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Design, Manufacturing and Applications of Composites: 2016

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  • Book
  • 421 pages
  • DEStech Publications, Inc
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Proceedings of the Eleventh Joint Canada-Japan Workshop on Composites and the First Joint Canada-Japan-Vietnam Workshop on Composites August 2016, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Important reference book on composites materials manufacturing technologies from Vietnamese, as well Japanese and Canadian researchers

Edited by three internationally regarded materials science professors, this book is an important expansion of a series presenting composites research from Canada and Japan. For the first time it adds dozens of original papers from Vietnamese materials scientists to reports from Japanese and Canadian researchers. The book covers new materials, such as energy-producing composites, and offers information on advanced manufacturing technologies for fiber-reinforced materials, as well as metal hybrids, active, self-healing and biocomposites. Applications include biomedical implants, piping, automobile parts, fiber-optic sensors, and more.

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    Enhancement of Energy Conversion Efficiency in Organic Solar Cell Using Nanoparticles

Nguyen Dinh Duc, Nguyen Nang Dinh, Pham Duc Thang, Dang Dinh Long and Nguyen Xuan Nguyen

    The Braided Composite Used as Sealing Parts

Takahisa Ueda

    Composite Sandwich Structural Super Capacitor

Akira Todoroki

    Characterization of Electrochromic Properties of Polyaniline and Polyethylenedioxythiophene Based Devices

Dang Hai Ninh, Nguyen Nang Dinh and Pham Duy Long

    Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Various Fabric-Reinforced
    Geo-Composite at Elevated Temperature

Nhan Phan Thanh


    Self-Healing Materials for Low Temperature Applications

Mohammad Asgar-Khan and Suong Van Hoa

    Process Parameters on Deep Drawing of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

Norimichi Nanami, Yuki Matsuno, Kazuya Kitabayashi and Michihiko Hosihino

    Effects of Process-Induced Fiber Bundle Waviness on the Flexural Strength of Carbon Fiber
    Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites

Tomohiro Yokozeki, Kotaro Akakabe, Takahira Aoki and Akira Kobiki

    Influence of Molding Condition on Process-Induced Strain of Reinforcements

Tatsuro Kosaka and Kazuhiro Kusukawa

    Cure Cycle Optimization of Out-of-Autoclave Composites Based on In-Process Cure Strain Monitoring

Nobuo Takeda, Shinsaku Hisada, Kazunori Takagaki and Shu Minakuchi

    Worker’s Skill Comparison and Analysis of Mechanical Property

Yasunari Kuratani, Kentaro Hase, Tomoe Kawazu, Aya Miki, Tadashi Uozumi, Akihiko Goto and Hiroyuki Hamada

    Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composite Rods using Vacuum Assisted Pultrusion

Felix Lapointe and Arnold Oswald Louis Laberge Lebel

    Development of Finite Strain Shell Elements for Multi-Layered Fiber-Reinforced Materials Applied for Non-Rigid Parts Deformation during Assembly Process

Ngoc-Hung Vu, Vincent Francois, Jean-Christophe Cuilliere and Xuan-Tan Pham

    Non-destructive Evaluation for Chemical Degraded GFRP

Yoshimichi Fujii, Keisuke Ono, Akihiro Wada and Hiroyuki Nishimura

    Impregnation Behavior During CFRTP Pipe Fabrication by Simultaneous Heating in Textile Preforming Process

Takumi Iwata, Tadashi Uozumi and Asami Nakai

    Processing and Thermal Response Properties of Temperature Sensitive Gel/Polymer Composites

Eiichi Hosaka, Jin Gong, Hiroshi Ito, Yoshikazu Shibata, Dai Nakanishi and Shin-ichiro Ishihara

    Effect of Surface Microstructure on Conjugation Behaviors of Joining Process for Polymer-Metal Hybrid Material

Hiroto Suenaga, Hiroshi Ito and Wataru Horiuchi

    Development of Real-Time Cure Monitoring System of FRP Laminates

Kengo Terada, Tatsuro Kosaka and Kazuhiro Kusukawa

    Cure Monitoring and Simulation of Textile CFRP by Optical Fiber Sensors

Go Ueyama, Taturo Kosaka and Kazuhiro Kusukawa

    An Investigation on Skillful Techniques and Quantified Instructional Tool on Spray-up Fabrication Method

Tetsuo Kikuchi

    Techniques for Preparing Random and Unidirectional Preform for Coconut Fibers Reinforced Composite

Dan-Thuy Van-Pham, Truong Chi Thanh, Nguyen Minh Tri, Nguyen Van Viet and Huynh Van Ton


    Coconut Fibers Reinforced Polypropylene Composite: Investigation of Production Parameters using Compression Molding

Truong Chi Thanh, Nguyen Minh Tri, Cao Luu Ngoc Hanh, Truong Lam Quynh Nhu, Aart Willem Van Vuure, Ignaas Verpoest and Gui Chuong

    Novel Durable Biocomposites from Biobased PC/PLA Blend Matrix System

Manjusri Misra, Yury Yuryev and Amar K. Mohanty

    Design Exploration of Non-crimp Fabric for Resin Transfer Molding by the GP using AIC and TOL

Tomohiro Ishikawa, Ryosuke Matsuzaki, Tomonaga Okabe and Shigeki Yashiro

    Homogenization of Viscoelastic Composite Reinforced Woven Flax Fibers

Anh Vu Nguyen and Tien Chuong Nguyen


    Nonlinear Buckling and Postbuckling of an Eccentrically Stiffened E-FGM Circular Cylindrical Shells Resting on Elastic Foundations in Thermal Environment

Nguyen Dinh Duc, Tran Quoc Quan and Pham Dinh Nguyen

    Dynamic Response Analysis of CFRTP Cylindrical Member for Front Collision of Automobiles

Kazuyuki Ishiwata, Yuma Otsuka, Hitoshi Yamada, Katsunari Muranaka and Yoshio Aoki

    Free Vibration of Rotating Functionally Graded Material Cylindrical Shells with Orthogonal Stiffeners

Tran Minh Tu and Nguyen Van Loi

    Application of X-Ray Microtomography and Dual Kriging to the Analysis of High Performance Composites

Anna Madra, Francois Trochu and Piotr Breitkopf

    Fracture Morphology Characterization of Unidirectional CFRP and CFRTP Composites

Yan Ma, Toshi Sugahara, Yiyi Zhang, Yuqiu Yang and Hiroyuki Hamada

    Nonlinear Dynamic and Vibration Analysis of an Eccentrically Stiffened E-FGM Plate in Thermal Environment

Nguyen Dinh Duc, Pham Hong Cong and Ngo Dinh Dat

    Optimal Design of High Pressure Toroidal Tank Produced by Wrapping with Durable Composite

Ngoc Thanh Tran and Anh Tuan Le

    Static Analysis of Functionally Graded Plates using the High-Order Shear Deformation Theory by MITC3 Plate Elements Having Strains Smoothed on Edges

Thanh Chau-Dinh, Hinh Nguyen-Van and Hieu Nguyen-Van

    A Cell-Based Smoothed Discrete Shear Gap Method (Cs-Fem-Dsg3) for Non-Linear Dynamic Response of Laminate Composite Plate to Underwater Blast Load

Tran The Van and Pham Quoc Hoa

    Weibull Modulus of Post-Cracking Properties of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concretes

Duy-Liem Nguyen and Anh-Thang Le

    On the Elastic Properties of Heterogeneous Materials Containing Cubic Inclusions: Fourier Series Versus Finite Element Method

The-Duong Nguyen, Sy-Tuan Nguyen and Quy-Dong To

    The Dynamic Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates Resting on Viscoelastic Foundations Subjected to a Moving Harmonic Load Using Moving Element Method

Cao Tan Ngoc Than, Luong Van Hai, Tran Minh Thi and Nguyen Trong Phuoc


    Analytical Estimation of Impact Damage and CAI Strength

Hiroshi Suemasu

    Effect of Fiber Architecture on Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Glass/Polyester Composites

Tohru Morii and Toshihiro Okamoto

    Frequency Effect on Fatigue Tensile Behaviour of Carbon/Epoxy Plain Weave Laminates under Different Hygrothermal Conditions

Mohamed Khay, Anh Dung Ngo and Rajamohan Ganesan

    Effect of Self-Heating of High Damping Rubber Bearings on Design Practice

Nguyen Anh Dung, Nguyen Tien Chuong and Yoshiaki Okui

    Evaluation of Fracture Properties of CFRTP CFRP and GFRTP - GFRP Using Woven Fabric by High-Speed Tensile Test

Nao Sugimoto, Goichi Ben and Norio Hirayama

    Combustion Behavior of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Masayuki Okoshi, Yusaku Mochizuki, Aly Hassan and Hiroyuki Hamada

    Mechanical Properties and Structure of Polyamide 6 / Polypropylene Blends and Its Composites

Akira Ishigami, Yuki Kodama and Hiroshi Ito


    Initial Studies on the Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Mortar after Additive Stone Powder Treatment

Xiem Nguyen Thang

    Strain Rate Effects on Tensile Behavior of Ultra High Performance Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Tran Tuan Kiet and Kim Dong Joo

    Wettability of Flame-Resistant Magnesium Alloy on Graphite Sheet and Preparation of VGCF/Magnesium Alloy Composites

Gen Sasaki, Youqiang Yao and Kenjiro Sugio


    A Workflow for Liquid Composite Moulding Process Assessment

Casey Keulen, Christophe Mobuchon, Navid Zobeiry, Goran Fernlund and Anoush Poursartip

    Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg/Zn Composites Fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering for Biomedical Implants

Pham Ngoc Dinh, Dinh Van Hai and Equo Kobayashi

    Effect of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) from Plastic Waste on Strength of Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete in Southern Vietnam

Nguyen Manh Tuan

    Study on Carbon Nano Fiber by Cotton Candy Method

Akihiro Tada, Ohgi, Ryo Takematsu, Supaphorn Thumsorn, Masayuki Okoshi, Hiroyuki Inoya, Hiroyuki Hamada and Yoshifumi Aoi

    Design Model for Hybrid Steel-RC Walls

Quang-Huy Nguyen, Van Toan Tran and Mohammed Hjiaj

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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