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China Smart Parking Industry Report, 2016

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  • Region: China
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In 2015, Chinese Parking Lot Management System Size was Worth About RMB5.52 Billion, up 47.2% from a Year Ago


  • 51Park
  • DDTC
  • ETCP
  • PP Parking (660pp)
  • Tingchebao
  • MORE

As the Chinese automobile market expands rapidly, parking problem becomes increasingly prominent with parking space gap exceeding an estimated 50 million. Meanwhile, the problem is exacerbated by low utilization because of difficult access to parking spot information caused by less intelligent parking lots. Additionally, as smart city and intelligent transportation emerge, the demand for smart parking system begins to rise.

In 2015, propelled by a number of favorable policies, the Chinese parking lot management system size was worth about RMB5.52 billion, up 47.2% from a year ago. It is expected the market will maintain a growth rate of over 30% over the next couple of years, arriving at RMB27.08 billion by 2020. Moreover, new sectors like parking data operation and Internet parking services will bring about new markets of RMB10 billion+. Smart parking industry enjoys a potential market of at least RMB100 billion, indicating broad prospects for development.

Smart parking industry presents a relatively fragmented pattern on the whole, consisting mainly of smart parking equipment manufacturers, smart parking solution providers, and Internet parking enterprises.

Traditional smart parking software & hardware suppliers, with technological capabilities for software and hardware, primarily provide smart parking equipment and solutions for parking lots. Actuated by "Internet+", some enterprises, represented by ETCP, JSST, Guangdong Anjubao Digital Technology, ZTE ITS, and Reformer Holding, have launched client-based smart parking APPs.

Featuring light asset and big data, Internet parking enterprises provide users with parking spot reservation, parking lot navigation, parking fees settlement, etc. by cooperating with parking lots and presenting real-time information on spare parking spots on APPs. Representative players include Parking We, 51Park, Tingchebao, and Uboche. Some of them have secured B round of financing, while some got few.

In addition, BAT have made their presence in smart parking industry with "Baidu Map + Baidu Wallet", "Alipay + AutoNavi + Reformer Holding", and "WeChat Official Account + WeChat Payment", integrating and embedding parking APPs via map, payment applications, and traffic entrance applications. With participation of various types of enterprises, the Chinese smart parking market will become highly competitive and more mature.

China Smart Parking Industry Report, 2016 focuses on the followings:

Overview of global smart parking industry and introduction to typical foreign projects;
Smart parking industry in China (background, status quo, market size, competitive landscape, development trends);
Smart parking-related industries in China (automobile, stereo garage, real estate, mobile payment);
14 smart parking enterprises in China (operation, financing, smart parking business, etc.)

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  • 51Park
  • DDTC
  • ETCP
  • PP Parking (660pp)
  • Tingchebao
  • MORE

1 Overview
1.1 Definition
1.2 Business Model
1.3 Operating Principle
1.4 Main Features
1.5 Development Phase

2 Global Smart Parking Industry
2.1 Overview
2.2 Typical Smart Parking Projects
2.2.1 ZIRX
2.2.2 Luxe Valet
2.2.3 Parking In Motion
2.2.4 ParkMe
2.2.5 Parking Panda

3 Smart Parking Industry in China
3.1 Background
3.1.1 Rising Car Ownership and Severe Parking Problem
3.1.2 Less Intelligent Parking Lots
3.1.3 Features of Various Parking Lots
3.1.4 Policies to Promote Smart Parking
3.2 Status Quo
3.3 Market Size
3.4 Competitive Landscape
3.5 BAT’s Presence in Smart Parking
3.6 Local Efforts to Develop Smart Parking
3.6.1 Xi’an to Build 50,000 Parking Spots;RMB5,000 Renovation Subsidy for Parking Lots Connected to Smart Parking Platform by the End of 2017
3.6.2 Shanghai Implemented the Country’s First Local Standard for Smart Parking
3.6.3 Beijing Dongcheng District Government Issued Traffic Congestion Alleviation Plan 2016, Pushing Cellphone Parking APP
3.6.4 Shenzhen City Management Bureau Builds Smart Parking Lots in Scenic Spots
3.6.5 Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Commission Pushes "Xing Xun Tong"APP to Fuel the Development of Smart Parking
3.7 Development Trends
3.7.1 Internet Parking Applications Advance; Dig up the Value of Parking Big Data
3.7.2 Solution Providers in Transition to Operation Service Providers
3.7.3 Integrated Smart Parking Platform Opens the Portal to Make Profit from Value-added Service

4 Overview of Smart Parking-related Industries
4.1 Automobile
4.1.1 Ownership
4.1.2 Output & Sales
4.2 Stereo Garage
4.2.1 Development History
4.2.2 Advantages and Features
4.2.3 Status Quo
4.3 Real Estate
4.4 Mobile Payment
4.4.1 Definition
4.4.2 Industrial Chain
4.4.3 Market Size
4.4.4 Competitive Landscape

5 Major Enterprises
5.1 ETCP
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Smart Parking Business
5.1.3 Application Cases
5.1.4 Financing
5.2 Parking We
5.2.1 Profile
5.2.2 Smart Parking Business
5.2.3 Developments
5.3 JSST
5.3.1 Profile
5.3.2 Operation
5.3.3 Revenue Structure
5.3.4 R&D Expenditure
5.3.5 Smart Parking Business
5.4 Anjubao
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 Operation
5.4.3 Revenue Structure
5.4.4 R&D Expenditure
5.4.5 Presence in Smart Parking
5.5 51Park
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Smart Parking Business
5.5.3 Financing
5.5.4 Cooperation with Alipay and Baidu Map
5.6 DDTC
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 Financing
5.6.3 Smart Parking Business
5.6.4 Cooperation with Ford
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 Smart Parking Business
5.8 Reformer Holding
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 Operation
5.8.3 Revenue Structure
5.8.4 R&D Expenditure
5.8.5 Financing
5.8.6 Smart Parking Business
5.8.7 Developments
5.9 Wuyang Technology
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 Operation
5.9.3 Presence in Stereo Parking Industry
5.9.4 Presence in Smart Parking
5.10.1 Profile
5.10.2 Smart Parking Business
5.10.3 Developments
5.11 Tingchebao
5.11.1 Profile
5.11.2 Financing
5.11.3 Smart Parking Business
5.12 EParking
5.12.1 Profile
5.12.2 Smart Parking Business
5.13 PP Parking (660pp)
5.13.1 Profile
5.13.2 Smart Parking Business
5.14 Uboche
5.14.1 Profile
5.14.2 Financing

List of Charts

- Application Examples ofIntelligent Parking Lots
- Application Examples of Intelligent Stereo Garage
- Service System of Intelligent Parking Products
- Main Features of Intelligent Parking
- Comparison of Time-consuming between Intelligent Parking and Traditional Parking
- Significance of Intelligent Parking
- DevelopmentStages of Intelligent Parking
- Main Investors of Luxe Valet
- City Layout of Parking Panda
- Number of Parking Space Gap in Major Cities in China, 2014
- Main Features of Parking Lots in China (by Type)
- China’s Policies on Intelligent Parking
- Size of China’s Parking Lot Management System Market, 2009-2020E
- Profile of Main Enterprises in Chinese Intelligent Parking Industry
- Comparison of Intelligent Parking Lot System Revenue between Chinese Intelligent Parking Related Enterprises, 2013-2016
- Financing Situation of Major Internet Parking Enterprises in China
- BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent)’s Presence in Intelligent Parking
- China’s Car Ownership and Growth Rate, 2008-2015
- Development History of Chinese Mechanical Stereo Garages
- Advantages of Mechanical Stereo Garages over Traditional Underground Garages
- General Categories, Advantages & Disadvantages of Stereo Garage
- Number of Chinese Mechanical Stereo Garage Projects, 2011-2015
- Proportion of Chinese Mechanical Stereo Garage Projects (by Type), 2015
- Number of Chinese Mechanical Stereo Garage Berths, 2011-2015
- Total Sales of Chinese Mechanical Stereo Garage Equipment, 2011-2015
- Definition of Mobile Payment
- Industrial Chain of Mobile Payment
- China’s Third-party Mobile Payment Transaction Scale, 2009-2015
- Structure of China’s Third-party Mobile Payment Transaction Scale, 2015
- Market Share of Major Third-party Mobile Payment Enterprises in China (by Transaction Scale), 2015
- Key Partners of ETCP
- Development History of ETCP
- Main Features of ETCP Parking Lot Solutions
- Advantages of ETCP Parking Lots over Traditional Parking Lots
- ETCPAutomatic License Plate Recognition Solutions (by Type of Parking Lots)
- Main Accessories and Equipment of ETCPAutomatic License Plate Recognition
- Main Functions and Features of ETCP Parking Apps
- ETCP Reverse Car-Locating
- ETCPParkingSpace Navigation System
- Application Cases ofETCP Systems
- Financing Situation of ETCP
- Equity Structure of Soar Gift
- Partners of ParkingWe
- Screenshots of ParkingWe
- Main Functions of ParkingWe
- Main Functions of ParkingWe
- Revenue and Net Income of JSST, 2013-2016
- Revenue Breakdown of JSST (by Product), 2014-2016
- Revenue Structure of JSST (by Product), 2014-2016
- R&D Costs of JSST, 2014-2016
- Composition of All-in-One Card Management Platform of JSST
- Parking Lot Management System of JSST
- Functions and Features of Parking Lot Management System of JSST
- Revenue and Net Income of Guangdong Anjubao, 2013-2016
- Revenue Breakdown of Guangdong Anjubao (by Product), 2014-2015
- R&D Costs of Guangdong Anjubao, 2013-2015
- Structure and Functions of Anjubao Cloud Parking System
- Main Advantages of Anjubao Cloud Parking System
- Operating Model of Anjubao Cloud Parking Project
- Equity Structure of 51 Park
- Financing Situation of 51 Park
- Equity Structure of Beijing TongyudaoTechnology
- DDTC Intelligent Parking Lock
- Advantages of DDTC Parking Space Sharing
- Cloud Parking Service Platform of ZTE ITS
- Open (On-road) Parking Management System of ZTE ITS
- Total Solution for Enclosed Parking Lots of ZTE ITS
- Renniting Cloud Parking of ZTE ITS
- Renwoxing App Functions of ZTE ITS
- Intelligent Parking Cases of ZTE ITS
- Revenue and Net Income of Hangzhou Reformer, 2013-2016
- Revenue Breakdown of Hangzhou Reformer (by Product), 2014-2015
- Revenue Structure of Hangzhou Reformer (by Product), 2014-2015
- R&D Costs of Hangzhou Reformer, 2013-2016
- Parking Solutions of Reformer Holding
- Xingbei App Functions of Reformer Holding
- Typical Cases of Parking Management of Reformer Holding
- Revenue and Net Income of Wuyang Technology, 2013-2016
- Equity Structure of Shenzhen QianhaiHongyiHuahao Investment Co., Ltd.
- Main Products of KEYTOP
- Advantages of KEYTOPFull-video Intelligent Parking Lot Solutions
- Three Problems Solved by KEYTOPFull-video Intelligent Parking Lot Solutions
- Diagram ofKEYTOP Wireless Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System
- Main Advantages of KEYTOP Wireless Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System
- Main Advantages of KEYTOP Outdoor Parking Guidance System
- Main Advantages of KEYTOP Stereo Garage Parking Space Guidance System
- History of Cooperation between KEYTOP and Wanda
- Ownership Structure of Beijing Eparking Science & Technology
- Layout of Beijing Eparking Science & Technology
- R&D Centers of Beijing Eparking Science & Technology
- Main Functions of PP Parking (660pp)
- Charging Standards of Uboche

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- 51Park
- Anjubao
- EParking
- PP Parking (660pp)
- Parking We
- Reformer Holding
- Tingchebao
- Uboche
- Wuyang Technology

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown