Genuine Parts Wholesalers in Germany

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Company Profiles of Genuine Parts Wholesalers in Germany
The company profile handbook “Genuine parts wholesalers in Germany” offers a compact overview about the companies which are active in this growing business field of selling OE-/ genuine car-parts (parts with the stamp of the car manufacturer) to IAM workshops.

The increasing technology and digitalization of the European car specifications are forcing the IAM workshops more and more to make use of genuine parts for repairing their customer`s cars.

Because of this development it can be said that “car-parts are following the know-how”. The upcoming trend is intensified by the complexity of the actual car models, so that genuine parts wholesalers are getting more and more attention and are gaining in importance and influence.

Reasons for making use of this dedicated report:
  • Overview about the player in the genuine parts wholesaler’s business
  • Overview about the genuine parts wholesaler’s business in detail, providing facts and figures as e.g. turnover, capacity, manpower, delivery times, delivery frequency etc.
  • Showing new business partners
  • Overview about the different business models in the parts trade market
  • Market overview of brands which are currently offered (detailed by company)
  • Quick and easy benchmark for OE parts business in general
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1. Introduction

2. Basic information about the country

3. Vehicle data
  • Vehicles in use: passenger cars, trucks, buses
  • Average age of passenger cars
  • First registrations: passenger cars, trucks, buses
  • Production: passenger cars, trucks, buses
4. Structure of OES repairers (outlets, staff, turnover)
  • Car manufactures owned
  • Franchised dealer
  • Authorised repair shops
5. Structure of IAM distribution
  • Trade and buying groups (e.g. adi, GAUI, Temot Int., ATRI, complete profiles)
  • Specialized trade and buying groups (complete profiles)
  • Autocentres (e.g. A.T.U, Norauto, Feu Vert, complete profiles)
  • Retail chains (e.g. Halfords, Exist, complete profiles)
  • Distributors (number of outlets, total turnover, total staff)
  • Small distributors
  • Medium distributors
  • Large distributors (plus profiles of the largest distributors)
  • Specialized distributors (e.g. truck parts, tyres, glass, compl. profiles)
  • Direct distributors (e.g. Würth, Berner, Förch, complete profiles)
  • Rack jobber (e.g. Lekkerland, complete profiles)
6. Structure of IAM repairers (number of outlets, total turnover, total staff)
  • Multi-brand garages (typical independent garage)
  • Engine remanufacturers
  • Body and paint repair shops
  • Tyre specialists
  • Fast fits
  • glass specialists
  • Other specialists not listed above (mobile fitters, car care, air conditioning service, smart repair, etc.)
7. Garage marketing systems
  • For mechanical repairs (e.g. ad garage, Bosch Car Service, etc., complete profiles)
  • For specialized repairs (e.g. Acoat Selected, First Stop, Carglass, etc., complete profiles)
8. Aftermarket volume for passenger cars (at end consumer price excl. VAT in Euro), incl. share of IAM and OES)
  • Mechanical replacement parts
  • Electrics / electronics
  • Body parts
  • Assemblies e.g. engines and axles.
  • Tyres
  • Oil / lubricants
  • Paint
  • Other chemicals
  • Accessories
  • Auto glass
9. Comparison: country vs. whole Europe

10. Company profiles (for big distributors, chains and systems)
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  • Autohaus Schmidt GmbH
  • Adolf Rahenbrock GmbH & Co. KG
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