The Very Real Costs of Bad Website Performance

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When it comes to website performance, even one second of extra lag time can lead to visitors leaving your organization’s site, resulting in lost sales and a negative reputation. Recent research into mobile and desktop website performance shows how quickly a minor delay in loading a site can lead to a big spike in how fast users abandon a site.

This research shows that leading organizations are able to boost their websites to remove delay, increase visitors, reduce costs and improve overall revenue. By leveraging powerful performance management and monitoring tools that show how their sites perform around the world in different situations, they gain valuable insight they can use to optimize their entire web infrastructure.

Organizations looking to stop the hemorrhaging of website visitors due to delays and sub-optimal performance issues can follow the examples of industry leaders by gaining end-to-end, real-user perspective into performance, and build websites that meet the expectations of today’s users.

Some key findings:

  • After two seconds of delay, 20% of all mobile websites report that users start leaving the site.
  • After three seconds of delay, 40% of all websites (both mobile and traditional desktop) see users who have given up and abandoned the site.
  • Leaders in performance management are more likely to analyze and understand the root causes of performance issues, to capture real user experience data, and to measure web and mobile performance from a real-user perspective.
  • According to research, Leaders are four times more likely to see increased sales and revenue and ninety percent more likely to see increased traffic and more visitors.
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  • Gone in Three Seconds: Visitors Quickly Abandon Websites with Delays
  • Lost Online Visitors Means Lost Revenue
  • The All-Encompassing Approach to Boosting Website Performance
  • Ending the Exodus of Website Visitors
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