Development of the Chinese VR HMD Industry

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VR (Virtual Reality) has been deemed to become the next big computing platform, on par with computers and smartphones. Following the launch of consumer-friendly HMDs (Head-mounted devices) such as Oculus VR and HTC Vive, many Chinese vendors have jumped on the VR bandwagons. With decreased production costs, technological improvements, and development of VR applications, VR headsets will become a new computing platform in the near future. Given Chinese vendors' aggressive deployment and the strong potential of the Chinese market, this report analyzes Chinese VR headset vendors' current and future strategies.

List of Topics
- Overview of the worldwide VR market, touching on major vendors' investments and deployment

- Development of the Chinese VR headset industry, including the government-backed CVRIA and non-profit organization VREIA; also included are emerging Chinese brands and their collaboration with international vendors

- Chinese VR headset vendors' deployment, including Baofeng Mojing, ANTVR, and Pico Neo

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1. Current Status of VR/AR Industries
1.1 Three Major Types of VR Headsets: Smartphone-based, PC-based, All-in-one Models
1.2 Worldwide VR Market to Grow Steadily
1.3 Chinese Vendors Invest in Leading International VR Firms

2. Development of Chinese VR Headset Industry
2.1 Government's Policy Support for VR Industry
2.1.1 Government Support as Biggest Driving Force behind China's VR Development
2.1.2 Establishment of CVRIA Backed by Chinese Government
2.2 Formation of Chinese VR Ecosystem
2.2.1 Formation of Non-government Backed VREIA
2.2.2 Emergence of Chinese VR Headset Brands
2.3 Collaboration with International Vendors
2.3.1 PC-based VR Headset Vendor 3Glasses Joins Forces with Intel and Unreal Engine for Content and Hardware Development
2.3.2 Smartphone-based VR Headset Vendor Storm Mirror Forms Ties with NVIDIA and AMD for Optimal Product Experience
2.3.3 SMG, Jaunt, and Whaley Technology Launch Jaunt China to Provide VR Live Streaming
2.3.4 7Invensun Initiates VR Revolution with NVIDIA

3. Chinese VR Headsets Deployment
3.1 Smartphone-based VR Headsets
3.1.1 Baofeng Mojing
3.2 PC-based VR Headsets
3.2.1 ANTVR
3.3 All-in-one VR Headsets
3.3.1 Pico Neo

4. Conclusion
4.1 Investment and Venture Capital Continue to Grow in China
4.2 Smartphone-based VR Headsets Enjoy Fastest Growth
4.3 All-in-one VR Headsets Create Niche Market

Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Tables
Table 1: Worldwide VR Investment and Deployment
Table 2: Specifications of Major Smartphone-based VR Headsets
Table 3: Specifications of PC-based VR Headsets
Table 4: Specifications of All-in-one VR Headsets

List of Figures
Figure 1: Structure of CVRIA
Figure 2: Structure of VREIA
Figure 3: PC-based, Smartphone-based, and All-in-one VR Headsets by Chinese Vendors
Figure 4: Baofeng Mojing Product Roadmap
Figure 5: Tracking Systems of Top Three VR Headsets
Figure 6: Prices and Performance of Smartphone-based, All-in-one, and PC-based VR Headsets

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- Disney
- Ext3D
- Facebook
- Faceshift
- Flyby Media
- Gear VR
- GoPro
- Google
- Havok
- Howell Culture
- Huawei
- Intel
- Jaunt
- KickStarter
- Kolor
- LeVR Technology
- Leyard
- LinkedIn
- MILI Pictures
- Magic Leap
- MediaTek
- Metaio
- Microsoft
- Nibiru
- Niko Partners
- Nine
- Nintendo
- Oculus VR
- Perfant
- PicoVR
- PrimeSense
- Qualcomm
- Razer
- Samsung
- Shanda
- Sony
- Unreal Engine
- Valve
- ViuLux
- Voke
- Vrgate

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown