California Public Sector Attorney Hourly Rate Report 2017

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Green Opportunities in the Golden Bear State

The 'California Public Sector Attorney Hourly Rate Report 2017' is the most comprehensive hourly rate and fee analysis of California Law Firms practicing in the Public Sector that includes all Attorney Services for City, County, State and School and Water Districts, Stadium Authorities and Control and Arbitration Boards including Litigation, Labor, Bond Underwriting, Finance, Environmental, Land Use, Transportation, Contracts and Others. The Report has 5 Sections: 1) Rates by Firm Revenue Group (Top 10, 50, 100, etc) 2) Rates by Individual Firm, Practice Areas and Cities 3) Rates by Purchasing Governmental Authority 5) Relative Rate Rankings (Highest to Lowest).

The opportunities for Public Sector legal services has never been higher due to increased regulation at the state, county and municipality level and the heightened activity in School Districts, Energy and Water Authorities and Public and Sport Infrastructure work, according to the report.

The report covers California but other purchasing entities from other states have been added for comparability.

A word on the author's research and compilation methodology. The report is compiled by a Research Team that identifies hourly rates that are publicly disclosed. About 2,000 hourly rates per week of Attorneys and Support Staff for over 1,100 Law Firms globally are added to the database. Further research is required to “connect the dots” by adding detailed Attorney Profile information and linking the legal work performed to specific Clients and Client Industries. Through this process we are able to provide actionable data to users – Law Firms and Corporate Counsel - of the Attorney Hourly Rates and Analytical Reports, including this one, to make important monetary decisions in terms of legal services offered and purchased. In terms of the Report, not all timekeepers will appear in every year so sometimes average rates may vary; in this case the trend line and averages over the 2011 – 2016 period are the best indicators. In the event that no rates appear for a given field (Year or Position), an algorithm is used to estimate a rate or rates. In Section 5, The Relative Rate Rankings Section, we calculated the average Partner hourly rate from 2014 – 2016 for each Firm. The author considers Senior Partners to be ones with 25+ years of experiencing (Law School Graduation Year of 1989 or sooner), Partners with 24 years or less experience and Senior Associates with 5 years or more experience. Of course, those experience levels may vary by Firm but seem to work for both Large Law Firms and Middle-Market ones.

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1. Rates by Governmental Entity

2. Rates by Firm and Entity Represented by Practice Area

3. Rates by City For All Firms

4. Rates by Practice Area for All Firms

5. Rates Paid by Governmental Entity

6. Rates Billed by Law Firm

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