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European Homeland Security & Public Safety Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Markets - 2016-2022

  • ID: 4173042
  • Report
  • Region: Europe
  • 238 pages
  • Homeland Security Research Corporation
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The Paris and Brussels 2015-2016 ISIS-inspired terror attacks shook the European public, governments and security bodies unlike any other recent terror attack. The two attacks demonstrated the crucial value of Video Surveillance and Video Analytics, which gave the security forces time-critical information, enabling them to evade several pending terror attacks (e.g., the terror attack on a Belgian nuclear reactor).

Based on 6 months of the "Europe’s Terror & Migration Crisis Series" research, and 95 face-to-face interviews and analyses, we forecast that following a decade of steady (CAGR of 8.3%) market penetration, the European Video Security Surveillance and Video Analytics market will experience a period of dual digit 2015-2020 CAGR of 15.5%.

The market is set to undergo a major transformation from 2016-2022 through the following drivers:

  • It is an open secret that extensively- deployed 21st century HD video surveillance (associated with high-end real-time video analytics) is a critical component for intelligence agencies and security forces in order to fight terror and crime. It has been proved time and again in the London 7/7, Boston marathon, Paris and Brussels terror attacks that video surveillance and analytics systems played a critical role in apprehension of terrorists and mitigation of terror attacks.
  • Nowadays, video security surveillance cameras and ICT systems are widely used in European public and private venues. Fortunately, the increased processing capability allows processing a large amount of video data in real-time. With the available infrastructure, an efficient and accurate intelligent video surveillance will create remarkable business opportunities.
  • The European video security surveillance market has grown at a CAGR of 8-10% over the past few years driven by rising concerns for security.
  • European governments, security agencies and the business sector show an increased demand for premium (high resolution, real time analytics and high cost,) security surveillance systems.
  • CCTV cameras, video analytics DSPs (e.g., Intel & Texas Instruments DSPs) and ICT cost-performance follow Moore’s law. The price of HD cameras has dropped from $3000-5000 in 2010 to $400-600 last year and is forecasted to cost $80-120 by 2020.
  • Technology maturity: video analytics algorithms, processors, applications and products underwent a decade of technological evolution to intelligent video processing, based on advancements in image processing, enabling automatic and semi-automatic detection and identification of threat signatures.
  • Video analytics is critical when it comes to human operators. These professionals entail a 24/7 high labor cost and a high rate of overlooked threats. Real-time video analysis of video streams and recorded footage is a need that can hardly be answered effectively by human operators due to manpower costs. Furthermore, human operators’ fatigue and boredom cause a high rate of overlooked events.
  • Western Europe, the largest economy in the world with a 2015 GDP of approximately $22 trillion (vs. the U.S. $17.5 trillion), can invest "whatever it takes" to protect its citizens from the looming jeopardies of mass migration and terrorism.
  • The EU and the rest of the European video security surveillance market for products and services are served by local video and security companies. Even with a preference for locally manufactured products, foreign products can usually strongly compete on the basis of cost-performance. They do not encounter any EU direct trade barriers or quotas. Non-tariff, indirect trade barriers may be the approval process of dual use goods, which include various security market products.

This report is a resource for executives with interests in the market. It has been explicitly customized for the security industry and other decision-makers in order to identify business opportunities, developing technologies, market trends and risks, as well as to benchmark business plans.

Questions answered in this 238-page report + one - report include:

  • What will the market size and trends be during 2016-2022?
  • Which submarkets provide attractive business opportunities?
  • Who are the decision-makers?
  • What drives the purchase of video surveillance and video analytics products and services?
  • What are the customers looking for?
  • What are the technology & services trends?
  • What is the market SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)?What are the challenges to market penetration & growth?

With 238 Pages, 31 Tables, 49 Figures and 36 Submarkets, the "European Homeland Security & Public Safety Video Surveillance and Video Analytics Markets – 2016-2022" report covers 12 countries and 3 revenue source submarkets, offering for each of them 2015 data and assessments, and 2016-2022 forecasts and analyses.

- Customers who purchase a multi-readers license of the report will get the "Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry – 2016 Edition" report free of charge. Single-reader license customers will get a 50% discount for the Industry report.

Why Buy this Report?

A. Market data is analyzed via 3 key perspectives:
With a highly fragmented market we address the “money trail” – each dollar spent – via the following 3 viewpoints:

By 12 Country Markets including:

  • UK
  • France
  • The Netherlands & Belgium
  • Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark
  • Germany
  • Austria & Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Hungary & Czech Republic
  • Russia
  • Rest of Europe

By 3 Revenue Sources including:

  • Products Sales Revenues
  • After Sale Revenues Including: Maintenance, Service, Upgrades & Refurbishment
  • Other Revenues Including: Planning, Training, Consulting, Contracted Services & Government Funded R&D

By 2 Core Technologies:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Video Analytics

B. Detailed market analysis frameworks for each of the market sectors, including:

  • Market drivers & inhibitors
  • Business opportunities
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business environment

C. The report discusses directly or indirectly the following current and pipeline technologies:
CCTV, Analog Video cameras, Digital Video Camera, Networked Camera, PZT Camera, License Plate Recognition (LPR), Kalman Filters Application to Track Moving Items, Real Time Automatic Alerts Algorithms Online Video Analytics, Object Sorting and ID, Behavioral Analysis, Video Analytic Applications, Video Analytics Architecture Image Segmentation Algorithms Item Tracking, Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Algorithms, Item Identification and Recognition, VA Based Face Recognition, Sorting Actions and Behaviors, Crowd Surveillance, Multi-Camera Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Systems, Remote Threat Identification, Intelligent Video Surveillance System Performance, Distributed Sensors Remote Systems, Remote Biometric Identification, Watch Lists fused VA, Fused VA and Biometrics , Fused Multi-modal VA Biometric Remote People Screening, Intelligent Video Surveillance Tracking, Tag and Track, Wireless Video Analytics, Video Content Analysis Algorithms, Automated Analysis of Video Surveillance Data, Item Detection, Gaussian Mixture Based Background Subtraction Algorithms, Background Subtraction, Item Detection Based on Single-Image Algorithms, Item Tracking Algorithms, Kalman Filtering Techniques, Region Segmentation, Partially Observable Markov Decision Process, "Splitting" Items Algorithms, Dimension Based Items Classifiers, Event Detection Methods, Vision-Based Human Action Recognition, Derived Egomotion, Path Reconstruction Algorithms, Video Cameras Gap Mitigation Algorithms, Networked Cameras Tag and Track Algorithms, Fusion Engines, Event Description Analytics.

D. The report includes the following 4 appendices:
Appendix A: European Homeland Security & Public Safety Related Product Standards
Appendix B: The European Union Challenges and Outlook
Appendix C: Europe Migration Crisis & Border Security
Appendix D: Abbreviations

E. The report addresses over 300 European Homeland Security and Public Safety standards (including links)

F. The supplementary - "Homeland Security and Public Safety Industry – 2016 Edition" report provides the following insights and analysis of the industry including:
The Global Industry 2016 Status
Effects of Emerging Technologies on the Industry
The Market Trends
Vendor – Government Relationship
Geopolitical Outlook 2016-2022
The Industry Business Models & Strategies
Market Entry Challenges
The Industry: Supply-Side & Demand-Side Analysis
Market Entry Strategies
Price Elasticity
Past Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Events

G. The supplementary - "Global Homeland Security and Public Safety Industry – 2016 Edition" report provides a May 2016 updated extensive data (including Company Profile, Recent Annual Revenues, Key Executives, Homeland Security and Public Safety Products, and Contact Info.) of the leading 119 Homeland Security and Public Safety Vendors

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  • 3i-MIND
  • Austal
  • Cisco Systems
  • G4S
  • Mer group
  • Safran S.A.
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1 Europe's Terror & Migration Crisis: Key Findings
2 Europe's Terror & Migration Crisis: Key Conclusions
3 European Video Surveillance (w/o Video Analytics) Market - 2016-2022
3.1 European Video Surveillance Technologies & Market Background
3.1.1 European Video Surveillance: Crime Prevention
4 Video Surveillance Stakeholders
5 European Video Surveillance Standards
6 Video Surveillance Planning and Installation
6.1 Planning
6.2 Threat, Vulnerability, Risk Assessment
6.3 Target Capture and Image Detail
6.4 Video Surveillance Design
6.5 Equipment Selection
7 Video Surveillance: Applications
8 Video Surveillance: Business Opportunities & Challenges
9 Video Surveillance Industry: SWOT Analysis
9.1 Strengths
9.2 Weaknesses
10 Opportunities
10.1 Threats
11 European Video Security Surveillance (w/o Analytics) Market - 2015-2022
12 Present and Pipeline Intelligent Video Surveillance Technologies
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) Standoff Detection Technologies
12.3 Intelligent Video Surveillance Based Biometric Identification
12.3.1 Intelligent Video Surveillance and Biometrics
12.3.2 IVS Based Biometric Face Recognition Identification vs. Verification
12.3.3 Performance of Video-Based Biometric Recognition Technologies
12.3.4 Remote Biometric Identification Technologies
12.3.5 Fused Intelligent Video Surveillance and Biometric Technology
12.3.6 Fused Multi-modal IVS Biometric Remote People Screening
12.4 Intelligent Video Surveillance: Tracking
12.4.1 Overview
12.4.2 IVS & VA based Behavioral Profiling
12.4.3 Tag and Track - IVS
12.4.4 Intelligent Video Surveillance: Behavior Profiling - Drivers
12.4.5 Intelligent Video Surveillance: Behavior Profiling - Inhibitors
12.4.6 Wireless Video Analytics
12.4.7 Cloud-based Video Analytics
12.4.8 VA Cloud Platforms
12.4.9 Online Video Analytics
12.4.10 Behavioral Analysis
12.5 Video Analytic Applications
12.5.1 Real Time Automatic Alerts Software
12.5.2 Image Segmentation Software
12.5.3 Item Tracking Intelligent Video Surveillance Software
12.5.4 Object Sorting and ID
12.5.5 Item Identification and Recognition
12.5.6 IVS Based Face Recognition
12.5.7 License Plate Recognition (LPR)
12.5.8 Sorting Actions and Behaviors
12.5.9 Crowd Surveillance
12.5.10 Multi-Camera Intelligent video Surveillance Systems
12.6 Video Content Analysis (VCA)
12.6.1 Introduction
12.6.2 VCA Systems
12.6.3 Pipeline VCA Research
12.6.4 Video Content Analysis Software
12.6.5 Present Limitations of Video Analytics Software
12.6.6 Automated Analysis of Video Surveillance Data
12.6.7 Item Detection
12.6.8 Background Subtraction: Gaussian Mixture Based Software
12.6.9 Background Subtraction
12.6.10 Item Detection Based on a Single-Image Algorithm
12.6.11 Item Tracking Software
12.6.12 Kalman Filtering Techniques, Region Segmentation
12.6.13 Kalman Filters Application to Track Moving Items
12.6.14 Partially Observable Markov Decision Process, IVS Systems
12.6.15 "Splitting" Items Algorithms
12.6.16 Dimension Based Items Classifiers
12.6.17 Shape Based Item Classifiers
12.6.18 Event Detection Methods
12.6.19 Vision-Based Human Action Recognition
12.6.20 3D Derived Egomotion
12.6.21 Path Reconstruction Software
12.6.22 Video Cameras Gap Mitigation Software
12.6.23 Networked Cameras Tag and Track Software
12.6.24 The Visual Intelligence Process
12.6.25 Fusion Engine
12.6.26 Event Description
12.6.27 Reasoning
12.6.28 Reporting
12.7 Smart Cameras
12.8 Pulse Video Analytics
12.9 Underwater ISR
12.1 ROSS Covert Multi-modal Ground ISR System
12.11 Mini ISR Aerostats
12.12 Pirsiavash and Ramanan's, Activity-Recognition IVS Algorithm
12.13 IVS Based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems
12.13.1 Overview
12.14 Video Information Management (PSIM) Systems
12.15 Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)
12.15.1 The VSaaS Technology
12.15.2 The VSaaS Market
12.15.3 Video Surveillance as Service: 26 Key Vendors
13 Critical Infrastructure IVS Based Security
13.1 Scope
13.2 Overview
14 Transportation & Logistics IVS
14.1 Overview
14.1.1 Rail Industry IVS Market
14.1.2 IVS Based Vehicle Tracking
14.1.3 Key Transportation & Logistics IVS Companies
14.1.4 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) M
15 IVS & VA: Safe City vs. Smart City
15.1.1 Safe City Surveillance Systems
15.1.2 Safe City Public Safety Surveillance
16 Border IVS Based Security
16.1 Scope
16.2 Overview
16.3 IVS Based Biometric Border Checkpoints
16.4 Border Security - Strategic Context
16.5 IVS Based Border Security Market Challenges
17 Commercial & Public Buildings IVS & VA
17.1 Commercial & Public Buildings IVS & VA Market Background
17.2 Residential IVS Based Security Overview
17.3 Video Analytics: Applications
17.4 Video Analytics: Business Opportunities
18 Video Analytics HLS & Public Safety Industry: SWOT Analysis
18.1 Strengths
18.2 Weaknesses
18.3 Opportunities
18.4 Threats
19 European Homeland Security & Public Safety Video Analytics Market - 2015-2022
20 European Counter-Terror & Counter-Crime Video Surveillance Technologies Market - 2015-2022
20.1 European Counter-Terror & Counter-Crime Video Surveillance Technologies Market by Country - 2015-2022
20.1.1 2015 Market & 2016-2022 Forecast by Country
20.1.2 Market Dynamics by Country - 2016-2022
20.1.3 Market Breakdown by Country - 2015-2022
20.2 Market by Revenue Source - 2015-2022
20.2.1 2015 Market & 2016-2022 Forecast
20.2.2 Market Dynamics by Revenue Source - 2016-2022
20.2.3 Market Breakdown by Revenue Source - 2015-2022
20.3 UK Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.4 France Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.5 Belgium Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.6 Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark: Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.7 Germany Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.8 Austria & Switzerland: Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.9 Italy Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.1 Spain Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.11 Poland Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.12 Hungary & Czech Republic: Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.13 Russia Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
20.14 Rest of Europe: Video Surveillance & Video Analytics Market - 2016-2022
21 Appendix A: European Homeland Security & Public Safety Related Product Standards
21.1 European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
21.2 European Homeland Security and Public Safety Standards
21.3 EU Buildings & Perimeter Security Standards & Specifications
22 Appendix B: The European Union Challenges & Outlook
22.1 Summary
22.2 The EU Economy
22.3 Anti-EU Trends
22.4 The EU Frail Leadership and Poor Strategic Vision
22.5 Migration and Refugee Crisis
22.6 European Security Worries
22.7 Terrorism
22.8 EU Future Scenarios
23 Appendix C: Europe Migration Crisis & Border Security
23.1 Introduction
23.2 EU Migration: Background
23.3 The European Borders Security
23.3.1 Introduction
23.3.2 The Schengen Area
23.3.3 The European Integrated Border Management System (IBM)
23.3.4 The EU Smart Borders Initiative
23.3.5 The Schengen Zone: Passenger Name Record (PNR) System Outlook
23.3.6 Temporary Reintroduction of Border Control
23.4 European Smart & Secure Border Market
24 Appendix D: Abbreviations
25 Scope, Methodology & Disclaimer
25.1 Research Scope
25.2 Research Methodology
26 Disclaimer & Copyright

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