What You Need to Know About Mobile Payments in Taiwan: Market, Industry and Consumer Behavior Analysis

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Report Focuses On the Preferences and Attitudes of Taiwanese Mobile Payment Users and Non-Users


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Driven by passion and effort of numerous global companies in mobile payments, an increasing number of Taiwanese companies have rushed into this arena and launched corresponding services. This report provides an overview of statistical outcomes of a questionnaire-based survey; focuses on the preferences and attitudes of Taiwanese mobile payment users and non-users; examines the satisfaction levels of mobile users in an attempt to provide an in-depth analysis of mobile payment user behaviors in Taiwan touches on the overall mobile payment services landscape in Taiwan; examines the development and strategies of major players in the financial, telecom, ICT, online payment, and commercial sectors of the industry in the area of mobile payments.

Key Topics:

  • Development of the Taiwanese mobile payment market, touching on consumer mobile payment preferences by transaction type, age group, and security ID option, and includes consumer intention and preferred payment methods, and some factors influencing the adoption of mobile payments in Taiwan
  • Overview of mobile payment user experience and include the analysis of purchase frequency and amounts, maximum single and average amount, and preferred channel, most recent purchase time, and user behavior
  • Overview of the mobile payment services landscape in Taiwan, ranging from financial institutes, telecom operators, Internet service operators, payment service providers to commercial vendors, and include their developments from the mobile payment and third-party payment standpoint
  • Highlights on the abovementioned major players' development inmobile payments and includes major findings and concluding points
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  • 7-11
  • Capital On
  • Far Eastern
  • iPass
  • Mr. Brown Café
  • Syscom
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1.Development of the Taiwanese Mobile Payment Market
1.1 Research Methods and Participants
1.2 Analysis of Consumer Mobile Payment Preferences
1.2.1 Taiwan Consumer Preferred Payment Method by Transaction Type
1.2.2 Mobile Payment Users by Age Group
1.2.3 Consumer Intention and Preferred Payment Methods
1.2.4 Consumer Preference for Security Identification Methods
1.2.5 Factors Influencing Mobile Payments

2.User Experience Analysis
2.1 Purchase Frequency and Amounts of Mobile Payments
2.2 Maximum Single and Average Mobile Payment Amount
2.3 Mobile Payment Channel, Most Recent Purchase Time, and User Experience Analysis

3.Taiwanese Mobile Payment Services Landscape and Major Players
3.1 Financial Institutions
3.1.1 Mobile Payment
3.1.2 Third-party Payment
3.2 Telecom Operators and ISPs
3.2.1 Mobile Payment
3.3 Payment Service Providers
3.3.1 Mobile Payment
3.3.2 Third-party Payment
3.4 Commercial Vendors
3.4.1 Mobile Payment
3.4.2 Third-party Payment

4. Highlights of Taiwanese Major Players' Development in Mobile Payments
4.1 Financial Vendors
4.1.1 More Vendors Focusing on Third-Party Payments and Cross-Border Alliances
4.1.2 Frequent Cross-Industry Cooperation for Inter-industry Advantages and Enhanced Niche Market Positioning
4.2 Telecom Operators and ISPs
4.2.1 Operators Focus on Platform-Based Internet Access, Develop Integrated Systems with Partners
4.2.2 Development of Application Settings or Increase of Usability Depend on Integrated Mainstream Technologies
4.3 Payment Service Providers
4.3.1 Forerunners Focus on Ecosystem Establishment and Overseas Expansion, Newcomers on Delivering Integrated Services
4.3.2 TSM Operators Integrate Resources via Platforms or Develop HCE
4.3.3 Stored-Value Card Issuers Make Cross-Industry Cooperation and Expand Application Settings to Boost Convenience
4.4Commercial Vendors
4.4.1 Most Taiwanese Retailers Seldom Have Own Mobile Payment System
4.4.2 E-Commerce Operators Refocus on Virtual Reality Integration
4.4.3 Gaming Vendors Are Dedicated to Transformation through Third-Party Payment

5.1 User Subscription Expected to Grow Remarkably on Ecosystem Improvement
5.2 Four Key Findings Concerning Consumer Behavior Towards Mobile Payments in Taiwan


Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Tables
Table 1: Taiwanese Mobile Payment Users by Age Group, 2014-2015
Table 2: Taiwanese Mobile Payment Users by Living Area, 2014-2015
Table 3: Consumer Intention of Using Mobile Payments
Table 4: Consumer Intention of Using Mobile Payments Instead of Cash or Credit/Debit Cards
Table 5: Taiwanese Consumer Preferred Mobile Payment Method by Transaction Type
Table 6: Taiwanese Consumer Preferred Mobile Payment Method by Security Identification Type
Table 7: Taiwanese Consumer Willingness of Starting or Continuously Using Mobile Payments in the Future
Table 8: Possible Factors Influencing Adoption of Mobile Payments
Table 9: Consumer Preference of In-Store Mobile Payments
Table 10: Major Taiwanese Financial Institutions' Mobile Payment Solutions
Table 11: Major Taiwanese Financial Institutions' Third-party Payment Solutions
Table 12: Major Taiwanese Telecom Operators and ISPs' Mobile Payment Solutions
Table 13: Major Taiwanese Payment Service Providers' Mobile Payment Solutions
Table 14: Major Taiwanese Payment Service Providers' Third-party Payment Solutions
Table 15: Major Taiwanese Commercial Vendors' Mobile Payment Solutions
Table 16: Major Taiwanese Commercial Vendors' Third-party Payment Solutions

List of Figures
Figure 1: Purchase Frequency and Amounts of Taiwanese Mobile Payment Users
Figure 2: Maximum Single Mobile Payment Amounts, 2014 vs. 2015
Figure 3: Most Recent Mobile Payment Time Periods
Figure 4: Taiwan's Mobile Payment Ecosystem

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