Western European Molecular Diagnostics Market, 2015 Forecast to 2020

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Prevalence and Prevention Driving Healthcare in Europe Toward Molecular Diagnostics Expansion and Innovation

Across the In vitro diagnostics Segment , including research and further upcoming disruptive technologies Across the Life Sciences landscape, including research tools, clinical diagnostics and pharma, disruptive technologies transform the complete the Healthcare decision making , and diagnostics trend .

However, to take advantage of these opportunities and maintain a competitive advantage, life science companies must be able to develop a thorough holistic understanding of areas outside of their own expertise to leverage the cross-functional trends and synergistic growth opportunities that are available. Molecular diagnostics Companies who fail to capitalize on opportunities presented through emerging trends and disruptive new business models become late entrants in a market that generally before redundancy from me-too products occurs and takes market share.

This report is an elaborate structure of the European Healthcare system , which is supporting the growth of Molecular diagnostics , the reimbursement strategies and policies promoting the acceptance of MDx assays across application , This information would be suitable to understand the current need and the diagnostics style adaptation among the patient population for better outcome and clinical decision making.

Specific challenges shared in this report include shifting payment landscape (business models) who pays for services, challenge monetize Innovative Therapeutics & Molecular Diagnostics to align with Value based Care Models.

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1. Executive Summary
  • Market Snapshot
  • Executive summary
  • Scope and Segmentation
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Executive Summary-Market Engineering Measurements
  • 7 Big Market Directions in Molecular Diagnostics
 2. Market Overview
  • Market Definition
  • Expansion of Molecular Diagnostics
  • Molecular Technologies in IVD-Growth Trends by Segment
  • Trends Impacting the Molecular Diagnostics Market
  • Molecular Diagnostics Value Chain-Redefine Patient Care
  • Molecular Diagnostics-One of the Fastest Growing Segments in the IVD Industry
  • Promising Factors for the Growth of Molecular Diagnostics in Europe
  • Key Companies to Watch
 3. Technology Overview
  • Evolution of Science irecting Toward Revolutionizing Molecular Technologies
  • MDx Action Framework Driving Clinical Decision Making and Betterment in Treatment Provision
  • Action Framework of MDx in a Testing Scenario
  • Genomic Biomarker-Defining the MDx Spectrum
  • Genomic Biomarker-Defining the Diagnostics Spectrum
  • Workflow of Molecular Diagnostic Techniques
  • Molecular profiling Across diseases
  • Parameters Monitoring the Effectiveness of the MDx Platform
  • New Technologies Overlap Molecular Diagnostics Testing Across Technology
  • PCR-Gold Standard of Molecular Diagnostics
  • Key Technologies to Watch
 4. European Molecular Diagnostics Market Dynamics
  • EU Regulatory Bodies for IVD and MDx in European Countries
  • Reduction of Overall Healthcare Expenditure Toward Early Diagnosis
  • Healthcare Spending in Europe Rising Faster Than Economic Growth
  • Market Access Pathways-Molecular Diagnostics
  • Key Success Criteria in the Molecular Diagnostics Market
  • Assessing the Value of Molecular Diagnostics in Europe
  • Major Factors that Govern the Molecular Diagnostics Assessment by HTA Across European Countries
  • Stepping Stones Promoting Molecular Diagnostics Among the Public With Government Backing
  • Europe Presents Specific Inter- and Intra-national Heterogeneity in Terms of Diagnostic Reimbursement
  • Molecular Diagnosis, Resulting in Preventive Rather Than Reactive Healthcare
  • Entry Barriers to Personalized Medicine in Europe
 5. Drivers and Restrains-Total Molecular Diagnostics Market
  • Market Drivers
  • Market Restraints
 6. Forecasts and Trends-Total Molecular Diagnostics Market
  • Market Engineering Measurements
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Share by Region
 7. Competitive Landscape
  • Market Share by Top Competitors
  • Market Share Discussion
  • Comparison of Molecular Diagnostic Techniques
  • Competitor MDx Platforms Available Across Application
  • NGS Conquering the Future Space of Molecular Diagnostics
  • The Release of Ilumina’s HiSeq X Ten has Reduced the Cost of Sequencing a Human Genome to US$1,000
 8. Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Merger, Acquisition, and Partnership Assessment
 9. Molecular Diagnostics Infectious Disease Market Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • MDx Platforms Commercially Available for Infectious Diseases
  • Commercially Available Assay for STI-based Pathogens Across Europe
 10. Genetic Testing Market Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Emerging Opportunity-Non-invasive Prenatal Testing Across Europe
 11. Pharmacogenomics Market Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Paradigm Shifts in Treatment
  • Implication of Pharmacogenomics
  • Highest-ranking Barriers to Implementing the Use of Pharmacogenomics Testing in Europe
 12. Oncology Market Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Uptake of Oncology in Biomarker Testing Across the EU
  • Implication of Oncology
 13. Molecular Diagnostics Segment-wise Market Analysis
  • Market Share Across Technology Segments
  • Market Share Across Application Segments
  • Western Europe Molecular Diagnostics Application Segment Metrics Analysis
  • Western Europe Molecular Diagnostics Technology Segment Metrics Analysis
 14. The United Kingdom Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
 15. Germany Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
 16. France Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
 17. Italy Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
 18. Spain Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
 19. Benelux Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
 20. Scandinavia Analysis
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
 21. Key Participants
  • Roche Diagnostics
  • Illumina
  • Cepheid
 22. The Last Word
  • 5 Major Growth Opportunities
  • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • Last Word
  • Conclusion
  • Legal Disclaimer
  • Market Engineering Methodology
 23. Appendix
  • List of Companies
 24. CE Marked Approved Assays
  • CE Marked Assays 2015 and 2016
  • CE Marked Approved Assays 2015 and 2016
  • Drivers Explained
  • Restrains Explained
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown