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SIP Enabled IP PBX Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts 2017-2023

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  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
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SIP Based IP PBX: Markets Reach $6.5 Billion in 2023


  • 8x8
  • BluePlanet
  • BT
  • Equinix
  • Huawei
  • NEC
  • MORE

SIP Enabld IP PBX: Research Study: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2017-2023

Worldwide SIP enabled IP PBX markets are poised to achieve unprecedented growth as enterprise communications systems are upgraded to manage quantum increases in data traffic and conveged digital communications capabilities.

Apps and wireless smart phones drive huge increases in data traffic causing a bottleneck in the enterprise data center, creating the need to migrate workload off the enterprise PBX server to the SIP enabled IP PBX cloud data center.

Smart SIP Based IP PBX systems have come full circle from the times when enterprise hardware was less expensive than AT&T supplying each phone on the desk of every business.

Now the cloud computing is ubiquitous and less expensive than enterprise server technology. IP PBX is far less expensive than owning your own servers and has been for a long time.

Key Topics:

  • Communications
  • Deployment Models
  • Enterprise / Service Provider
  • Functions
  • Hosted Collaboration
  • OSS from BluePlanet
  • SIP Based IP PBX
  • SIP Cloud Enterprise / Service Provider
  • SIP Enabled IP PBX Cloud
  • SIP Enabled IP PBX Unified
  • SIP PBX Cloud SMB
  • SIP PBX Solution
  • SIP Unified Communications
  • Solution
  • Team Collaboration Device
  • Transaction Solutions
  • Unified SIP Collaboration System
  • Virtual Office Functions

LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (March 22, 2017) - A new study SIP Based IP PBX: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2017 to 2023 is announced. Next generation SIP Based IP PBX is able to leverage cloud computing software technology to support next generation communications systems. Some automation of the smart phone app and communication process includes the use of analytics to achieve higher quality connectivity in a variety of circumstances and IoT configurations, leveraging social media. The study has 228 pages and 61 tables and figures.

SIP based IP PBX is supporting FXO, FXS, ISDN-BRI, T1, E1 and SIP trunks. SIP supports the versatile trunking expansions, including FXO, FXS, ISDN, T1 and E1. The users can fit into all sort of telephony environments. Standard SIP trunks and trusted peers make devices seamlessly integrated with ITSP services. The study illustrates with great specificity how some companies are more fully integrated with SIP application servers than others.

Business leaders are challenged to move their enterprises to the next level of competition. An effective digital business player, transformer, and disruptor position depends on the effectiveness of employing digital technologies and leveraging connected digital systems. Organizational, operational, and business model innovation are needed to create ways of operating and growing the business using SIP based PBX systems. It is a journey to achieve the connected enterprise, ultimately connecting all employees and a trillion connected devices.

Many companies are using digital technology to create market disruption. Amazon, Uber, Google, IBM, and Microsoft represent companies using effective disruptive strategic positioning. As entire industries shift to the digital world, once buoyant companies are threatened with disappearing. SIP is a significant aspect of telecommunications applications server disruptive technology, it is enough to look at Avaya and the bankruptcy to see there is a shift to cloud SIP solutions.

A digital transformation represents an approach that enables organizations to drive changes in their business models and ecosystems leveraging cloud computing, and not just hyperscale systems but leveraging mega data centers. Just as robots make work more automated, so also cloud based communications systems implement the IoT digital connectivity transformation.

Disruption in the business communications markets represents major opportunity for vendors with cloud offerings to provide SIP based IP PBX communications connectivity. This is part of a larger digital transformation, a digital approach to interconnecting everything that enables organizations to drive changes in their business models and ecosystems.

Cloud based SIP PBX systems are able to connect to the disruptive cloud systems provided by Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Google, and Facebook data centers are in a class by themselves, they have functioning fully automatic, self-healing, networked mega datacenters that operate at fiber optic speeds to create a fabric that can access any node in any particular data center because there are multiple pathways to every node. In this manner, they automate applications integration for any data in the mega data center.

By leveraging digital competencies, businesses can grow faster than they would otherwise. A digital strategy, in conjunction with the appropriate unified communications solution permits the implementation of innovative communications services. Digital connectivity with combined voice, video and file transfer can help organizations and their end users innovate and compete more effectively. It is imperative that organizations have a digital communications strategy in place.

Communications and collaboration solutions are migrating to the cloud in every segment of small, medium and large business. In vertical markets, businesses are managing competition that is characterized by disruption. Traditional verticals exploit digital technologies.

Initiatives provide innovation in the marketplaces. Communications initiatives are being used to leverage information from the Internet of Things (IoT) and video. New functionality is being built out in the healthcare sector. Communication goes beyond voice. Most people under 30 prefer to communicate via text.

SIP IP communications can provide an increase in the quantity and quality of home and personal medical devices for monitoring patient health care. Care delivery is being improved by having monitors linked into a full communications system. By integrating the data from monitoring devices with a real-time communications system, medical professionals can do their jobs better.

Making the workforce more engaged and productive by providing users with new tools and solutions that are highly relevant to how they work in the DX era, while delivering enterprise-class voice and video capabilities. Increased productivity is achieved.

Users can remotely share and explain real-time data in context.

Compelling benefits that organizations can realize from UC&C solutions designed for the digital transformation era:

  • ISDN PRI (T1/E1):
    • Alcatel-Lucent
    • Avaya
    • Siemens
    • Nortel PBXs
  • SIP Trunk:
    • Nokia Siemens
    • Nortel
    • BroadSoft
    • Huawei Soft Switches

Information technology (IT) has moved from the back office to the front office with platform technologies, mobile, social business, cloud, and analytics monitoring. The shift occurring is for digital technology to embed itself into every aspect of business endeavor and personal lives.

This is an era where the distinction between the technologies and processes that businesses deploy is tightly linked. Digital technology directly impacts customers and markets. The boundary between internal operations of the enterprise and its external ecosystem is rapidly disappearing. Customers, markets, competitors, partners, and regulators are inextricably linked.

According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the team that prepared the study, "Growing acceptance of SIP enabled PBX and IP PBX markets come form companies dedicated to supporting modern digital communications. A bifurcation in the market between hardware servers and cloud enabled services, either for soft switches and or Unified Communications (UC) is tending to have the software systems replace separate servers."

The SIP based voice equipment and services market PBX phone systems, voice over IP gateways, UC applications and IP phones markets at $14.15 billion in 2016 are anticipated to grow strongly in the cloud computing segment to reach $59 billion by 2023. The complete report provides a comprehensive analysis of SIP Based IP PBXes in different categories, illustrating the diversity of software communications market segments. A complete analysis is done, looking at numbers of procedures and doing penetration analysis.

The increasingly global nature of science, technology and engineering is a reflection of the implementation of the globally integrated enterprise. Customers trust us to work alongside them to ensure the success of the participation in a particular market segment.

We support various market segment programs; provides trusted technical services to the marketing departments. It carries out accurate market share and forecast analysis services for a range of commercial and government customers globally. These are all vital market research support solutions requiring trust and integrity.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • 8x8
  • BluePlanet
  • BT
  • Equinix
  • Huawei
  • NEC
  • MORE

SIP Based IP PBX Executive Summary

SIP Based IP PBX Market Driving Forces

A Digital Transformation: An Approach That Enables Organizations to Drive Changes in Their Business Models and Ecosystems

SIP PBX Market Shares

SIP PBX Forecast

1. SIP Based IP PBX:  Market Description and Market Dynamics
    1.1 Software Based IP PBX
        1.1.1 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking
        1.1.2 SIP Trunking Works: Over an Existing IP Network
        1.1.3 SIP Trunking Alternative Solutions
    1.2 SIP-PBX Deployment
        1.2.1 Telephone First Point of Contact
        1.2.2 SIP Application Server
    1.3 Convergence of Voice and Data
    1.4 Enterprise PBX
    1.5 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Standard
        1.5.1 SIP Advantages and Applications
        1.5.2 SIP Part of IP Suite
        1.5.3 Session Initiation Protocol
        1.5.4 SIP Mobility and Presence Support
    1.6 SIP Application Server
        1.6.1 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking
        1.6.2 SIP Trunking
        1.6.3 Advantages of SIP Trunking Services

2. SIP Based IP PBX Market Shares and Market Forecasts
    2.1 SIP Based IP PBX Market Driving Forces
        2.1.1 a Digital Transformation: An Approach That Enables Organizations to Drive Changes in Their Business Models and Ecosystems
    2.2 SIP PBX Market Shares
        2.2.1 8x8
        2.2.2 Microsoft
        2.2.3 NEC
        2.2.4 NEC
        2.2.5 SIP Cloud Delivery Architectures Market Share
        2.2.6 Mitel
        2.2.7 Cisco Tops PBX Market Microsoft Leads in UC
        2.2.8 Cloud PBX Market Shares
        2.2.9 RingCentral
        2.2.10 West Corporation
        2.2.11 Huawei
        2.2.12 Broadsoft
    2.3 SIP PBX Forecast
        2.3.1 Digital Private Branch Exchange (PBX) at the End of its Life Cycle
        2.3.2 SIP Based IP PBX Cloud and Unified Communications
        2.3.3 SIP Enabled IP PBX SMB Market Shares Dollars Worldwide
        2.3.4 SIP Enabled IP PBX Enterprise Market Shares Dollars Worldwide
        2.3.5 SIP Enabled IP PBX Cloud SMB Market Shares Dollars Worldwide
        2.3.6 SIP Enabled IP PBX Cloud Enterprise / Service Provider Market Shares Dollars Worldwide
        2.3.7 SIP Enabled IP PBX Unified Communications Market Shares Dollars Worldwide
    2.4 SIP Based IP PBX Pricing
    2.5 SIP Based IP PBX Regional Analysis

3. SIP Based IP PBX Product Description
    3.1 Avaya
        3.1.1 Avaya Networking
        3.1.2 Avaya Cloud Options
        3.1.3 Avaya Communication Server 1000
        3.1.4 Avaya Professional-Grade Business Communications
    3.2 BT / Avaya IP PBX Cloud
    3.3 Equinix / Avaya Cloud SIP Communications
    3.4 Cisco
        3.4.1 Cisco Existing Collaboration
        3.4.2 Apple and Cisco Working Together on IP Communication
    3.5 AT&T
        3.5.1 Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T
        3.5.1 Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T Hybrid and Existing Voice Services
    3.6 NEC
        3.6.1 NEC IP-PBX
        3.6.2 NEC IP-PBX
        3.6.3 NEC Univerge SV9500
    3.7 Mitel
        3.7.1 Mitel Phone System Offers Flexibility
        3.7.2 Mitel VoIP
        3.7.3 Mitel Cloud Solution
        3.7.4 Mitel Hybrid Solution
        3.7.5 Mitel Presence
    3.8 Microsoft SfBS Premises-Based Version of Skype
    3.9 RingCentral Phone System in the Cloud
    3.10 8x8 Global Cloud Communications
        3.10.1 8x8 Virtual Office Pre-Built CRM Integrations with Salesforce NetSuite and Zendesk
    3.11 Ericsson Multimedia Telephony Application Server
        3.11.1 Ericsson Consumer and Enterprise Communication Services Offering

4. SIP Based IP PBX Research and Technology
    4.1 NFV
        4.1.1 NFV - Network Functions Virtualization - Cisco
    4.2 Scale:  Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Center Containers
        4.2.1 Data Center Architectures Evolving

5. SIP Based IP PBX Company Profiles
    5.1 8x8
    5.2 AT&T
    5.3 Avaya
        5.3.1 Avaya Team Engagement Solutions
        5.3.2 Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions
        5.3.3 Avaya Fabric Networking
        5.3.4 Avaya Services
        5.3.5 Avaya Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
        5.3.6 Avaya Revenue
    5.4 Brekeke Software
    5.5 Broadsoft
    5.6 BT / Avaya IP PBX Cloud
    5.7 Ciena / BluePlanet
        5.7.1 Ciena Opensource and Standards Affiliations
        5.7.2 Ciena Open Network Operating System (ONOS)
        5.7.3 Ciena Metro Ethernet Forum
        5.7.4 Ciena Open Compute Project
        5.7.5 Ciena OpenDaylight
        5.7.6 Ciena Open Networking Foundation
        5.7.7 Ciena Internet Engineering Task Force
        5.7.8 Ciena European Telecommunications Standards Institute
        5.7.9 Centurylink and Blue Planet: Orchestration of NFV-Based Services with NG-OSS
        5.7.10 Telefónica Blue Planet Brocade Intel and Red Hat: Orchestrating vRouter VNF with Deterministic Performance
        5.7.11 Centurylink Blue Planet
        5.7.12 Ciena Blue Planet SDN and NFV Orchestration Platforms for Network Operators
        5.7.13 Ciena Blue Planet Container-Based Micro-Services Architecture
        5.7.14 Ciena Blue Planet Container Based Architecture
    5.8 Cisco Systems
        5.8.1 Cisco Business
        5.8.2 Cisco Strategy and Focus Areas
        5.8.3 Cisco Leverages Market Transitions
        5.8.4 Cisco Addresses Digital Transformation
        5.8.5 Cisco Software-Defined Networking
        5.8.6 Cisco Cloud Strategy
        5.8.7 Cisco Switching
        5.8.8 Cisco Spark
        5.8.9 Cisco Data Center
        5.8.10 Cisco UCS Mini Edge of the Network Solution
        5.8.11 Cisco Competition
        5.8.12 Cisco Revenue
    5.9 Equinix / Avaya Cloud SIP Communications
    5.10 Ericsson
        5.10.1 Ericsson Revenue
    5.11 Fonality
    5.12 Huawei
        5.12.1 Huawei 2016 Business
        5.12.2 Huawei Smart Devices
        5.12.3 Huawei Regional Strengths
        5.12.4 Huawei Building Cloud Ecosystem
        5.12.5 Huawei Adopting a Product + Service Strategy
        5.12.6 Huawei Vision & Mission
        5.12.7 Huawei Strategy
        5.12.8 Huawei Financial Highlights
        5.12.9 Huawei Corporate Governance
        5.12.10 Huawei Research & Development
        5.12.11 Huawei Cyber Security
        5.12.12 Huawei Milestones
        5.12.13 Huawei Annual Report
        5.12.14 Huawei Partners with China Telecom Shenzhen Gas On Smart Utility
    5.13 Microsoft
        5.13.1 Microsoft / Mojang AB Minecraft
        5.13.2 Microsoft Reportable Segments
        5.13.3 Microsoft Revenue by Segment
        5.13.4 Skype and Microsoft
        5.13.5 Microsoft / Skype / GroupMe Free Group Messaging
        5.13.6 Microsoft SOA
        5.13.7 Microsoft.Net Open Source
    5.14 Mitel
        5.14.1 Mitel Business Communication Experts
        5.14.2 Mitel Empowering Partners
        5.14.3 Mitel Signs Definitive Agreement to Divest Mobile Business
        5.14.4 Mitel Reports September Quarter Results
        5.14.5 Mitel Cloud and Revenue
        5.14.6 Mitel Enhances Reliability of Cloud-Based Business Communications and Collaboration Services
        5.14.7 Mitel Reduced IT Maintenance
        5.14.8 Mitel Cloud Technology
        5.14.9 Mitel’s Approach to Developing 5G Technologies
    5.15 NEC
        5.15.1 NEC Communication Platforms
        5.15.2 NEC Software-Based Communication Platforms
        5.15.3 NEC Software and Hardware Based: UNIVERGE® SV9000
        5.15.4 NEC Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Communication Platforms
        5.15.5 NEC Large Enterprise Communication Platforms
    5.16 NetSapiens
    5.17 RingCentral Next-Gen Competitor
    5.18 Shoretel
    5.19 Vonage
    5.20 West Corporation
        5.20.1 West Services
        5.20.2 West Corporation Revenue
    5.21 ZyXEL
    5.22 List of Companies

6. Research Methodology

List of Figures
Figure 1. SIP Enabled IP PBX Server Cloud and Unified Communications Market Shares  Revenue Dollars 2016
Figure 2. SIP Enabled IP PBX Market Forecasts Dollars Worldwide 2016
Figure 3. SIP Application Server Business Benefits
Figure 4. SIP Server-Based Applications
Figure 5. SIP Server-Based Benefits
Figure 6. SIP Enabled IP PBX Server Cloud and Unified Communications Market Shares Revenue Dollars 2016
Figure 7. SIP Enabled IP PBX Server Cloud and Unified Communications Market Shares Revenue Dollars 2016
Figure 8. Selected Enterprise Communications Systems Participants
Figure 9. SIP Enabled IP PBX Market Shares, Segments SIP PBX SMB, SIP PBX Enterprise, SIP PBX Cloud SMB, SIP Cloud Enterprise / Service Provider, SIP Unified Communications Dollars Worldwide 2016
Figure 10. NEC Univerge SIP IP PBX
Figure 11. NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 Features
Figure 12. NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 Functions
Figure 13. SIP Enabled IP PBX Market Forecasts Dollars Worldwide 2016
Figure 14. SIP Enabled IP PBX Market Forecasts Dollars Worldwide 2016
Figure 15. SIP Enabled IP PBX SMB Market Shares Dollars Worldwide 2016
Figure 16. SIP Enabled IP PBX Enterprise Market Shares Dollars Worldwide 2016
Figure 17. SIP Enabled IP PBX Cloud SMB Market Shares Dollars Worldwide 2016
Figure 18. SIP Enabled IP PBX Cloud Enterprise / Service Provider Market Shares Dollars Worldwide 2016
Figure 19. SIP Enabled IP PBX Unified Communications Market Shares Dollars Worldwide 2016
Figure 20. Avaya Networking Technology Driving Digital Transformation
Figure 21. Avaya Cloud Options
Figure 22. Avaya Communication Server 1000 Functions
Figure 23. Avaya Cloud Options
Figure 24. Avaya Cloud Options
Figure 25. Cisco Spark Plus App Features
Figure 26. Cisco Spark Board: a 3-in-1 Team Collaboration Device for Meeting Rooms
Figure 27. Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T Features
Figure 28. Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T Functions
Figure 29. Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution from AT&T Functions
Figure 30. AT&T Cisco Unified SIP Collaboration System Features
Figure 31. NEC IP-PBX
Figure 32. NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 Features
Figure 33. NEC SL1000 IP PBX
Figure 34. Microsoft Partners Affected by Pivot from SfBS (On-Premises) to SfBO
Figure 35. 8x8 Virtual Office Functions
Figure 36. Ericsson Multimedia Telephony Application Server Main Values
Figure 37. 8x8 Cloud-Based Phone Systems and Contact Center Functions
Figure 38. 8x8 Customers
Figure 39. Avaya SIP PBX Solution Deployment Models
Figure 40. Avaya Transaction Solutions Functions
Figure 41. Avaya Telecommunications Leadership Position Metrics
Figure 42. Avaya Applications on Platform
Figure 43. Avaya Target Markets Businesses by Size
Figure 44. Avaya Target Markets Businesses by Industry
Figure 45. Avaya Cloud Options
Figure 46. Ciena OSS from BluePlanet
Figure 47. Benefits of Blue Planet's Container-Based Micro-Service Architecture
Figure 48. Ciena Blue Planet Component Micro Services: SDN, NFV, and Multi Domain
Figure 49. Cisco Technology Foundation for Digital Transformation
Figure 50. Cisco Unified Computing System Portfolio of Solutions Functions
Figure 51. Avaya Cloud Options
Figure 52. Fonality Flexibility of Hosted
Figure 53. Fonality Benefits of Premise
Figure 54. Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Segment
Figure 55. Microsoft / Skype / GroupMe Free Group Messaging
Figure 56. Microsoft Service Orientated Architecture SOA Functions
Figure 57. NEC Global Sales by Segment
Figure 58. ShoreTel Target Markets
Figure 59. West Corporation Revenue by Segment
Figure 60. ZyXEL SIP IP PBX Functions
Figure 61. ZyXEL Enterprise-Grade SIP IP PBX System for Small and Medium

Businesses Specifications

System Specifications

Standard Protocols

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • 8x8
  • AT&T
  • Avaya
  • BluePlanet
  • Brekeke Software
  • BroadSoft
  • BT
  • Ciena
  • Cisco Systems
  • Equinix
  • Ericsson
  • Fonality
  • Huawei
  • Microsoft
  • Mitel
  • NEC
  • NetSapiens
  • RingCentral Next-Gen Competitor
  • ShoreTel
  • Vonage
  • West Corporation
  • West Unified Communications
  • ZyXEL
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown