3D Printing: A Social Media Survey

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Covers the Main Questions That Users and Prospect Users of 3D Printing Have, and the Associated Emerging Trends in Terms of Technology and Applications


  • 1Click3DPrint
  • Brillstudio apps
  • df3d
  • Jump Simulation
  • Sportline Digital
  • MORE

This study covers the main questions that users and prospect users of 3D Printing have, and the associated emerging trends in terms of technology and applications.

The study will be useful to:

  • 3D printing companies looking to better allocate marketing resources
  • Academics looking for potential topics for research
  • Investors looking for undervalued opportunities

Data is sourced from social networks and web panels, and processed using machine learning.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • 1Click3DPrint
  • Brillstudio apps
  • df3d
  • Jump Simulation
  • Sportline Digital
  • MORE

1. Description

2. Methodology

3. Summary

  • Volume
  • Sentiment
  • Demographics for Negative Sentiment Mentions
  • Mentions by Geography
  • Mentions by Geography (Negative Sentiment)
  • Mentions by Sources
  • Mentions at Top News Sites
  • Mentions by Sources (Negative Sentiment)
  • Mentions by Top Blogs (Negative Sentiment)
  • Mentions by Top Forums (Negative Sentiment)
  • Mentions by Top News Sites (Negative Sentiment)
  • Mentions by Top Review Sites (Negative Sentiment)
  • Mentions by Top Video Sites (Negative Sentiment)

4. Exploratory Analysis

  • Intention to Use 3D Printing Technology
  • Audience Interests
  • Indicator of Use
  • Ratings in Review Sites
  • Highest Ratings
  • Lowest Ratings

5. Predictive Analytics

  • Sentiment Drivers
  • Author Activity as a Predictor of Sentiment
  • How Author Influence Predicts the Sentiment of a Mention
  • Source as a Predictor of Sentiment
  • Type of Mention as a Predictor of Post Sentiment
  • Author Influence as a Predictor of Sentiment
  • Author Influence and Conversation Size as Predictors of Sentiment
  • Author Influence and Sentiment Frequency
  • Author Posts and Conversation Size as Predictors of Sentiment
  • Decision Model

6. Appendix

  • Main Sources of Social Media Visits to the 3D Printing Industry
  • Google Searches of Prospects and Users of 3D Printing Technology
    • Which 3D Printer to Buy
    • How 3D Printers Work
    • Is 3D Printing Expensive
    • When Was 3D Printing Invented
    • What 3D Printer to Buy
    • What 3D Printing
    • Who Uses 3D Printing
    • Who Invented 3D Printing
    • Things You Should 3D Print
    • What 3D Printer
    • When Did 3D Printing Start
    • Does 3D Printer Smell
    • Will 3D Printing Replace Injection Molding
    • Why 3D Printing
    • Must Have 3D Printer Accessories
    • Which 3D Printer
    • How Tight Should 3D Printer Belts Be
    • Where to 3D Print
    • Is 3D Printing Dead
    • Why 3D Printing is Bad
    • Have Something 3D Printed
    • Is 3D Printing the Future
    • Is 3D Printing Good or Bad
    • Who Uses 3D Printers
    • Why 3D Printing is Important
    • Why 3D Printing is the Future
    • Who Invented 3D Printer
    • Can 3D Printers Make Guns
    • Should I Buy 3D Printer
    • Is 3D Printed Pla Food Safe
    • Which 3D Printer Can Print Metal
    • Is 3D Printing Food Safe
    • Does 3D Printing Smell
    • Can 3D Printers Print Metal
    • When Was 3D Printer Invented
    • Do 3D Printers Need Ventilation
    • Are 3D Printed Fidget Spinners Good
    • Are 3D Printers Safe
    • Should 3D Printers Be Banned
    • Can 3D Printers Print Rubber
    • Is 3D Printing Toxic
    • Can 3D Printers Make Organs
    • Why 3D Printers are Good
    • Must Have 3D Prints
    • Do 3D Printers Use a Lot of Power
    • Can 3D Printers Make Food
    • What 3D Printers Can Do
    • Why 3D Printing is Good
    • Must Have 3D Printer
    • What 3D Printers Can Print Metal
    • Does 3D Printer Filament Go Bad
    • Should 3D Printing Be Regulated
    • Where Did 3D Printing Originate
    • Which 3D Printer UK
    • Will 3D Printing Change Everything
    • Which 3D Printer to Build
    • Where to 3D Print Things
    • Can 3D Printers Print Threads
    • Can 3D Printers Print Multiple Colors
    • Will 3D Printers Get Cheaper
    • How 3D Printing Started
    • Will 3D Printing Replace Cnc
    • Can 3D Printers Print Money
    • Do 3D Printers Print in Color
    • Does 3D Printed Gun Work
    • Where Was 3D Printing Invented
    • Which 3D Printer to Get
    • Are 3D Printers Worth Buying
    • How 3D Printers Work Video
    • Why Did 3D Printing Stocks Fall
    • Will 3D Printing Replace Traditional Manufacturing
    • Do 3D Printers Come With Software
    • Are 3D Prints Waterproof
    • Is 3D Printer Worth It
    • Can 3D Printers Print Food
    • Are 3D Printers Toxic
    • Do 3D Printed Guns Work
    • Do 3D Printers Emit Carbon Monoxide
    • Where 3D Printing is Used
    • Are 3D Printed Guns Legal
    • Are 3D Printed Guns Real
    • Are 3D Printed Spinners Good
    • Are 3D Printers Real
    • Are 3D Printers Robots
    • Can 3D Printers Print Silicone
    • Do 3D Printers Catch Fire
    • Do 3D Printers Exist
    • Do 3D Printers Smell
    • Do 3D Printers Use G Code
    • Does 3D Printed Food Taste Good
    • Does 3D Printer Use Ink
    • Does 3D Printing Exist
    • Does 3D Printing Have a Future
    • Does 3D Printing Save Money
    • Does 3D Printing Use Paper
    • Have 3D Model Print
    • Have Blue 3D Printer
    • Have Yourself 3D Printed
    • How 3D Printer
    • How 3D Printers are Made
    • How 3D Printing Can Change the World
    • How 3D Printing Food Works
    • How 3D Printing Organs Works
    • How 3D Printing Will Change Medicine
    • How 3D Printing Work
    • How Did 3D Printing Change the World
    • How Did 3D Printing Evolve
    • How Have 3D Printers Changed the World
    • How Would 3D Printers Work
    • Is 3D Printing Hard
    • Is 3D Printing Safe
    • Should 3D Printers Be Allowed in Homes
    • Should 3D Printing Be Allowed
    • Should 3D Printing Be Legal
    • Should I Buy 3D Printing Stocks
    • What 3D Printer Does Hero Forge Use
    • What 3D Printer Should I Buy 2017
    • What 3D Printers Do Shapeways Use
    • What 3D Printing Can Do
    • What 3D Printing is Used for
    • What Should 3D Print
    • What Would You 3D Print
    • What Year Did 3D Printing Come Out
    • When 3D Printing Goes Wrong
    • When 3D Printing Invented
    • When 3D Printing Started
    • When Did 3D Printers Come Out
    • When Did 3D Printing Began
    • When Did 3D Printing Organs Start
    • When is 3D Printing Used
    • When to Buy 3D Printer
    • When Was 3D Printing
    • When Was the 3D Printer
    • Where are 3D Printers
    • Where Buy 3D Printer
    • Where is 3D Printer in Exo Zombies
    • Where is 3D Printer Used
    • Where to 3D Print Yourself
    • Where Was 3D Printer Invented
    • Which 3D Printer 2017
    • Which 3D Printer is Best
    • Which 3D Printer Software
    • Which 3D Printing Company to Invest in
    • Who 3D Printer
    • Who are the 3D Printing Companies
    • Who Benefits from 3D Printing
    • Who Does 3D Printing Work
    • Who is Investing in 3D Printing
    • Who Make 3D Printer
    • Who Would Use 3D Printers
    • Who Would Use 3D Printing
    • Why 3D Print Something
    • Why 3D Printers
    • Why 3D Printers in Schools
    • Why 3D Printing in Education
    • Why Did 3D Printing Stocks Crash
    • Why Have 3D Printer Stocks Dropped
    • Why Have 3D Printers in the Classroom
    • Will 3D Printing Become Mainstream
    • Will 3D Printing Changed the World
    • Will 3D Printing Replace Manufacturing
    • Will 3D Printing Stocks Rebound
    • Will 3D Printing Take Off
    • Would a 3D Printed Gun Work
    • Would a 3D Printer Work in Space

7. Mobile Apps

List of Tables
Table 1. 3D Printing Marketplaces
Table 2. Most Important Social Networks for the Top 3D Printing Marketplaces
Table 3. Top Questions Asked, Trending and Emerging Topics
Table 4. Top Ranked Mobile Apps in the 3D Printing Industry

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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  • 三緯國際立體列印科技股份有限公司
  • 1Click3DPrint
  • Amino Apps
  • Anthony St
  • Appswiz W.VII
  • Brillstudio apps
  • Bruno CADET
  • dddmaterial
  • df3d
  • ESE Products
  • Eve Star
  • Henrique Vilela
  • Jump Simulation
  • MDCode
  • Neo3Do
  • Nitramite
  • Pirate3D
  • Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Foundation
  • Scandy
  • Softecks
  • Sportline Digital
  • TheApzQube
  • think3D
  • Ultimaker
  • YongSaanCernKingdom
  • ZSDesign
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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The methodology is available for download below.
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown