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The ICD contains 16 different data sources covering terrorist and rebel incidents, threats, videos, photos, publications, logos, identification photos, hostages, maps and recognition photos of vehicles, weapons, clothing and more. It gives you a comprehensive one-stop shop for data from as recent as a few minutes ago to more than 20 years back on any computer, smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

The IntelCenter Database (ICD) is accessible from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection from a computer, tablet or smart phone. All access to the ICD is encrypted to protect your privacy and the integrity of the information. For government customers requiring access on classified networks or other closed LANs, options are available to replicate the data locally on your network. Additional options exist to port data into Semantica, Palantir and other visualization and knowledge management tools. Technology upgrades to the ICD are also...

Key Features:

  • New information added 24/7
  • Live support chat & 24/7 email support
  • Support Knowledge Base & User Community
  • Alert notifications for significant terrorism developments
  • Live updating without the need to hit refresh in your browser
  • Special event dashboards pulling together all related data for events like the Sochi Olympics
  • More than 230,000 records spanning 20 years
  • Live charting, visualizations and threat indexes
  • Streaming video player that allows you to easily skip around a video
  • Includes link analysis charts in IBM's i2 Analyst Notebook (ANB) format
  • Customizable email notification system for new information
  • Quick and Advanced Search options
  • Encrypted connection
  • Ability to integrate facial and object recognition, speech-to-text, machine translation and more

System Requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Computer, tablet or smart phone (compatible with both iPhone/iPad and Droid devices)
  • Minimum desktop browser: Internet Explorer (IE) v11, Edge v25, Safari v9 or Chrome v48
  • Minimum mobile browser: Mobile Safari v9 on iOS 9 or Chrome 48 for Android v5 or v6
  • Minimum mobile hardware for iOS: iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad with Retina display (4th generation)
  • Minimum mobile hardware for Android: Memory: 2+ GB RAM, CPU: 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor or greater, Screen-size: 10.1"
  • Video player uses HTML5 or Flash based on what is available

The advanced version of this database includes the Social Component upgrade which provides a valuable resource to assist government agencies dealing with the high levels of terrorist and rebel use of social media and other online activity. This service is for law enforcement, military, intelligence and other authorized government agencies only. Details about the service will not be released until the requestor's identity can be verified.

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1. Analysis Component

  • 1,400+ analytical reports
  • Push email notifications of new reports in PDF format
  • Visualization include charts and graphs, word clouds and link analysis
  • Key observations and analysis from IntelCenter analysts
  • Pattern, frequency and quantitative analysis
  • New trends and shifts in activity identified

2. Video Component

  • 10,100+ full-length unedited videos, 2,000+ hours
  • Supports resolutions up to 8K with frame-by-frame controls
  • True adaptive streaming for low-bandwidth situations
  • Email notification with stills & details for new videos
  • Preview stills for rapid browsing of videos
  • Ability to search on content and metadata
  • Authenticated by IntelCenter
  • Secure browsing/viewing environment

3. Incident Component

  • 163,000+ incident records
  • Covers 2000 to present
  • Integrates...
  • Target, target sector, tactic, group, casualties and more tagged for searches

4. Threat Component

  • 8,300+ threats and communications
  • Search by country, agency name, issued date or keyword
  • Powerful tagging features allow you to look for information by categories such as assassinations, bombings, intelligence, organizational, surveillance and more.
  • Sort by country, group name, entry date to a depth of four levels.
  • Integrates Google maps and satellite imagery

5. Publication Component

  • 35,000+ pages from 855+ terrorist books, magazines, guides & training manuals
  • Search by country, group, types of content, contributors release date, language and more
  • Powerful viewer allows you to easily move through complete original version of publication in all languages
  • Search within specific issue to identify key passages
  • Features collections of key terrorist magazines such as Rumiyah, Dabiq, Inspire, Resurgence and many others

6. Photo Component

  • 27,000+ still photos and imagery
  • Still photography and graphics released by terrorist/rebel groups
  • Fully searchable by country, group, date, content and more
  • Integration of Google maps and satellite imagery

7. Logo Component

  • 600+ logos and symbols used by terrorist/rebel groups
  • Fully searchable by group and country as well as logo descriptives such as color, shape and content
  • Each entry has one primary logo and up to five additional logos and symbols

8. Recognition Component

  • 1,100+ photos of weapons, clothing, vehicles & more
  • Supports analysis and awareness within an area of operation of what one is likely to encounter
  • Searchable by country, group and type

9. Hostage Component

  • Details on 610+ hostages
  • Search on hostage name, nationality, country kidnapped from and country likely to be held in
  • Instantly see how many days have elapsed since the hostage was kidnapped, the last communication and the last time an image of the hostage was released
  • See chronological stills of the images released by the group of the hostage
  • 1-click links to all threats, communication, audio and video related to hostage

10. Individual Component

  • Details on 4,200+ individuals associated with terrorist & rebel groups
  • Searchable by skills, languages, group, nationality, likely location and more
  • Links to videos and statements
  • 45+ interactive and animated maps
  • Geospatial mapping using IntelCenter's numerous data sets to include threats, video, kidnapping and much more
  • Searchable by country, group, type, title, date, analysis and map notes

11. Group Component

  • 1,000+ group terrorist and rebel records
  • One-stop shopping for all group info on threats, incidents, hostages, videos, audio, photos, equipment, members and more
  • Group Threat Index (GTI) tracking live the threat posed by each group
  • Live charting and visualizations of key data pertaining to each group
  • Shows up-to-the-minute data for the most popular day for attacks, target, target sector, tactic and incident location in 2014 with one-click buttons to view the full breakout.

12. Country Component

  • 190+ country records
  • One-stop shopping for all threat, incident, hostage, video, audio, photo, equipment, members and more on the country of your choice
  • Country Threat Index (CTI) tracking live the threat level in each country
  • Live charting and visualizations of key data pertaining to each country
  • Shows up-to-the-minute data for the most popular day for attacks, target, target sector, tactic and incident location in 2014 with one-click buttons to view the full breakout.
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown