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Global Sales of Meat are Expected to Rise at a CAGR of 1.8% During 2015-2020


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Consumers in both the developed and developing countries are leading a busy lifestyle, which has impacted their eating habits, and they look for convenient and easy to prepare Meat products that do not need to be cooked from scratch. Therefore, “time scarcity” remains an important trend globally. Rising Meat consumption coupled with recovery in the economic conditions is expected to boost global sales at a CAGR of 1.8% during 2015-2020; with 2015 market valuation standing at US$920 billion.

Fresh Meat (Counter) accounts for the largest category of Meat with a value share of 41.7% in 2015, followed by Chilled Raw Packaged Meat-Whole Cuts with 17.8% share. China, the US, and Germany represent the top three countries for Meat with value shares of 22.4%, 21.7%, and 5.2%, respectively, in 2015, while Hong Kong is forecast to be the fastest-growing market with a CAGR of 15% during 2015-2020.

The market is facing a challenging environment mounted on five key issues - food safety scares, including the horsemeat scandal and pink slime controversy; red meat flagged for health risks by WHO; poultry rocked by bird flu outbreaks, the rise of “Flexitarians” who typically substitute a large portion of Meat-rich diets with vegetarian or vegan options for health and ecological benefits and last but not the least Unsustainable Meat production.

The value share of the global Meat market as a proportion of overall food is set to decline by 2020. All regions are expected to witness a decreased share of Meat products as a proportion of the overall Food market during 2010-2020. Consumer awareness about the health risks associated with high Meat consumption is driving interest in other food categories. However, the growing significance of protein in the diet is expected to boost the demand for Meat products that are exclusively positioned around health claims such as lean Meat, organically fed, or claims such as “Free-range”.

This report brings together multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive overview of the global Meat market. It includes an analysis on global Meat market with consumption analysis highlighted for all regions. The report also identifies high potential countries across regions that have been identified by creating a score card with multiple parameters.

The report draws on the market data by analyzing key distribution channels for the global Meat market. Market data is also used for studying the level of competition in the market by identifying the top brands at a global and regional level with insights on market share of private label products. The report also includes recommendations for manufacturers and a section on interesting case examples/success stories of products launched in the global Meat market in the recent years

Market data coverage: The overall market value data included in the report is for the period 2010-2020.

Category coverage: This report provides information on seven categories including Ambient Meat, Chilled Raw Packaged Meat - Processed, Chilled Raw Packaged Meat - Whole Cuts, Cooked Meats - Counter, Cooked Meats - Packaged, Fresh Meat (Counter), Frozen Meat.

More extensive brand coverage: The report provides more extensive brand share coverage. Brand share data is also validated by inputs from industry experts.

Distribution channel: The Distribution data included in the report covers 11 distribution channels including Hypermarkets & Supermarkets, Health & Beauty Stores, Department Stores, Cash & Carries & Warehouse Clubs, “Dollar Stores”, Variety Stores & General Merchandise Retailers.

Time period: The report provides overall market value data, including category level data for the period 2010-2020. Distribution channel data for 2010-2015 and brand share data is included for the year 2015.

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  • Al-Watania Poultry
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1. Executive Summary

2. Market Overview
- Current market scenario and future outlook
- Global Meat market overview - what are the growth drivers, latest developments, and future inhibitors
- Regional Meat market overview - what are the growth drivers, latest developments, and future inhibitors
- Key challenges in the global Meat market

3. Changes in Meat Food consumption patterns
- Shift in food consumption patterns in developing and emerging markets
- Shift in consumption of Meat, Prepared Meals, Savory Snacks, Bakery & Cereals, and Dairy & Soy Food, 2010-2020
(global and regional analysis)

4. Identifying high potential countries
- Analysis of 50 countries on the basis of Market Assessment, Economic Development, Socio-demographic, Governance

5. Indicators, and Technological infrastructure

6. Country Analysis
- Trend analysis for leading high potential countries

7. Case Examples/Success Stories

8. Competitive Landscape
- Overview of leading brands globally
- Overview of leading brands at a regional level with market share

9. Key Distribution Channels
- Market share of key distribution channels - global and regional level

10. Preferred Packaging Formats
- Analysis on usage of key packaging material, closure, outer, and type for all Meat categories

11. Recommendations
- Recommendations for manufacturers on key Meat categories - Processed Snacks, Potato Chips, Nuts & Seeds and Ethnic/Traditional Snacks on parameters including Formulation, Positioning, Packaging, Occasion, Consumer Targets, and Key Segments

12. Appendix

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