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This market analysis contains the most important information about the car aftermarket in Spain. It shows the market structure, market volumes, market shares by OES and IAM distribution and has detailed company profiles of all relevant market participants. You will get reliable information for secure decisions.

How it Supports You: budget planning, exploration of potential opportunities, in-depth market data for market share calculations, investment decisions, market positioning, competitive benchmarking, sales management, marketing, market entry planning, search of distributors, M & A activity

Who Uses the Report: Parts manufacturers, Distributors, Garage chains, Workshops, Investors, Auto industry, Car manufacturers, Car dealers

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1. Introduction

2. Basic information about the country

3. Vehicle data

  • vehicles in use: passenger cars, trucks, buses
  • average age of passenger cars
  • first registrations: passenger cars, trucks, buses
  • production: passenger cars, trucks, buses

4. Structure of OES repairers (outlets, staff, turnover)

  • car manufactures owned
  • franchised dealer
  • authorised repair shops

5. Structure of IAM distribution

  • trade and buying groups (e.g. adi, GAUI, Temot Int., ATRI, complete profiles)
  • specialized trade and buying groups (complete profiles)
  • autocentres (e.g. A.T.U, Norauto, Feu Vert, complete profiles)
  • retail chains (e.g. Halfords, Exist, complete profiles)
  • distributors (number of outlets, total turnover, total staff)
  • small distributors
  • medium distributors
  • large distributors (plus profiles of the largest distributors)
  • specialized distributors (e.g. truck parts, tyres, glass, compl. profiles)
  • direct distributors (e.g. Würth, Berner, Förch, complete profiles)
  • rack jobber (e.g. Lekkerland, complete profiles)

6. Structure of IAM repairers (number of outlets, total turnover, total staff)

  • multi-brand garages (typical independent garage)
  • engine remanufacturers
  • body and paint repair shops
  • tyre specialists
  • fast fits
  • glass specialists
  • other specialists not listed above (mobile fitters, car care, air conditioning service, smart repair, etc.)

7. Garage marketing systems

  • for mechanical repairs (e.g. ad garage, Bosch Car Service, etc., complete profiles)
  • for specialized repairs (e.g. Acoat Selected, First Stop, Carglass, etc., complete profiles)

8. Aftermarket volume for passenger cars (at end consumer price excl. VAT in Euro), incl. share of IAM and OES)

  • mechanical replacement parts
  • electrics / electronics
  • body parts
  • assemblies e.g. engines and axles
  • tyres
  • oil / lubricants
  • paint
  • other chemicals
  • accessories
  • auto glass

9. Comparison: country vs. whole Europe

10. Company profiles (for big distributors, chains and systems)

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The methodology of the ”Car Aftermarket Europe Report”.

The experience in the European after sales business we gained by the creation of the Car Aftermarket in Europe reports 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

In order to capture the structural changes in recent years caused by the financial and economic crisis, we carry out permanently the extensive monitoring in whole European Aftermarket.

In addition we traveled in the countries for Face to Face meetings with automotive after sales experts. We visited for example the representatives of the parts industry, the parts distributors, the national automotive associations, the buying groups, the garage concepts and other opinion leaders in the national markets. Our goal was to discuss the current aftermarket situation, make a comparison with the data from the previous report, analyze data already monitored, and estimate the tendency in the aftermarket.

Subsequently, the data thus collected was compacted, evaluated and compared with experts database to determine the market size per country. The market volumes for 10 product groups and for the whole market cumulative were calculated by means of the internal tools using the well-researched data from Germany and provided them with a country-specific coefficient.

We calculated this coefficient for each country. For the calculation we took into account the following national influence factors: mileage per year, GDP per capita, road conditions, age of vehicle fleet and the habits of the car drivers as well as the parts price index. Depending on the size of the influence factors we weighted them accordingly.

Finally, to eliminate the calculation error, we checked and validated by several methods the data thus obtained with data we collected by research and expert interviews.

  • As a first step, we checked the after sales turnover data of the authorized car dealers and repairers adjusted by the labour costs (only sold material) by the OES market share of the total volume.
  • In the second step we compared the calculated IAM share of total market volume with the sales data of repairers, retailers and IAM wholesale distributors adjusted by the gross margin.
  • In the next step, we checked the turnover data of the IAM specialists on the repair level (e.g. tires, body and paint etc.) adjusted by the labour costs and compared these with the market volume of the specific product group (market volume for tires, body parts, auto glass etc.). The result should correspond to the market share of the specific distribution channel (e.g. share of tires sold by tire specialists).
  • Finally, based on the proportion of labour costs, we calculated the average number of productive employees and compared these with the market data obtained by the Face to Face interviews.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown