Can Big Brands Dominate Healthy Spaces?

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The supermarket shelves continue to fragment filling up with many, many smaller brands in all categories. Many of these brands, regardless of the health of the overall category or product, are making health claims on everything from GMO’s to whole grains as well as providing product positioning that is clean, natural and attached to the source. The issue is not whether or not this is the case but whether or not the consumer believes it is. And because they are not constrained with high dollar revenue targets, these brands can continue to grow slowly until they’ve taken a foothold.

The question this study will explore is whether multi-billion dollar food companies can have success with the same approach of providing a clean, natural product and making it as healthy as possible within the confines of excellent taste whatever the category? Or are products from larger companies already considered less healthy and less desirable?


  • Online study of 1,549 primary grocery shoppers 18+ years old.
  • Two Different Types of Product Evaluations:
  • Product Comparison 1: Theoretical Comparisons: Users of each food/beverage category see and evaluate a product one of two ways:
  • Evaluation 1 - Branded: The product photo is shown with a statement next to it saying “Sold by ______” [Insert large, mainstream brand name that has category presence (e.g., “Pepsi” for a Carbonated Beverage)]
  • Evaluation 2 - No Brand: Only the product picture is shown
  • Product Comparison 2: Actual Product Comparisons: Users of each food/beverage category evaluate two comparative products—a big name brand product vs. a niche brand product, and are asked a series of questions evaluating each of these products together
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1. Background & Objectives
2. Methodology
3. Summary and Recommendations
4. Detailed Findings
5. Product Comparison Reviews
6. Theoretical Comparisons

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