2016 Target Market Report on Online Vitamins/Supplement Shoppers

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Online Supplement Shopping is Reported by one in three Supplement Shoppers

One in three supplement users have shifted online for at least some of their dietary supplement purchases and this practice is most prevalent among those who spend the most money on supplements.

Online supplement shopping is reported by one in three supplement shoppers – – a practice most popular among heavy supplement users, big spenders, social media participants and a market segment described as “Confident Heavy Users.”  Online purchasers are lured by the wide variety of supplement types, brands, etc. more often than those who shop elsewhere.

The Target Market Report on Online Vitamin/Supplement Shoppers provides an overview of those who have purchased supplements online in the past year. Compiled from the annual Study of Vitamins & Other Dietary Supplements, trends are included for many measures to provide perspective on market changes.

Key topics include:

  •  Online shopping penetration for supplements
  •  Proportion of supplements bought online vs. in brick-and-mortar stores
  •  Reasons for buying supplements online
  •  Types of online retailers patronized
  •  Social media habits of online shoppers
  •  Brands and types of supplements favored by online shoppers
  •  Key distinctions that set online supplement shoppers apart
  •  Market Segmentation Analysis describing six distinct groups and focusing on one particular segment of Confident Heavy Users who have demonstrated the most online supplement shopping activity.


The report was compiled from the 2016 Study of the U.S. Market for Vitamins & Other Dietary Supplements, an annual trend study most recently conducted between December 30, 2015 and January 19, 2016 among a national online sample of 1,510 adults currently taking one or more vitamin, mineral, herbal or other specialty supplements.

Electronic Deliverables:

SUMMARY REPORT (in PowerPoint) includes KEY FINDINGS section, followed by an in-depth SUMMARY, including graphs and charts depicting survey findings.

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