Global Endpoint Security Market - Forecasts and Trends (2016 - 2021)

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The growing number of PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets and specialized equipment such as bar code readers or point of sale (POS) terminals is creating a large number of endpoints in networks all over the world. To ensure that the network is protected requires each computing device on a corporate network to comply with certain standards before network access is granted. Simple forms of endpoint security include personal firewalls or anti-virus software that is distributed and then monitored and updated from the server.

However, traditional endpoint security is falling behind. Targeted attacks and sophisticated malware continue to circumvent traditional security controls and compromise host computers. Being firmly planted on the PC domain, endpoint security software is susceptible to risks. This has created a need for further investment and up-gradation of existing systems. New layers of endpoint security to protect against zero-day threats and polymorphic/metamorphic malware are being incorporated by corporations as part of their security strategy.

The Global Endpoint Security market is expected to grow from $8.23 Billion in 2015 to $14.01 Billion by the end of 2020 at a CAGR of 11.22% during the period 2015 to 2020. North America is expected to have the highest revenue share of the market along with the highest rate of adoption. Rapid innovation is evident in the layered endpoint security market.

Threats surrounding environment are increasing leading to adoption of endpoint security solutions and other factors contributing to the growth of market demand and rise in mobile devices with highly integrated security solutions with necessity of solutions making most of its usage. Awareness is an issue of concern with more alternatives rising with different endpoint solutions impacting the growth of demand of endpoint security market. Rapid innovation is evident in the layered endpoint security market. Vendors like Bromium, Cisco Systems, Cylance, Guidance Software, McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro and Triumfant are coming up with new innovations in incident Prevention, Detection and Response.

The Global endpoint security market has been segmented on the basis of Deployment Model (On Premise and Cloud), User Type (Personal and Enterprise), Solutions (Antivirus, Malware, Firewall, Encryption Solutions, MDM and MAM Solutions, and Others), End User Industry (Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Communications, Government, Media & entertainment, Legal Services, and Others), and Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and RoW).

This report describes a detailed study of the Porter's five forces analysis of the market. All the five major factors have been quantified using the internal key parameters governing each of them. It also covers the market landscape of these players which includes the key growth strategies, geographical footprint, and competition analysis.

The report also considers key trends that will impact the industry and profiles of leading suppliers of Endpoint Security Market. Some of the top companies mentioned in the report are Symantec, McAfee, Sophos, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, Panda Security, ESSET, Fortinet, Trend Micro, and among others.


1) The report will be useful in gaining an exhaustive understanding of the regional market. It will also be of assistance in providing a comprehensive analysis of the major trends, innovations and associated prospects for market growth over the coming half a decade.

2) The report will be an ideal source material for industry consultants, manufacturers and other interested and allied parties to gain a critical insight into the factors driving and restraining the market, in addition to opportunities offered.

3) The report contains wide range of information about the leading market players and the major strategies adopted by them.

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1. Key Findings of the Study

2. Executive Summary

3. Market Overview

3.1 Market Segmentation

3.2 Overview

3.3 Industry Value Chain Analysis

3.4 Industry Attractiveness - Porter's 5 Force Analysis

3.5 Industry Policies

4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Drivers

4.2.1 Increasing threats is leading to adoption of different endpoint security solutions

4.2.2 Growth in mobile devices

4.2.3 New integrated security solutions

4.3 Restraints

4.3.1 Lack of awareness about different endpoint security products

4.3.2 Presence of alternatives

5. Technology Overview

5.1 Technology Snapshot

5.2 Deployment Models

5.3 Ongoing developments

5.4 Applications of Endpoint Security Solutions

6. Endpoint Security Market by Deployment Model

6.1 On Premise

6.1.1 Overview

6.1.2 Market Size and Forecast

6.1.3 Analyst View

6.2 Cloud

6.2.1 Overview

6.2.2 Market Size and Forecast

6.2.3 Analyst View

7. Endpoint Security Market by User Type

7.1 Personal

7.1.1 Overview

7.1.2 Market Size and Forecast

7.1.3 Analyst View

7.2 Enterprise

7.2.1 Overview

7.2.2 Market Size and Forecast

7.2.3 Analyst View

8. Endpoint Security Market by Solutions

8.1 Antivirus

8.1.1 Overview

8.1.2 Market Size and Forecast

8.2 Malware

8.2.1 Overview

8.2.2 Market Size and Forecast

8.3 Firewall

8.3.1 Overview

8.3.2 Market Size and Forecast

8.4 Encryption Solutions

8.4.1 Overview

8.4.2 Market Size and Forecast

8.5 MDM and MAM Solutions

8.5.1 Overview

8.5.2 Market Size and Forecast

8.6 Others

8.6.1 Overview

8.6.2 Market Size and Forecast

9. Endpoint Security Market by End User Industry

9.1 Manufacturing

9.1.1 Market Size and Forecast

9.1.2 Analyst View

9.2 Retail

9.2.1 Market Size and Forecast

9.2.2 Analyst View

9.3 Financial Services

9.3.1 Market Size and Forecast

9.3.2 Analyst View

9.4 Healthcare

9.4.1 Market Size and Forecast

9.4.2 Analyst View

9.5 Communications

9.5.1 Market Size and Forecast

9.5.2 Analyst View

9.6 Government

9.6.1 Market Size and Forecast

9.6.2 Analyst View

9.7 Media and Entertainment

9.7.1 Market Size and Forecast

9.7.2 Analyst View

9.8 Legal Services

9.8.1 Market Size and Forecast

9.8.2 Analyst View

9.9 Others

9.9.1 Market Size and Forecast

9.9.2 Analyst View

10. Endpoint Security Market by Region

10.1 North America

10.1.1 United States

10.1.2 Canada

10.1.3 Others

10.1.4 Analyst View

10.2 Europe

10.2.1 United Kingdom

10.2.2 Germany

10.2.3 France

10.2.4 Others

10.2.5 Analyst View

10.3 Asia Pacific

10.3.1 China

10.3.2 India

10.3.3 Japan

10.3.4 Others

10.4 Rest of the World

10.4.1 Analyst View

11. Competitive Intelligence

12. Company Profiles

12.1 Symantec

12.1.1 Overview

12.1.2 Major Products and Services

12.1.3 Financials

12.1.4 Recent Developments

12.2 McAfee

12.2.1 Overview

12.2.2 Major Products and Services

12.2.3 Financials

12.2.4 Recent Developments

12.3 Sophos

12.3.1 Overview

12.3.2 Major Products and Services

12.3.3 Financials

12.3.4 Recent Developments

12.4 Microsoft

12.4.1 Overview

12.4.2 Major Products and Services

12.4.3 Financials

12.4.4 Recent Developments

12.5 Kaspersky Lab

12.5.1 Overview

12.5.2 Major Products and Services

12.5.3 Financials

12.5.4 Recent Developments

12.6 Panda Security

12.6.1 Overview

12.6.2 Major Products and Services

12.6.3 Financials

12.6.4 Recent Developments

12.7 ESSET

12.7.1 Overview

12.7.2 Major Products and Services

12.7.3 Financials

12.7.4 Recent Developments

12.8 Fortinet

12.8.1 Overview

12.8.2 Major Products and Services

12.8.3 Financials

12.8.4 Recent Developments

12.9 AVG Technologies

12.9.1 Overview

12.9.2 Major Products and Services

12.9.3 Financials

12.9.4 Recent Developments

12.10 Trend Micro

12.10.1 Overview

12.10.2 Major Products and Services

12.10.3 Financials

12.10.4 Recent Developments

12.11 Bitdefender

12.11.1 Overview

12.11.2 Major Products and Services

12.11.3 Financials

12.11.4 Recent Developments

12.12 AVAST Software

12.12.1 Overview

12.12.2 Major Products and Services

12.12.3 Financials

12.12.4 Recent Developments

13. Investment Analysis

13.1 Recent Mergers and Acquisitions

13.2 Role of Business Accelerators

13.3 Investment Outlook

14. Future of Endpoint Security Market
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