as they shop for and buy needed products and services
- Save research time and effort by quickly identifying unique (or in some cases similar) consumer attributes and characteristics that explain the demand for specific products and services in Nigeria
- Quickly grasp the dynamics and direction of Nigeria’s retail distribution network in order to understand how manufacturers and distributors get their products to consumers.
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1. Executive summary

2. Country profile

- Country Profile - Summary
- Historical and Political Context
- Geographical characteristics and distribution of the main areas
- Infrastructure & Transport
- Nigeria economic growth
- Currency pressures and monetary policy
- Nigeria’s Exports and Imports
- Nigeria’s Infrastructure Progress
- Ease of doing business in Nigeria
- Population and urbanizing
- Nigeria distribution of per capita income
- Logistical competence and operation

3. Consumer spending levels & shopping patterns

- Methodology
- Income segmentation
- Consumer landscape summary
- Shopping patterns, habits and expenditure by social economic class
 - - Breakfast foods & cereals
 - - Packaged foods
 - - Staples
 - - Snack foods
 - - Chocolate and candy
 - - Soft drinks
 - - Beer
 - - Wine
 - - Spirits & alcoholics
 - - Ice Cream
 - - Hair care
 - - Cosmetics
- Consumer saving patterns and habits by social economic class
- Shopping locations, habits and preferences by social economic class

4. Market positioning of Retail outlets by categories

- Home appliances
- Home electronics
- Clothing Footwear & Accessories
- Home care
- Snack foods
- Spirits & Alcoholic beverages

5. Deep focus on major brand consumption

- Brand penetration and consumption - Mobile phones, smart phones
- Rationale for brand consumption patterns - Mobile phones, Smart phones
- Brand penetration and consumption - Home electronics (e.g., stereo, television)
- Rationale for brand consumption patterns - Home electronics (e.g., stereo, television)
- Brand penetration and consumption - Hair care products
- Rationale for brand consumption patterns - Hair care products
- Brand penetration and consumption - Fast-food restaurants
- Rationale for brand consumption patterns - Fast-food restaurants
- Brand penetration and consumption - Spirits and other alcoholic beverages
- Rationale for brand consumption patterns - Spirits and other alcoholic beverages
- Brand penetration and consumption - Snack foods (e.g., chips, crisps, nuts)
- Rationale for brand consumption patterns - Snack foods (e.g., chips, crisps, nuts)
- Brand penetration and consumption - Breakfast cereals
- Rationale for brand consumption patterns - Breakfast cereals

6. Focus: Internet access & online shopping

- Internet usage by device
- Internet accessibility by location
- Internet consumption by age
- Online shopping rationale
- Online shopping frequency by SECs
- Online shopping expenditures
- Online shopping experience
- Online shopping by products
- Online shopping payment methods

7. Appendix: overview of the total sample

- Number of interviews by PSUs
- Number of interviews by age
- Number of interviews by gender
- Number of interviews by marital status
- Number of interviews by income bracket
- Number of interviews by education
- Number of interviews by profession
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- LG
- Max
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- Nestlé
- Nigerian Breweries Plc
- Nivea
- Nokia
- Pernod Ricard
- Cadbury
- Samsung
- Sharp
- Shoprite
- Sony
- Unilever
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