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Indian Commercial Vehicles Market Trends and Forecasts

  • ID: 3939680
  • Report
  • September 2016
  • Region: India
  • 232 Pages
  • Frost & Sullivan

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Business Model Impact in the Face of Impeding Segmental Shifts and Demand Drivers


  • Tata Motors Limited (TML)
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OEMs need to look beyond traditional vehicle/spare-part sales and services to differentiate their products, offer end-to-end customized solutions in a highly connected environment, combat competition, and use win-win relationships across the value chain. This research service analyzes various business model parameters of a commercial vehicle OEM under 4 broad sections, namely, GLOCAL, Product, Process, and Channel Management. It also assesses how these factors will have to be used effectively in alternate revenue streams despite macro-economic challenges and Mega Trends shaping the Indian Commercial Vehicle market. A case study of the top 5 market participants and their expected business model evolution has also been provided.

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  • Tata Motors Limited (TML)
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1. Executive Summary
  • Key Findings
  • Research Scope & Objective
2 Indian Cv Industry-Segmentation And Historical Trends
  • Indian CV Industry-Segmentation and Historical Trends
  • Indian CV Sector-Vehicle Segmentation in PC and GC Segments
  • Indian CV Sector-Past Trends
  • Indian CV Sector-Total PC & GC Sales
  • Indian CV Sector-Total PC Sales
  • Indian CV Sector-Total GC Sales
  • Indian CV Sector-M&HCV
  • Indian CV Sector-M&HCV GC and PC Sales
  • Indian CV Sector-M&HCV GC Segment Participants
  • Indian CV Sector-Sales in M&HCV GC Segment
  • . Indian CV Sector-M&HCV: PC Segments Sales
  • . Indian CV Sector-LCV
  • . Indian CV Sector-LCV GC and PC Sales
  • . Indian CV Sector-Sales in LCV GC Segment
  • . Indian CV Sector-Sales in LCV PC Segment
3. Mega Trends Catalyzing Segmental Shifts-Forecasts Until Fy2021-2022
  • Mega Trends Catalyzing Segmental Shifts-Forecasts until FY2021-2022
  • Indian Economy and HCV Sales
  • Historical HCV Sales
  • Multi-axle Rigid Truck Segment Evolution
  • Segment Shift Analysis
  • Percentage Sales and GVWR Rating
  • Econometric Parameters-Domestic Sales Forecast
  • PESTLE-Political Impact Analysis
  • Major Implications of GST in the HCV Industry
  • GST Impact
  • GST’s Impact on Logistics and Transportation
  • Major Warehousing Hubs will Emerge after GST
  • PESTLE-Economical Impact Analysis
  • Urbanization-Growth in Urban Regions by 2025
  • Smart Cities
  • Impact of Smart City Development on HCV
  • PESTLE-Social Impact Analysis
  • Overloading Practices (MHCV Segment)
  • Weigh in Motion (WIM) and Impact on Overloading
  • PESTLE-Technological Impact Analysis
  • PESTLE-Legal Impact Analysis
  • PESTLE-Ecological Impact Analysis
  • Emission Norms Roadmap
  • Emission Norms
  • Engine R&D
  • GDP Forecast Scenarios
  • Results of Forecast Model-LCV
  • Results of Forecast Model-MHCV GC
  • MHCV PC-Trends Shaping The Next 5 Years
  • Results of Forecast Model-MHCV PC
  • Commercial Vehicles-Global and Indian Markets
  • Exports from India
4. Voice Of Customer Survey-Cv Fleet Owners And Drivers
  • Voice of Customer Survey-CV Fleet Owners and Drivers
  • Indian Logistics Sector-Overview
  • Operating Cost of Economics
  • Key Purchase Factors and TCO-Expected Evolution
  • Preference for Cowl and Cabins-2016
  • Gear Box-Preferences: 2016
  • Driveline-Engine Power and Pick-up
  • Spares Preference (OES and Aftermarket Brands)
  • Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)
  • CV Fleet Owner and CV Drivers
  • Key Takeaways-Requirements of CV Fleet Owners
  • GC Drivers and PC Drivers
  • Key Takeaways-Requirements of CV Drivers
5. Expected CV OEM Business Model Evolution In India
  • Expected CV OEM Business Model Evolution in India
  • Top Transformational Shifts Expected to Shape the Future of Logistics
  • Customer Bases with High-growth Potential
  • How OEMs will Differentiate their Brands
  • Futuristic Technology in CV
  • Senior Management Top-of-Mind Issues
  • Stakeholders in the Indian Logistics Sector
6. GLOCAL-Role Of Indian Operations In The Global Manufacturing Landscape
  • GLOCAL-Role of Indian Operations in the Global Manufacturing Landscape
  • Exports from India
  • Major Global Participants
  • Snapshot of International Operations
  • Tata Motors-Exports from India
  • Daimler-Exports from India
7. Product Focus-New Product Introductions And Leveraging Global Platforms
  • Product Focus-New Product Introductions and Leveraging Global Platforms
  • New Product Introduction-FY2015-16
  • MAN 49.300 6x4 with AMT
  • OEM Updates-New Product Development
  • Tata Motors-Entry into the 400 hp Segment
  • Ashok Leyland-Entry into the 400HP Segment
  • Auto Expo 2016-Tata Motors
  • Auto Expo 2016-VECV
  • Auto Expo 2016-Mahindra
  • Auto Expo 2016-Ashok Leyland
  • PC-Perceived Impact of New Product Launches
8. Emerging Revenue Opportunities-Big Data In Commercial Vehicles
  • Emerging Revenue Opportunities-Big Data in Commercial Vehicles
  • Big Data Analytics-Potential Savings for OEMs and Fleets
  • Big Data in Logistics
  • Future of Connectivity in Urban Logistics
  • Revenue Distribution by Stakeholder
  • Big Data Opportunities for OEMs
  • Telematics in CVs
  • FMS/Telematics Unit-Feature Evaluation
  • Drivers for Advent of FMS/Telematics in India
  • FMS-Regulation Compliance and Safety Enablers
  • Case Study-E-brokerage in India
  • 2016 CV Telematics Outlook-Top Six Predictions
9 Channel Management-Evolving Dealership Revenue Strategies
  • Channel Management-Evolving Dealership Revenue Strategies
  • Dealership Value Chain and Profit Margin Analysis
  • Rising Degree of Digitization in Dealership Retailing
  • Dealership and OEM Convergence Strategy Analysis
  • Dealer-Customer Interface Process
  • OEM Authorized Service Scenario by 2020
  • Captive Leasing and Financing Solutions
  • Profitability Matrix-Result of the Business Model
10. Revamp Of OEM Internal Business Processes
  • Revamp of OEM Internal Business Processes
  • Key Implications on Human Factors-2016
  • Driver Dynamics
  • Empowering Internal Business Processes
  • Vehicle Scrappage
  • Reverse Logistics and Refurbished Parts
  • Leverage Analytics to Drive Internal Business Decisions
  • Leverage Analytics for Channel Partner Management
11. Case Study-Expected Business Model Evolution From Top 5 CV OEMS In India
  • Case Study-Expected Business Model Evolution from Top 5 CV OEMs in India
  • Snapshot of Major CV OEMs
12. Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV)
  • Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV)
  • DICV Product Line-up
  • DICV Goods Carriers-Price Positioning
  • DICV Product Line-up
  • DICV Passenger Carriers-Price Positioning
  • Aftermarket FMS Unit and Factory-fit VHM
  • DICV-Future Plans and Company Opinions
  • DICV Telematics-Capabilities Ramp-up
  • DICV-Vehicle Leasing
  • DICV-SWOT Analysis
  • DICV-Expected Business Model Evolution
13 Tata Motors Limited (TML)
  • Tata Motors Limited (TML)
  • Historical Domestic and Exports Sales Performance
  • TML Goods Carriers-Product Line-up
  • TML Goods Carriers-Price Positioning
  • TML Passenger Carriers-Product Line-up
  • TML Passenger Carriers-Price Positioning
  • Tata FleetMan and SkoolMan
  • Tata Motors-Future Plans and Company Opinions
  • FleetMan and SkoolMan-Capabilities Ramp-up
  • Ongoing Projects
  • Pipeline Projects Until 2020
  • TML-SWOT Analysis
  • TML-Expected Business Model Evolution
14 Ashok Leyland Limited (All)
  • Historical Domestic and Exports Sales Performance
  • ALL Goods Carriers-Product Line-up
  • ALL Goods Carriers-Price Positioning
  • ALL Passenger Carriers-Product Line-up
  • ALL Passenger Carriers-Price Positioning
  • ALL Goods Carriers-FMS in Use
  • Dashboards-OEMs and Fleet Owners
  • Passenger Carrier-Optional Telematics/FMS
  • ALL-Future Plans and Company Opinions
  • i-Alert-Capabilities Ramp-up
  • Pipeline Projects Until 2020
  • ALL-SWOT Analysis
  • ALL-Expected Business Model Evolution
15. Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV)
  • Historical Domestic and Exports Sales Performance
  • VECV Goods Carriers-Product Line-up
  • VECV Goods Carriers-Price Positioning
  • VECV Passenger Carriers-Product Line-up
  • VECV Passenger Carriers-Price Positioning
  • VECV-Merger of Giants
  • VECV-Projects in the Pipeline
  • VECV-Upcoming Business Verticals
  • Eicher Live
  • Manage Fuel-Dashboard
  • Manage Uptime-Dashboard
  • Manage Trip-Dashboard
  • Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Features
  • VECV-Future Plans and Company Opinions
  • Eicher Live-Capabilities Ramp-up
  • Pipeline Projects 2020
  • Manufacturing Facilities Ramp-up
  • Subsidiaries of VECV Catering to Other OEMs
  • VECV-SWOT Analysis
  • VECV-Expected Business Model Evolution
16 Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (MAHINDRA)
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (Mahindra)
  • Historical Domestic and Exports Sales Performance
  • Mahindra Goods Carriers-Product Line-up
  • Mahindra Goods Carriers-Price Positioning
  • Mahindra Passenger Carriers-Product Line-up
  • Mahindra Passenger Carriers-Price Positioning
  • Mahindra Telematics
  • User Dashboard-Mzone4
  • Mahindra-Future Plans and Company Opinions
  • Mahindra Telematics-Capabilities Ramp-up
  • Mahindra-Pipeline Projects 2020
  • Mahindra-SWOT Analysis
  • Mahindra-Expected Business Model Evolution
17 OEM Tier1 Suppliers-Expected Business Model Evolution
  • OEM Tier1 Suppliers-Expected Business Model Evolution
  • Tier-1 Supplier Business Model Evolution
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

- Ashok Leyland Limited (All)
- Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV)
- Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (MAHINDRA)
- Tata Motors Limited (TML)
- Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown