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Growth of 9 to 10% per Annum for the Indian Animal Health Industry

The outlook for the Indian animal health industry is bright, with growth of around 9 to 10% per annum continuing to outpace current optimistic economic forecasts.

This thoroughly revised and updated report highlights potential and actual opportunities for investors in India’s burgeoning animal health industries. The report’s author, Dr Sandeep Juneja, describes these opportunities as ‘hidden gems’ across the dairy, livestock, poultry, aquaculture, pets and other key sectors. It also contains new and extended coverage of the animal feed and supplements segments.

Juneja extensively reveals the changing landscape in the Indian animal health sector, from international to local players. He explores the role of start-ups, technology players, sectoral consolidation and diversification, and recent mergers and acquisitions. Juneja also details the latest investment and private equity deals and product portfolios across India. Different marketing strategies are also described and compared.

Furthermore, this report highlights opportunities in various industry sub-segments, chronicles the various investment deals that have shaped Indian animal health to date, and also attempts to predict where the smart money may flow in the foreseeable future.

This report is an indispensable guide for those wishing to invest in or know more about entering the fast-growing Indian animal health market.

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About the Author
Executive Summary

1. India - demographic advantages

2. Indian economy at a glance
2.1 Stable macro-economic indicators
2.1.1 Fiscal consolidation on track

3. Foreign Direct Investment Policy
3.1 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy
3.1.1 Consolidated Foreign Direct Investment Policy
3.1.2 Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
3.1.3 Changes in Foreign Direct Investment Policy - June 20, 2016
3.1.4 Commentary
3.2 Additional Key Initiatives Turbo-charging the Indian Economy

4. Pharma industry regulatory regime
4.1 Entry Strategies
4.2 Drugs & Cosmetic Act 1940
4.2.1 State/Provincial FDAs
4.2.2 Department of Animal Husbandry - Ministry of Agriculture

5. The Indian animal health industry - sector analysis
5.1 India and Agriculture
5.2 Dairy in India
5.3 Opportunities in Dairy Industry
5.3.1 Rising Incomes
5.3.2 Changing Consumer Preferences
5.4 Challenges in Dairy Industry
5.4.1 Poor breed stock
5.4.2 Shortage of quality feed and fodder
5.4.3 Poor credit flows
5.5 Poultry Sector
5.5.1 Broiler segment
5.5.2 Layer segment
5.5.3 Breeder segment
5.6 Opportunities in India's Poultry Industry
5.7 Challenges in the Poultry Industry
5.7.1 High cost of feed ingredients
5.7.2 Fluctuations in Farm Gate Prices
5.7.3 Inadequate Cold Chain/Processing Infrastructure
5.8 Aquaculture Sector
5.8.1 Second-Largest Producer
5.9 Opportunities in Aquaculture
5.9.1 Low level of Medicalization
5.10 Companion Animal Sector
5.11 Animal Feed Sector
5.11.1 Alltech Feed Survey 2015
5.11.2 Indian Broiler industry contributes maximum
5.11.3 Feed Challenges
5.11.4 Feed Opportunities
5.11.5 Consolidation - The Next Big Idea

6. Animal Health Care Industry - segmental analysis
6.1.1 Size of the Prize (market)
6.2 Advantage India
6.3 Evolution of Animal Health Industry in India
6.3.1 Key Market Segments

7. Critical success factors
7.1 Strategies adopted
7.2 Imperatives for market participants
7.2.1 Customize and Transfer Best in Class Practices and Portfolios

8. Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions in the Indian Animal Health Industry
8.1 Category leadership is a winning strategy
8.1.1 Activism pays off
8.1.2 Creative deal makers can edge out the competition
8.2 Private Equity and M&A Deals in Animal Health in India
8.3 Dairy (Milk & Milk products) Sector
8.4 Animal Health Care Sector
8.5 M&As in Animal Health
8.5.1 PE Investments in Animal Health in India
8.5.2 Low or no R&D Investments
8.5.3 Under Penetration
8.5.4 Future Growth Prospects
8.6 Animal Feed Industry
8.6.1 Market Largely with Unorganized Players
8.6.2 M&A/PE Investments in Feed Industry
8.6.3 Future Prospects
8.7 Companion Animals
8.7.1 Online/Pet e-commerce firms

9. Hidden Gems - Unravelling the players across broader segments
9.1.1 Impressive growth rate
9.2 1st Category - Animal Feed & Feed Supplements’ Companies:
9.2.1 Key Constraints in Animal Feed Segment
9.2.2 Animal Feed Supplement Companies in India
9.2.3 Animal Feed Supplements Companies
9.3 Animal Health Care Companies
9.4 Updated List of Top 20 - Animal Health Companies (2015-16)
9.5 3rd Category - Export-Only Animal Health Companies:
9.5.1 Exporters with offices in Target Countries
9.5.2 Exporters with Registered Addresses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada etc.
9.6 4th Category - Start Ups in Companion Animal Health:

10. Potential for Higher Growth in Animal Health Industry & Future Investment Opportunities

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Animal Health Care Companies

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown