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Covers 36 Different Markets Drawing on the Expertise of About Eight Different Analysts, All Well Experienced in Their Respective Fields

This research product is intended for a variety of audiences, including money managers, investors and particularly commercial purchasing managers. All three groups have investment exposure to commodities and currencies and may want to have a handy guide as to what the short term price drivers are in these markets, along with an assessment of where things maybe going over the course of the current month.
The report covers 36 different markets drawing on the expertise of about eight different analysts, all well experienced in their respective fields. The first four pages of the report cover key macro and political developments that have had the most impact on the markets in question during the past month and also provides a brief outlook for the current month. The balance of the report consists of a more detailed, sector by sector analysis of individual markets, starting with the two key oil contracts, along with commentary on gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, coal and ethanol.

In the "hard" markets, the report looks at the LME metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, lead and tin), along with iron ore and steel in the ferrous group. (The report does not cover scrap). Price outlooks are also provided for precious metals (gold and silver) as well as for the "PGMs" (platinum and palladium). In the soft markets, the report looks at all the exchange-traded grains and "tropical" commodities. Coverage concludes with an overview of key currencies, including sterling, the Euro, the yen, the Indian rupee, the Brazilian Real, the Canadian dollar, as well as an outlook on the US stock and bond markets.

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Page 1-4: Market Highlights/Outlook

Page 5: Energy

Page 6: Energy, Coal, Ethanol

Page 7: LME Metals

Page 8: LME Metals, Steel, Iron Ore

Page 9: Precious Metals

Page 10: LME Metals COTR vs. Prices

Page 11: Precious Metals ETFs vs. Prices

Page 12: Grains, FFA

Page 13: Tropicals

Page 14: Currencies

Page 15: Currencies, S&P 500, 10-year note

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