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Never since Walmart grew from 4 to 2,000 Supercenters in the 1990s have we seen a retail transformation as significant as what we are seeing now with physical store traffic down and the incredible rise of e-commerce and mobile commerce with Amazon at the lead.  A full 55% of all online e-commerce searches start on Amazon and they are extending their growth.  But this growth is not just in terms of raw retail growth, but Amazon is far outpacing traditional retailers in innovation spend, spending more in R&D than the top 20 US retailers combined.  This research is about the TIGIR  – Technology Innovation Gap In Retail.  How big is it, what can retailers do about it, and what technologies really move the sales needle?

This study hits all of the major technologies and most important, when are retailers buying each and when will they be functional for associates and ultimately customers.  

This study covers the following:

  • What is TIGIR and how big is the gap?
  • Amazon’s growth and projections
  • State of retail today
  • Why IT Spend matters – change in sales by IT investment
  • What are retail winners doing different than laggards?
  • Why customer experience critical
  • What are priorities of retailers who are winning in the market?
  • What are purchase trends for key technologies such as POS, Ship from Store, Click and Collect, RFID, Predictive Analytics?

With responses from many of the top retailers in North America, we have produced the results in a detailed, but very easy to read study. You also get the raw data to do your own analysis by segment.

The report is designed for use by Retailers, Hardware Providers, Software Providers, Service Providers and others who might have a vested interest in the North American retail market.


Along with research study analysis your license also includes the raw data in spreadsheet form to do your own cross tabs.  You can cross tab any answer to any other answer for unique insight.

The report breaks down the data to find answers to questions that many in the industry are asking, like the following:

  • What do the IT Spend, Store Growth and Store Remodels look like for 2016?
  • What are the retailers’ Top Store System Priorities?
  • How is Unified Commerce Driving IT Spend?
  • Where are Retailers Spending in the Cloud?
  • Which segments are looking to replace POS clients, POS Software, POS Printers, POS Scanners and EFT/Debit/Signature Capture devices? Will it be a good year or bad year for POS and peripherals?
  • Who is planning to deploy which Mobile Platforms and Applications, and when?
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1.0 Study Highlights

1.1 Segment Definitions
1.2 Leaders vs Other Retailers

2.0 Retail’s Biggest Problem

2.1 How To Compete With Amazon
2.2 Retail Is Being Outgunned in IT
2.3 Innovation Spending Comparison
2.4 TIGIR – Technology Innovation Gap In Retail
2.5 How Retailers View Amazon
2.6 How Leaders View Amazon

3.0 Study Details

3.1 Store Growth
3.2 Enterprise and Store IT Growth
3.3 IT Spend Details
3.4 Leaders vs Laggards in IT Investment
3.5 Heavy Cost of Lack of Investment
3.6 Leaders in IT Spend
3.7 Security IT Spend

4.0 Priorities and Purchase Intentions

4.1 Top Retail IT Priorities
4.2 Top Priorities of Retail Leaders
4.3 Cloud Spend and Increase
4.4 Cloud Spend by Tier
4.5 Store Systems Purchase Timeframe
4.6 Cross-Channel Technologies Purchase Timeframe
4.7 Fulfillment Outsourcing – Domestic and International
4.8 Retail Leaders and Readiness by Technology

5.0 How Do You Compete With Amazon?

5.1 What Retailers Must Do To Effectively Compete With Amazon?
5.2 Foundational Technologies
5.3 Technologies That Increase Sales

6.0 Study Background and Methodology

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown