Europe Security Screening Market Growth, Trends And Forecasts (2016 - 2021)

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The market for security screening devices in Europe is estimated to increase in the period to come because of variety of factors such as the threat of the growing terrorist activities in and around Europe. Another big concern is the different disease outbreaks in different parts of the world. There are numerous checks at airports and ports when an outbreak starts and with the recent Ebola outbreak, screening is being done on passengers coming from West Africa region.

One of the biggest concerns of every government in the region is security. Many of the countries in the region are developing more and more security screening products that will help keep the country safe. With the ISIS problem occurring in Middle East region, various countries in the region are taking precautions that no insurgent enters their borders and no person from their country goes to join the radical group. The on-going Ukraine-Russia battle has got the attention of all Europe countries with the issue of radicals moving into their country or a start of a power struggle between the governments.

The Asia Pacific region will have the highest demand for these products in the world. The demand for these products will also increase in Brazil because it is scheduled to hold marquee events like 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. The number of tourists, athletes, journalists etc. coming to this region will be a lot and the security systems in place will have to be tightened so the demand for security screening products in Brazil will increase. Security is becoming one of the biggest concerns of every government in the world. Every country is trying to develop more and more security screening products that will help them keep the country safe. Terrorist activities are increasing with numerous organizations starting in different countries. 9/11 attack shook the entire world and the importance of security screening increased in many countries especially in United States of America.

The 2008 attacks in Mumbai was a wakeup call to commercial establishments around the world of the necessity of security screening. Countries from around the world have problems from both radical factions both inside and outside of the countries. There are various products that are used in the security screening market which include X-Ray scanners, Shoe scanner, Biometric scanner, Explosive Trace detector etc. These products have various functions from scanning the whole body to scanning liquids in the bags to detect dangerous chemicals. The applications of these technologies vary from airports, offices, educational institutions, border check points to hotels and malls.

Major companies in the market like SRI International, Smartmatic, Anviz Global, Smiths Group among others are pushing for more applications of the security screening devices. These companies have been studied and their strategies have been analyzed in the report. The report is divided by geography where the market share of each region is analyzed and estimates are provided for the next 6 years. The various applications of security screening devices have been discussed in detail in addition to a comprehensive overview of the market.


The increasing need to feel secure from terrorist attacks, and also growing number of screening devices in government and private offices are an indication for a healthy demand for the security screening market.


The high costs of installing high tech gadgets and also, the product associated security concerns are some of the biggest challenges of the security screening market.


1.North America Security Screening Market Overview with information on drivers and restraints

2.Security Screening Market Analysis and its applications in the industry

3.Identification of factors responsible for changing the market scenarios, rising prospective opportunities and identification of key companies which can influence the market on global and regional scale

4.Extensively researched competitive landscape with profiles of major companies along with their market shares

5.A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information

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1. Introduction

1.1 Report Guidance

1.2 Markets Covered

1.3 Key Points Noted

2. Executive Summary

3. Market Overview

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Market Definition

3.3 Premium Insights

4. Drivers, Constraints and Opportunities

4.1 Drivers

4.1.1 Increasing threat of terrorism

4.1.2 Biometric screening increasing in government and private offices

4.2 Constraints

4.2.1 Privacy Concerns

4.2.2 High cost of installing high tech gadgets

4.3 Oppurtunities

4.3.1 Increasing security concerns in Asia Pacific and Latin America region

4.3.2 Screening of people done in less time

5. Technology Snapshot

5.1 Overview

5.2 Recent Developments

6. Europe Security Screening Market, by Product

6.1 X-Ray Scanner

6.2 Biometric Systems

6.3 Shoe Scanner

6.4 Explosive Trace Detector

6.5 Electromagnetic Metal Detector

6.6 Liquid Scanner

7. Europe Security Screening Market, by Application

7.1 Border Check point

7.2 Airport

7.3 Government Applications

7.4 Private Sector

7.5 Public Places

7.6 Educational Institutions

7.7 Others

8. Europe Security Screening Market, by Region

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Overview

8.3 Major Countries

8.3.1 United Kingdom Overview Market Trends and Opportunities Market Demand to 2020

8.3.2 Germany Overview Market Trends and Opportunities Market Demand to 2020

8.3.3 France Overview Market Trends and Opportunities Market Demand to 2020

8.3.4 Italy Overview Market Trends and Opportunities Market Demand to 2020

8.3.5 Russia Overview Market Trends and Opportunities Market Demand to 2020 Others

8.3.6 Company Profiles

9. SRI International

9.1 Overview

9.1.1 Major Products and Services

9.1.2 Financials

9.1.3 Recent Developments

9.1.4 Iris ID

9.2 Overview

9.2.1 Major Products and Services

9.2.2 Financials

9.2.3 Recent Developments

9.2.4 Smartmatic

9.3 Overview

9.3.1 Major Products and Services

9.3.2 Financials

9.3.3 Recent Developments

9.3.4 Anviz Global

9.4 Overview

9.4.1 Major Products and Services

9.4.2 Financials

9.4.3 Recent Developments

9.4.4 MorphoTrak

9.5 Overview

9.5.1 Major Products and Services

9.5.2 Financials

9.5.3 Recent Developments

9.5.4 Cross Match Technologies

9.6 Overview

9.6.1 Major Products and Services

9.6.2 Financials

9.6.3 Recent Developments

9.6.4 Smart Sensors Ltd

9.7 Overview

9.7.1 Major Products and Services

9.7.2 Financials

9.7.3 Recent Developments

9.7.4 American Science and Engineering

9.8 Overview

9.8.1 Major Products and Services

9.8.2 Financials

9.8.3 Recent Developments

9.8.4 Analogic Corporation

9.9 Overview

9.9.1 Major Products and Services

9.9.2 Financials

9.9.3 Recent Developments

9.9.4 Digital Barriers

9.10 Overview

9.10.1 Major Products and Services

9.10.2 Financials

9.10.3 Recent Developments

9.10.4 OSI Systems

9.11 Overview

9.11.1 Major Products and Services

9.11.2 Financials

9.11.3 Recent Developments

9.11.4 Smiths Group

9.12 Overview

9.12.1 Major Products and Services

9.12.2 Financials

9.12.3 Recent Developments

9.12.4 Aware, Inc.

9.13 Overview

9.13.1 Major Products and Services

9.13.2 Financials

9.13.3 Recent Developments

9.13.4 Argus Global

9.14 Overview

9.14.1 Major Products and Services

9.14.2 Financials

9.14.3 Recent Developments

9.14.4 Faxitron

9.15 Overview

9.15.1 Major Products and Services

9.15.2 Financials

9.15.3 Recent Developments

9.15.4 Competitive Landscape

10. Deal Summary

10.1 Acquisition

10.1.1 Private Equity

10.1.2 Equity Offerings

10.1.3 Debt Offerings

10.1.4 Partnerships

10.1.5 Asset Transactions

10.1.6 Appendix

11. Sources

11.1 Abbreviations

11.2 Market Definition

11.3 Methodology

11.3.1 Coverage

11.3.2 Secondary Research

11.3.3 Primary Research

11.3.4 Expert Panel Validation

11.3.5 Contact Us

11.4 Disclaimer
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