European Congress of Radiology Conference Coverage, 2017

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Top Trending Themes, Modality Trends, and Vendor Highlights from the ECR17


  • Agfa HealthCare
  • Episonica
  • Guerbet
  • Mindray
  • Siemens
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The 2017 European Congress of Radiology (ECR) conference and the exhibition show floor brought together industry participants, radiologists, clinical application specialists, academics, medical professionals, care providers, and a host of other imaging stakeholders to showcase the latest in radiology as well as discuss the challenges the industry faced. The 2017 ECR conference notably had a record attendance of 26,829 participants as per ECR congress attendance statistics.

This market insight will allow you to learn about the top trending themes in the Imaging Industry, specific modality trends, and key vendor highlights from various imaging original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in terms of portfolio and positioning.

The following Medical Imaging Modalities have been covered in this market insight:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Digital Radiography (DR)
  • Ultrasound (US)
  • Image Guided Interventions including Interventional X-ray and Image Guided Therapy (IGT)
  • Contrast Auto-Injectors

In addition to imaging modality specific highlights, insights on the growth of Clinical Decision Support Systems, the role of Quantitative Imaging and Imaging Biomarkers, developments in Multi-modality Organ Specific Solutions, the growth of Image Guided Interventions, and developments in Breast Imaging have also been covered.

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  • Agfa HealthCare
  • Episonica
  • Guerbet
  • Mindray
  • Siemens
  • Toshiba
  • MORE
1. Top Trending Themes at the ECR 2017
  • Top Trending Themes-ECR 2017
  • Massive Recent Investments by Major Vendors Lead to High MR Focus on the ECR 2017 Show Floor
  • Big Year for Comprehensive, Multi-modality Organ-specific Solutions, Notably in Liver Imaging
  • Breast Imaging Inches Closer to Center-stage Ahead of Potential New Screening Indications for DBT
  • Growing Focus on Image-guided Interventions, Notably on the Development of Interventional Oncology
  • Europe-level Initiatives Taking Time to Implement as Individual Countries Delay their Enforcement Schemes
2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)-Modality Trends, Vendor Highlights
  • Top Trends in MRI from ECR 2017
  • Acceleration Techniques Aimed at Shortening Exam Times, Using Both Software and Hardware Techniques
  • Continued Advances by all Vendors of Gradient and Coil Technologies, Including few Breakthroughs
  • Sensible Industry Effort to Address Potential Helium Shortages and Access Limitations
  • Evermore Advanced MR Applications and Development of the Off-system Data Processing Paradigm
  • Increased Focus on Enhancement of Patient Comfort through In-bore MR Visual Experience
  • Siemens Healthineers Uses ECR 2017 to Launch the New Flagship Premium Clinical MAGNETOM Vida
  • GE Healthcare Builds Up the SIGNA MR Line Further with Two New Flagship ECR17 Introductions
  • Toshiba Launches the Galan 3T MR in Europe, the New Top-of-the-line in the Vendor’s Portfolio
  • Philips Healthcare Promotes Neurology Applications on the 1.5 T MR Platform, without any Major Announcement
  • Hitachi Unveils its New Flagship MRI Scanner, Positioned at the Mid-range of its Growing MR Portfolio
  • Swissray Debuts European 1.5 T Wide-bore System post RSNA’16 launch
3. Computed Tomography (CT)-Modality Trends, Vendor Highlights
  • Top Trends in Computed Tomography from ECR 2017
  • In the Absence of a Technology Leap-forward, Vendors Focus on Value Products, Clinical CT Applications, and Efficiency
  • After Several Years of Divergence in Next-gen CT Direction, the Big Three’s Advances Realign Around Spectral Imaging
  • Low-dose CT Seems Taken for Granted, with Little Messaging Emphasis on Dose Reduction and Optimization
  • Vendors Increasingly Proactive in Demonstrating CT Configurations Geared at Radiation Therapy Planning
  • Photon Counting is Likely the Next Breakthrough in Detector Technology, yet Time-to-market Remains Uncertain
  • GE Healthcare Upgrades GSI Detector to Xtream, Launches Several New Optimized Clinical Applications
  • Siemens Healthineers Introduces Two New Mid-range CTs, Shows Continued Commitment to Dual-source CT
  • Philips Healthcare’s CT Messaging Focused on Value with the Access Platform
  • Toshiba Polishes its Performance CT Offerings with the Introduction of a New Premium Value 80-slice System
4. Digital Radiography (DR)-Modality Trends, Vendor Highlights
  • Top Trends in Digital Radiography from ECR 2017
  • Completing the DR Portfolio across Mobile and Fixed DR Systems Stands as the Main Focus for Large Vendors
  • Digital Tomosynthesis is Being Gradually Established Clinically for 3D DR, along with the Cone-beam Approach
  • Several Upgraded Features that Enhance Automation, Efficiency, and Image Quality Push DR Imaging Forward
  • Slowdown in Fluoroscopy Market has been Addressed with Multi-purpose Radiography/Fluoroscopy Systems
  • Heightened Competitive Dynamics in the X-Ray Components OEM Industry Starting to Tangibly Impact Integrated DR Systems
  • Agfa HealthCare Introduces in Europe its New Flagship DX-D 800 Multi-purpose DR System
  • GE Healthcare Advances the Clinical case for Digital Tomosynthesis in DR Imaging
  • Samsung Differentiates Solidly in the Competitive Mobile DR Market with the GM85 Product
  • Shimadzu Displays a Wide DR Product Line, with Focus on Multi-purpose Functionality
  • Fujifilm Launches FDR Nano-Its Latest Mobile DR Optimized for Point-of-care Applications
  • Canon Showcases its Growing DelftDI DR Portfolio and a Broadening Range of Wireless DR Detectors
5. Ultrasound-Modality Trends, Vendor Highlights
  • Top Trends in Ultrasound from ECR 2017
  • Significant Regain of Interest from Vendors and Clinicians into Shearwave Elastography
  • Asia-based Vendors Advancing their Position in the European Markets, Particularly in Ultrasound
  • Automation Progress in Ultrasound, Hinting at a Whole New Paradigm that may be Next for Ultrasound
  • Image Quality on New Generation of Handheld Ultrasound Devices makes them Ready for Large-scale Clinical Adoption
  • cMUT Transducer Technology, Possibly a Game-changer in Ultrasound Imaging, Reaches Commercial Stage
  • Hitachi makes Major Strides in Ultrasound with Novel cMUT Transducer and Upgraded Arietta
  • GE Healthcare Showcases the Ingredients of its Market Success Recipe in Radiology Ultrasound
  • Samsung boosts its High-end Positioning in Ultrasound with the RS80A-Prestige System
  • Supersonic Imagine Continues to Lead the Way in Real-time SWE, but Faces Tougher Competition
  • Toshiba uses ECR17 to Launch the New Flagship Aplio i700 and i800, and Augment Aplio Product Capabilities
  • Mindray Expands Product Line and continues its Move Up-market through Advanced Premium Features
  • Philips Healthcare Addresses Emerging Ultrasound Use Cases through Premium and Point of Care Innovations
  • Siemens Healthineers advances Existing S2000 and S3000 Platform with New Features
  • Episonica Makes its First ECR Entry with a Solid ABUS Offering and Value Proposition
6. Image-guided Interventions (IGT)-Modality Trends, Vendor Highlights
  • Top Trends in Image-guided Interventions from ECR 2017
  • Multi-modality Integration and Image Fusion advance the Role for Imaging in Interventional and Therapeutic Applications
  • Surgical C-arm and Interventional X-Ray Product Lines Begin to Blend into Comprehensive IGT Portfolios
  • Ongoing Advances in Interventional Oncology form a Growing Sweet-spot for Image-guidance Techniques
  • Versatility, Mobility, and Advanced Features are Taking Interventional Suites to the Next Level of ‘hybrid’
  • Image-guided Focused Ultrasound (FUS) Comes of Age as a Therapeutic Modality that is Ready for Clinical Prime Time
  • Philips Healthcare Introduces the New Flagship Azurion, Confirms its Commitment to IGT Leadership
  • GE Healthcare Completes its Interventional X-Ray Portfolio with Two New High-end Surgical C-arms
  • Siemens Healthineers Focuses Messaging on Flexibility in Image-guided Procedures
  • Toshiba Infinix-i 4D + En-Suite CT = Infinix-i 4D CT-Presented as an Integrated Turnkey Offering
  • Ziehm Imaging displays Next-generation Mobile C-arm and Continues to Advance Hybrid Offerings
  • Hologic introduces its New Prone Stereotactic Biopsy System for Improved Breast Biopsy Workflow
7. Contrast Auto-injectors-Vendor Highlights
  • Guerbet showcases a Full Line of Auto-injectors that Benefit from the Recent Mallinckrodt Acquisition
  • Bayer showcases New MRI Contrast Auto-injector along with its Entire Solutions and Services
  • Ulrich displays its New MRI Contrast Auto-injector and Messages on Syringe-free Injection Technology
8. Other Eye-catching ECR17 Findings
  • With the Toshiba Acquisition Approved, the Canon Group (along with Vital, Olea) can now be Promoted as One
  • Gadolinium MR Contrast Controversy Continues to Heat Up Amidst New Competitive Dynamics
  • Implementation of ESR i-Guide Clinical Decision Support for Imaging Advances Slowly but Surely
  • Quantitative Imaging & Imaging Biomarkers Burgeon into a New Opportunity for Informatics in Imaging and Research
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  • Agfa HealthCare
  • Bayer
  • Canon
  • Episonica
  • Fujifilm
  • GE Healthcare
  • Guerbet
  • Hitachi
  • Hologic
  • Mindray
  • Samsung
  • Shimadzu
  • Siemens
  • Supersonic Imagine
  • Swissray
  • Toshiba
  • Ulrich
  • Ziehm Imaging
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown