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Photoacoustic Imaging: Technology, Systems, Market and Trends

  • ID: 4071735
  • Report
  • March 2017
  • Region: Global
  • 250 Pages
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In 2016, the Total PAI Biomedical and Medical Market Was Worth $35M, Due to the Pre-Clinical and Analytics Segments Only


  • Acoustic Medsystems
  • Crystalaser
  • Hologic
  • LDX Optronics
  • PolarOnyx
  • Sonotec
  • MORE

Since the first images obtained in 2000, Photoacoustic Imaging has raised more and more interest for biomedical and medical applications. First applications were found in Research and Development. A lot of Proofs of Concept for in vitro and in vivo diagnostics and monitoring have been established.

Currently, PAI is spreading to biomedical and medical markets. The 3 main segments are: Pre-clinical (drug efficiency monitoring on small animal), Analytics (microscopy, flow cytometry for in vitro diagnosis), Clinical (early stage diagnosis).

In 2016, the total PAI biomedical and medical market was worth $ 35M, due to the Pre-clinical and Analytics segments only. It is forecasted to reach around $240M in 2022. A sharp increase is expected starting from 2018, due to the release of clinical products that are to be approved in 2017, like the « Imagio » system from Seno Medical Instruments, US (already CE marked, pending FDA approval).

Within 4 to 5 years, the clinical market is expected to become the largest segment of the PAI biomedical and medical market, ahead of Pre-clinical applications. The main applications that will benefit from PAI clinical products are cancer research, cardiovascular diagnostics, dermatology, brain imaging, therapy monitoring and drug developments.

In the report, each segment of the PAI market (R&D, Pre-clinical, Analytics and Clinical) is analyzed in detail. Market forecasts and perspectives up to 2022 are provided. Main players are listed and detailed.

Key Features Of The Report

  • PAI components Overview: light sources, acoustic transducers, data processing and algorithms
  • PAI systems technologies Overview: tomography, microscopy, handheld systems and endoscopy
  • Markets Forecast and Trends for Components and R&D, Preclinical, Analytics and Clinical segments
  • Key features of PAI for medical applications
  • Requirements for market accessibility
  • Market drivers and remaining challenges
  • Products roadmap
  • Patents Landscape
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  • Acoustic Medsystems
  • Crystalaser
  • Hologic
  • LDX Optronics
  • PolarOnyx
  • Sonotec
  • MORE

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction

  • Context of the Study
  • Study Goals and Objectives
  • Information Sources and Methodology
  • Glossary
  • List of Companies

3. PAI : a powerful imaging modality 

  • Historical
  • Principles of operation
  • Devices types
  • Label free
  • Scalable (Tomography, microscopy, endoscopy)
  • Anatomical, Functional, Molecular, Kinetic &  Monitoring
  • Comparison with other modalities
  • Multimodalities
  • Conclusions

4. PAI technologies overview

  • Process chain
  • Light sources
  • Acoustic waves detections
  • All Optical detections
  • Signal processing
  • Image reconstruction

5. Markets and Trends

  • Introduction
  • Market segmentations
  • Components and R&D
  • Pre-clinical
  • Analytics
  • Clinical
  • Patents landscape
  • Global market

6. Market Accessibility

  • Clinical market accessibility
  • Technical improvement
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Unmet clinical needs
  • Clinicians acceptation
  • Funding

7. Conclusions

  • 4 markets
  • Remaining challenges
  • Drivers
  • Road map

8. About us

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  • Acoustic Medsystems
  • Crystalaser
  • Hologic
  • LDX Optronics
  • PolarOnyx
  • Sonotec
  • MORE

In healthcare and life science, there is a huge demand for high resolution imaging at high penetration depth, in real time and at an affordable price. With an appropriate combination of optical and acoustical means, added to data processing and specific algorithms, Photoacoustic Imaging offers several advantages over other biomedical and medical imaging modalities:

  • Safe and non-invasive: it is therefore adapted for repeated use on in vivotissues, and is suited for treatment monitoring contrary to X-rays.
  • Label-free: avoids the issue of approved labels in in vivo imaging.
  • Speckle free: contrary to OCT and ultrasonography. It provides higher quality images.
  • Scalable: PAI allows to image biological objects from organelles and cells to tissues or organs,  while keeping the same high depth vs. resolution ratio.
  • High penetration depth : up to several cm, allowing to image in 3D whole organs or whole body parts (like breast)
  • Provides various types of information: anatomical, functional, molecular and kinetic information.

In view of all those assets, one can wonder whether PAI could replace other techniques like X-rays for various major imagery applications like breast cancer detection.

The report provides an overview of optical and acoustic technologies forming a PAI system, as well as the trends in data processing and image reconstruction algorithms. It describes in details the main features of PAI, that makes it a powerful technique for clinical applications.

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  • Acoustic Medsystems
  • Acousys Biodevices
  • Actuated Medical
  • Advanced Optowave
  • Alpinion Medical
  • Analogic Ultrasound
  • Baltek
  • Bikero
  • BK Medical
  • Cephasonics
  • Canon
  • Cobolt
  • Continuum
  • Crystalaser
  • CTS
  • Echofos
  • Echolase
  • Edgewave
  • Elforlight
  • Ekspla
  • Endra Life Science
  • Esaote
  • Fairway Medical Technologies
  • Fujifilm
  • G.E. Healthcare
  • Hitachi Aloka
  • Hitachi Medical
  • Hologic
  • IB Lasers
  • Illumisonics
  • Imasonic
  • Innolas
  • Innolume
  • IPG
  • Japan Probes
  • Jenoptics
  • Kolo
  • Kibero
  • Laser Export Co
  • LDX Optronics
  • Ligth Age
  • Litron
  • Lotis TII
  • Microscopic Photo Acoustics
  • Multiwave
  • Omicron
  • Opotek
  • OptoSonics
  • Panametrics
  • PA Imaging
  • Philips Research N.A.
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Photonics Industries
  • Photosound
  • PolarOnyx
  • Precision Acoustic
  • Prexion
  • Prosonic
  • Quantel
  • Quanta system
  • S-Sharp
  • Samsung Medison
  • Schimadzu
  • Seno Medical Instruments
  • Siemens Healthcare
  • Sirah
  • Sonaxis
  • Sonic
  • Sonotec
  • Spectra Physics
  • Supersonic Imagine
  • Symphotics TII
  • Teem Photonics
  • Tomowave Laboratories
  • Ultrasonix
  • Verasonics
  • Vermon
  • Vibronix
  • VisualSonics
  • Xarion Laser Acoustics
  • Zonare
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