Strategic Review of Corn Starch Industry & Markets - Starch, Sweeteners, Bioprocessing & Co-Products

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85 Percent of Bioethanol Is Produced by Dry Mill Ethnol Facilities

This 2017 revision has comprehensive newly revised starch, sweeteners, ethanol, bioprocessing, bioplastic, co-products; has several improvements, new information, insights since we are now in a global economy. In 2017 report we have made major changes to this report to reflect several changes in the US and worldwide.

We present latest data and markets for starch derivatives. Every chapter has been updated with much new information, insights and data. How this industry operates, investments, costs, markets, margins among many other areas. Some of the major changes and additions are:

  • Excellent review of cost, markets and technologies and how this industry operates with opportunities in transferring corn processing facilities into modern bioprocessing operation to diversify into new specialties
  • CWM (Corn wet milling) co-products technical and commercial perspective including potential markets for corn gluten feed (CGF), corn gluten meal (CGM) and corn germ.
  • A new chapter focused on corn ethanol, Chapter IX
  • Bioprocessing, bio-based chemicals and bioplastics chapter X has the most recent information with markets, capacities and opportunities for bio-based chemicals and polymers from starch and the sugars as feedstock. CWM players have entered arena of converging their facilities in to biorefineries with products such as ethanol, lactic acid, citric acid, amino acid lysine, and other monomers for new value added polymers to replace the petroleum based compounds.
  • Each chapter also has major revisions to reflect most recent information on the business, markets and technologies as we continue to evolve in this global carbohydrates economy.
  • Brand new list of starch and sweeteners manufacturers from corn, wheat, potato and tapioca primary starch crops in different regions of the world.
  • Excellent material on maltodextrins and other hydrolysis, enzyme processed products
  • A great addition to the library as reference, training tool and a strategy tool to starch processing industry members, customers and suppliers.
  • Report also has excellent in-depth insights from our associates and I with combined experience of > 200 yrs in starch/sweetener and bioprocessing.
  • New global list of starch processors is provided in Chapter XVI. Global List of Corn Processors p 201.
  • Several updates to each chapter to reflect currently situation and opportunities going forward.
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I. Executive Summary

Ii. Brief Overview Of Corn And Wet Milling Process

  • World Corn Production 2016/2017 Feb. 2016, Usda Estimates
  • Overview Of Corn Wet Milling Process

Iii. Markets

  • Food & Beverage Market Profile
  • Starch Products Situation And Forecast
  • Perspective: Cwm Industry And Where Will The Growth Come From?
  • Potential Changes And Market Drivers
  • Native And Modified Starch Products Overview
  • Overview Of Modified Starches
  • Modified Starch Markets

Iv. Sweeteners And Maltodextrins

  • Sweeteners
  • Corn Syrups - Hfcs (High Fructose Corn Syrup) And Other Syrups
  • Maltodextrins

V. Companies In The Us

  • Companies And Products
  • Consolidation In The Starch Industry
  • Products Manufactured By Corn Refiners
  • Industry Choices To Supply Starch For Potential Large New Application
  • Cwm (Corn Wet Milling) Industry Major Player’S Observations
  • Players - Other Differences (See E Above)
  • Investment Risk And Decisions .
  • R & D Investments

Vi. Costs, Investments And Margins

  • Product Profitability
  • Cost Of Production
  • Margins And Overhead
  • Manufacturing Metrics
  • Cost Calculations And Pricing Information
  • Shipping And Transportation
  • Government Policies And Its Effect On Price
  • Processing Assets And Implications On The Manufacturing

Vii. Industry Capacity And Investment

  • Capacity Utilization Issues
  • Effect Of Capacity Utilization On Costs
  • New Potential Capacity
  • Co-Products Management - Cwm
  • Investment
  • Incremental Capacity
  • Smaller Increments
  • Capital Associated With The Incremental Bushel Process
  • Capacity By Players In The Us
  • Historical Perspective Of Capacity Increase
  • Starch And Ethanol Assets Interchangeability

Viii.Corn Wet Milling Co-Products Current Situation And Potential Markets

  • Cwm Co-Products Introduction
  • Corn Gluten Feed (Cgf)
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Corn Germ And Oil
  • Zein Protein

Ix. Corn Ethanol Brief Review

  • Ethanol
  • Growth Of Fuel Ethanol And Its Effect On The Industry
  • Co-Products

X. Bioprocessing: Fermentation, Specialty Chemicals, Bioplastics - Current Situation And Opportunities

  • Corn As A Chemical Feedstock
  • Bioprocessing And Fermentation
  • Bioplastics
  • Examples Developments By Starch Processors And Other Companies
  • More Examples Of Recent Developments By Starch Processors And Other Companies

Xi. Future Trends

  • Technological Developments
  • Business, Technology Trends And Issues That Will Impact Corn Processors Trends
  • Starch Products And Technology Developments Few Examples.
  • Improvement Of Starch Yield And Extraction
  • Market Development Of Co-Products

Xii. Global Issues, Policies And Plant Locations

  • Government Policies And Potential Effect On The Prices
  • Duties And Subsidies

Xiii. Summary

  • New Global List Of Starch Processors Is Provided In Chapter Xvi. Global
  • List Of Cor Processor

Xiv. List Of References

Xv. List Of Figures And Tables

Xvi. Global List Of Corn Processors

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown