Overcoming the Two Biggest Obstacles to an Effective Data Security Program

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This report examines how your organization can move beyond awareness and make well-informed business decisions about data security by providing senior business leaders with a better appreciation of risk: how likely, and the business impact.

To form a solid foundation for an effective data security program, we will also be covering five high-level capabilities before selecting and implementing specific technical security controls, as well as cover the two biggest obstacles to implementation:

  • Data discovery / identification: Knowing what data you have, where it is, who has (and should have) access to it, and what patterns of access are normal
  • Data handling / governance: Establishing policies for how different classes of data should be handled, so that humans (and automated processes) can make day-to-day decisions that are in line with management’s intent, and within the organization’s appetite for risk
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  • Senior Business Leaders Have a Heightened Awareness of the Risk to Their Organization’s Sensitive Data
  • Public Data Breach Disclosures Raise Awareness That Attackers Are p3: Relentless (and Efficient) at Stealing Data
  • Moving Beyond Mere Awareness, By Quantifying the Risk
  • Quantifying the Annualized Risk of a Data Breach Helps Business Leaders Decide How Much Risk is Acceptable
  • Enter the Two Biggest Obstacles to Implementing an Effective Data Security Program
  • The First Obstacle: Most Organizations Don’t Really Know How Much Data They Have, and Where It All Is
  • An Example All Organizations Can Appreciate: Enterprise Email
  • The Simple Example of Enterprise Email Illustrates That the Organization’s Data is Everywhere: On-Premises, In the Cloud, and On a Diverse Range of Platforms and Devices
  • The Second Obstacle: Ensuring That People and Processes Make the Right Decisions About How Data Should Be Handled
  • Applying These Insights: Five High-Level Capabilities That Help to Form the Foundation of an Effective Data Security Program
  • Summary and Key Takeaways
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