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For several years the  Mobile POS (mPOS) market has taken off, but in a somewhat bifurcated manner. While among smaller retailers, mPOS has truly been transforming, replacing traditional POS for new retailers at a rapid pace, the use of mPOS as a standard every day product in enterprise retailers was delayed due to EMV and the drive to Unified Commerce.  But in mid-2016 the Mobile POS market among the largest of retailers is starting to hit it’s growth strides.

Without question, the opportunity is staggering as some retailers have seen upwards of 25% increase in sales per transaction when mobile is used.

The enterprise retailers who are deploying now have a much more mature view of the market than the early adopters.  They have the systems in place to actually benefit from MPOS and are not as concerned with the WOW factor or cool factor of the technology but rather the functionality that increases sales.

This research looks at the current state of Mobile POS WW and in North America, the adoption rates of the various retail verticals, and the shipment and installed base details by type of device (Rugged Handheld, Non-Rugged Handheld, and Tablets). It includes market sizing, trends, and forecasts through 2020.

This study is designed for use by Private Equity Investors, Mobile POS Hardware and Software Providers, Service Providers, Maintenance Providers, Retailers and others who might have a vested interest in the North American Mobile Point-of-Sale Market.

Note, this study does not include share by vendor although it does discuss future retailer preferences. For detailed vendor share and forecasts the researcher recommend the Mobile POS by Vendor research where we track the number of devices shipped by Apple, HP, Toshiba, Motorola, and others and the Mobile POS Software Vendor Data Service.

The study looks at the opportunity for each of the mobile devices for the following segments:

  • Food
  • Drug
  • Superstore/Warehouse Club
  • Mass Merchandisers
  • Department Stores
  • Other Specialty
  • Category Killers
  • Convenience/Gas
  • Bar Restaurant
  • Fast Food
  • Lodging
  • Ent. Casino-Cruise
  • Ent. Theme, Theaters, Sports
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Executive Summary
4 Stages of Moble

1.0 Background
1.1 Quick History Lesson

2.0 Trends and Market Drivers
2.1 Trends Driving mPOS Adoption
2.2 Trends Slowing mPOS Adoption
2.3 Something More Important Than MPOS

3.0 Market Size and Forecasts
3.1 WW MPOS Shipments
3.2 North American HW Shipments
3.3 WW MPOS Total Available Market (TAM)
3.4 North American MPOS Total Available Market (TAM)

4.0 Key Vendors

5.0 Retailer Purchase Plans
5.1 MPOS Purchase Timing and Intent by Segment
5.2 MPOS Purchase Timing and Intent by Size of Retailer

6.0 What We See Ahead

References and Methodology

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  • Apple
  • HP
  • Motorola
  • Toshiba
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown