Top Technologies in Health and Wellness, 2017

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Top technology trends that are likely to have an impact in 2017

This strategic research service, Health & Wellness Top 10 Technologies, depicts the current landscape and the new trends in a series of developments associated with innovations in Precision Oncology, Biobetters,Human Microbiomics, Immune Engineering, Cancer/Tumor Profiling, Cellular Therapeutics, Tissue Engineering, Molecular Diagnostics, Gene Editing and Predictive Biomarkers.

Techvision's professionals have monitored, gathered, and analyzed numerous emerging and disruptive technologies selecting this top 10 technologies, by contacting an extensive network of innovators, technology developers, financial institutions, technologists and researchers, among other players in the ecosystem, with the aim to provide your company or institution with a notable intelligence work that can help you build and implement strong growth strategies by leverage disruptive technologies and emerging innovations.

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1. Executive Summary
Research Scope and Index
Selection Methodology
Assessment of Top Technologies: 2015 and 2016
Global Health & Wellness Trends Across 2017
Key Findings

2. Precision Oncology
Precision Medicine Advances Likely to Disrupt Existing Cancer Management Landscape in the Future
Big Pharma Likely to Lead Global Precision Oncology Innovations
Precision Oncology Likely to Witness Continued Growth in IP and Funding Activities
Precision Medicine Innovations Likely to Transform Global Cancer Management Landscape

3. Molecular Diagnostics
Next-generation Sequencing Technologies Likely to Disrupt Existing Molecular Diagnostic Platforms
Emerging Molecular Diagnostic Platforms Present a Growing Market Opportunity
US Leads the Patent and Funding Landscape for MDx Innovations
Emerging NGS Platforms Likely to Transform Global MDx Landscape

4. Predictive Biomarkers
Predictive Biomarker Technologies Lead Personalized Medicine Platforms
US Leads the IP Landscape for Predictive Biomarkers
Personalized Genomics Start-ups Lead the Venture Landscape
Genomic Tests Likely to Lead Biomarker Enabling Platforms

5. Cancer/Tumor Profiling
Liquid Biopsy Profiling Platforms Likely to Disrupt Tumor Tissue Biopsy Techniques
Tumor Profiling Market Poised for Continued Growth
US Leads the IP Landscape for Tumor Profiling
Liquid Biopsy Startups Dominate the Venture Landscape
Liquid Biopsy Techniques likely to Transform Early Tumor Screening

6. Cellular Therapeutics
Stem Cell Therapy is Expected to Address the Most Crucial Medical Challenges
The Stem Cell Therapy Field is Very Active In Terms Of New Companies Significantly Impacting the Market by 2021
Stem Cells Paving the Way for Precision Medicine Through an Unprecedented Technology Synergy
New Japanese Regulatory Framework Impacting Healthcare Globally

7. Gene Editing
Gene Editing Techniques Paving the way for Disease Research and Novel Therapeutics
CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Technology Will Significantly Impact the Market by 2021
Gene Editing Techniques Paving the Way for Precision Medicine
North America and Europe are Dominating the Gene Editing Market

8. Human Microbiomics
Microbiomics Impacts Key Consumer Benefit Areas Such as Skin and Gut Health
Diversity of Market Potential Provides Multiple Opportunities for Rapid Growth
US-based Inventors are Leading in Microbiome-Focused R&D
Skincare, GI, and Immunity are Key Consumer Benefit Areas for Microbiome-Focused Products

9. Immune Engineering
Immunotherapy Is Pushing the Barriers of Standard Cancer Therapy
Replacing Chemotherapy as First-line Treatment Option Increases Revenue Potential of Immunotherapies
US-Based Inventors are Leading In Immune-Focused R&D
Immuno-oncology Is the Largest Application Segment Present Under Immunotherapy

10. Follow on Biologics: Biobetters
Biobetters: A Whole New Generation of Biosimilars
Greater Adoption of Biosimilars Directly Impact by the Degree of Pharmaceutical Involvement
Patenting across Biosimilars Largely Happens around Process and Production Techniques
Oncology is Currently the Disease Area Getting Impacted the Most by Biosimilars

11. Tissue Engineering
Tissue Engineering Has Become a Promising Field among the Foremost Innovative Areas of Medical Care Today
3D Bioprinting Technology is Expected to Have Greatest Impact in the Market by 2025
Additional Commercial Opportunities in Assembly, Manufacturing, and Drug Delivery Sectors
Regional Differentiation Approaches Make the Tissue Engineering Sphere Highly Dynamic
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