Refuse Truck/Body & Lift Equipment Manufacturing in North America: Size, Shares, Segmentation, Competitors, Channels, Trends and Outlook

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A Vista View of this Difficult-To-Analyze Vocational Segment, Due to Extreme Fragmentation

In this report, 50+ manufacturers of refuse truck bodies and lift equipment are analyzed and aggregated into an analytical framework to define a $1.3+ billion business. Refuse truck/body types analyzed in the report are: front loaders, automated side loaders, manual side loaders, rear loaders, roll-off hoists, hooklifts, container delivery units (“CDUs” or “luggers”) and grapple trucks.

Refuse trucks and related lifting equipment are in strong demand, resulting from aging fleets, new emissions requirements, and increased core demand resulting from growing confidence of municipalities to enter into long-term waste management contracts. Average age of fleets is now about three to four years higher than the norm.

This segment of vocational truck manufacturing is an industry unto itself. With over 50 producers in the USA and Canada, this report aims at quantifying the market size and sub-segments for 8 different types of trucks/bodies and key lifting equipment, to present an aggregate view of refuse collection vehicles/equipment. Manufacturing activity ranges from regional one-product specialists to national brands that have most, if not the entire spectrum, of the identified product mix in their offerings.

No single manufacturer covers all products scoped in this report, but there is evidence of interest by larger companies in crossing over and adding to the product mix through acquisitions, and such consolidations are expected to continue in this industry.

The report provides a vista view of this difficult-to-analyze vocational segment, due to extreme fragmentation. Many small players at local/regional level participate successfully in this activity, but complicate the market size and competitive analysis picture, compared to the handful of national manufacturers. All 50+ manufacturers are identified, analyzed and profiled.

These and other key aspects of the business of refuse truck/body and equipment manufacturing are examined in this report, providing estimates of market sizing, key segmentations, demand factors, trends and outlook for each of the 8 products, across the 50+ manufacturers in this activity in the USA + Canada.

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A. Scope
A.1. Product Types
A.1.1. Refuse Truck Bodies
A.1.2. Hoists
A.1.3. Container Handling Equipment
A.1.4. Grapple Loaders

B. Summary

C. Market Size Estimates In Units & Dollars
C.1. Market Size By Product Type
C.2. Market Size By Chassis Gvw Size

D. Market Shares: Competitive Analysis In Units & Dollars
D.1. Market Shares – All Products: Units & Dollars
D.2. Market Shares – By Product Types: Units & Dollars
D.2.1. Refuse Truck Bodies
D.2.2. Hoists
D.2.3. Container Handling Equipment
D.2.4. Grapple Loaders
D.3. Refuse Truck/Body Manufacturers – By Sales Revenue Range

E. Market Analysis
E.1. Average Prices & Cost Structures
E.1.1. Refuse Truck Bodies: Work Ready Refuse Truck - Cost Structure By Body Type
E.1.2. Hoists: Work Ready Hoist Truck - Cost Structure By Hoist Type
E.1.3. Container Handling Equipment: Work Ready Carrier/Lugger Truck - Cost Structure
E.1.4. Grapple Loaders: Work Ready Grapple Truck - Cost Structure
E.2. Distribution Channels

F. Production By Region
F.1. Key Manufacturers By Region
F.2. Shares By Region: Units & Manufacturers

G. Market Dynamics & Demand Factors

H. Outlook & Forecasts

I. Key Manufacturer Data
I.1. Refuse Truck/Body & Lift Equipment Manufacturers List: Alphabetical Order
I.2. Rank Order: Estimated Refuse Truck/Body & Lift Equipment Units Manufactured

J. Manufacturer Profiles

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown