Oncology Drug Report - Xalkori - Crizotinib - 2011-2015 Analysis; 2016-2021 Expectations

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Information on Competitor Drugs, Number of Clinical Trials (By Year and By Phase)


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Xalkori: "Strong start but competition ahead” is a comprehensive drug report about the market leader in ALK-positive metastatic NSCLC called Xalkori.

Xalkori is the third-largest drug in Pfizer’s portfolio and falls in targeted therapy, under the ty-rosine kinase inhibitor class of drugs. It is indicated for the treatment ALK-positive and ROS1-positive metastatic NSCLC. We expect sales to remain stable but flattish due to increased com-petition.

The report gives the basic information about the drug, covering all details from brand name, date of approvals, mechanism of action, molecular structure, route of administration, etc. It has an interesting infographic description of the approval timeline and contains an event tracker, which covers all the major events surrounding the drug, news about Xalkori, information on competitor drugs, number of clinical trials (by year and by phase), and so on.

The report gives an analysis of the historical annual sales (from 2011-2015), historical quarterly sales (Q1-2013 to Q3-2016) and sales expectations (from 2016-2021). The analysis broadly in-dicates that the drug had a strong start but is losing out to competition now.

Details of the sales analysis section:
Historical annual sales analysis: Historical annual sales have been analysed with the help of graphical representation of sales over 2011-2015. The report has all the data in tabular format as well. We have highlighted key reasons for the sales trend in all the geographies listed.

Historical quarterly sales analysis: Additionally, we have shown sales analysis on quarterly basis for the past 15 quarters from Q1-2013 to Q3-2016. The quarterly data is also in graphical as well as tabular format.

Expected sales analysis: The report has our expectations for Xalkori sales over 2016-2021. We have highlighted the key reasons for our expectations. All the historical as well as expected sales analysis is based on:

  • Total global sales
  • US sales
  • International sales
    • Developed Europe
    • Developed RoW
    • Emerging markets

Other important details

Key event tracker: The report highlights key events that have taken place for Xalkori from 2009 to 2016. It gives additional information about the key events that have driven sales for the drug over this period.

Clinical trial numbers: The report provides numbers of clinical trials which have started for Xalkori in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and for different phases: phase-III, phase-III/II and phase-II.

Competitive drugs: Additionally, all the drugs which compete/can compete with Xalkori in ALK-positive NSCLC are listed with their details including brand name, API, company, class of drug, therapy class and treatment preference.

Clinical studies: Efficacy results of Xalkori and its competing drugs have been provided.

News: We have listed news related to Xalkori that would impact the drug’s performance.

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  • Ariad Pharma
  • BMS
  • Celgene
  • Ignyta
  • Novartis
  • Pierre Fabre
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1. Basic Information
1.1 Brand name/multiple brand names (US, Europe, Japan, RoW)
1.2 Research code
1.3 API
1.4 Molecular weight
1.5 Molecular structure
1.6 Immuno-oncology status
1.7 Broader indications
1.8 Therapy class
1.9 Class of drug
1.10 Companies involved in marketing (US, Europe, Japan, RoW)
1.11 Innovation-related information
1.12 First approval dates (US, Europe, Japan)
1.13 Patent expiry dates (US, Europe, Japan)
1.14 Molecule type
1.15 Dosage form/strength
1.16 Route of administration
1.17 Global sales-2015/2016E (USD, bn)
1.18 Mechanism of action
1.19 Pharmacodynamic properties
1.20 Pharmacokinetic properties
1.21 Royalty-related information

2. About the drug

3. About ALK-positive NSCLC

4. Approval timeline infographic (2011-2016)

5. Regulatory approval details (US, Europe, Japan and some of the RoW)
5.1 Approval table
5.2 Drug approvals in RoW countries

6. Historical annual sales analysis
6.1 Total sales (USD)
6.2 Sales mix - US and International
6.3 US sales (USD)
6.4 International sales (USD)
6.5 Developed Europe sale (USD)
6.6 Developed RoW sales (USD)
6.7 Emerging markets sales (USD)
6.8 Historical annual sales table (USD)

7. Historical quarterly sales analysis (Q1-2013 to Q3-2016)
7.1 Total sales (USD)
7.2 Sales mix - US and International
7.3 US sales (USD)
7.4 International sales (USD)
7.5 Developed Europe sales (USD)
7.6 Developed RoW sales (USD)
7.7 Emerging markets sales (USD)
7.8 Historical quarterly sales table (USD)

8. Historical cumulative sales (2011 to Q3-2016)
8.1 Total sales (USD)
8.2 US sales (USD)
8.3 International sales (USD)
8.4 Developed Europe sales (USD)
8.5 Developed RoW sales (USD)
8.6 Emerging markets sales (USD)
8.7 Cumulative sales table (USD)

9. Q3-2016 update
9.1 Q3-2015 to Q3-2016 quarterly total sales (USD)
9.2 Q3-2015 to Q3-2016 quarterly US sales (USD)
9.3 Q3-2015 to Q3-2016 quarterly international sales (USD)
9.4 Q3-2015 to Q3-2016 quarterly Developed Europe sales (USD)
9.5 Q3-2015 to Q3-2016 quarterly Developed RoW sales (USD)
9.6 Q3-2015 to Q3-2016 quarterly Emerging markets sales (USD)
9.7 Q3-2015 to Q3-2016 cumulative sales table (USD)

10. Sales expectations (2016E-2021E)
10.1 Total sales (USD)
10.2 Sales mix - US and International
10.3 US and sales (USD)
10.4 International sales (USD)
10.5 Developed Europe sales (USD)
10.6 Developed RoW sales (USD)
10.7 Emerging markets sales (USD)
10.8 Estimated sales table (USD)

11. Competitors’ results of phase III trials in first line ALK-positive NSCLC
11.1 Alecensa J-ALEX trial
11.2 Zykadia ASCEND-4 trial

12. List of key approved drugs for NSCLC
12.1 Endpoint results for drugs in ALK-positive NSCLC
a. Xalkori/crizotinib
b. Zykadia/ceritinib
c. Alecensa/alectinib
12.2 Endpoint results for drugs in ROS1-positive NSCLC
a. Xalkori/crizotinib

13. Select pipeline drugs of ALK-positive NSCLC

14. Event tracker

15. Clinical trials of Xalkori (US)
15.1 Year-wise (2016, 2015 and 2016)
15.2 Phase-wise (II, II/III, III)

16. News around Xalkori (including 6 press releases)

17. Methodology

18. Annexure
18.1 Drug coverage list of 251 drugs

19. Disclaimer

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • Celgene
  • Eli lilly
  • Ignyta
  • Merck & co.
  • Novartis
  • Pfizer
  • Pierre Fabre
  • Roche
  • Sanofi
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown