The Sourcebook of Listening Research. Methodology and Measures

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The Sourcebook of Listening Research: Methodology and Measures is a landmark work defining the field of listening research and its best practices. An essential read for listening researchers across a range of disciplines including speech, communication studies, linguistics, psychology, and education, it serves as the definitive guide to listening methodology and measurement with contributions from leading listening scholars and researchers.

The Sourcebook of Listening Research: Methodology and Measures evaluates current listening methods and measures with attention to scale development, qualitative methods, operationalizing cognitive processes, and measuring affective and behavioral components. A variety of theoretical models for assessing the cognitive, affective, and behavioral facets of listening are presented alongside 65 measurement profiles. The latest trends in listening research are outlined, as well as the complexities involved in performing successful research in this area.

A thorough review of conceptual issues combined with a comprehensive assessment of qualitative and quantitative measures and methodology make this a cutting–edge resource that listening scholars and professionals will consult again and again.

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Notes on Contributors xi

Preface xxii

Section One Decisions for the Measurement of Listening 1

Chapter 1 Defining Listening: A Historical, Theoretical, and Pragmatic Assessment 3Debra L. Worthington and Graham D. Bodie

Section Two Methodological Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in Listening Research 19

Chapter 2 Measuring Listening 21Graham D. Bodie and Debra L. Worthington

Chapter 3 Qualitative Approaches and Listening Research 45Barbara Cook Overton

Chapter 4 Modeling and Measuring Cognitive Components of Listening 70Debra L. Worthington

Chapter 5 Measuring Affective Components of Listening 97Graham D. Bodie and Susanne M. Jones

Chapter 6 Measuring Behavioral Components of Listening 123Graham D. Bodie

Section Three Measurement Profiles 151

Profile 1 The Academic Listening Self–rating Questionnaire (ALSA) 153Vahid Aryadoust and Christine C. M. Goh

Profile 2 Active – Empathic Listening Scale (AELS) 161Shaughan A. Keaton

Profile 3 Active Listening Attitude Scale (ALAS) 167Brock Bybee and Jonathon Frost

Profile 4 Active Listening Observation Scale (ALOS) 174Andrea J. Vickery

Profile 5 Affectionate Communication Scale (TAS) (Trait–Given & Trait–Received) 180Kory Floyd and Mark Alan Generous

Profile 6 Affectionate Communication Index (ACI) 186Kory Floyd and Lisa J. van Raalte

Profile 7 Attributional Complexity Scale (ACS) 191Michael Navarro

Profile 8 Audio Message Complexity: Audio Content Change (Acc) and Audio Information Introduced (Aii) 198Robert F. Potter and Annie Lang

Profile 9 Communicative Adaptability Scale (CAS) 204Gwen A. Hullman

Profile 10 Communication Competency Assessment Instrument (CCAI) 212Phil Backlund

Profile 11 Communication Functions Questionnaire (CFQ–30) 217Graham D. Bodie

Profile 12 Conversational Listening Span (CLS) 224Debra L. Worthington and Courtney Edwards

Profile 13 Conversational Sensitivity Scale (CSS) 232Debra L. Worthington

Profile 14 The Couples Helping Exercise 239Andrew C. High, Jenny L. Crowley, and Emily M. Buehler

Profile 15 Doctors Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire (DISQ) 246Helen Meldrum

Profile 16 Effective Listening and Interactive Communication Scale (ELICS) 252Gillian King and Michelle Servais

Profile 17 Empathic Accuracy: Standard Stimulus Paradigm (EA–SSP) 259Vivian Ta and William Ickes

Profile 18 Empathic Accuracy: Unstructured Dyadic Interaction Paradigm (EA–UDIP) 265Vivian Ta and William Ickes

Profile 19 Facilitating Listening Scale (FLS) 272Avraham N. Kluger and Osnat Bouskila–Yam

Profile 20 Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire (FFMQ) 281Carly M. Danielson and Susanne M. Jones

Profile 21 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) 290Iballa Burunat and Elvira Brattico

Profile 22 Highly Sensitive Person Scale (HSPS) 299Christopher C. Gearhart

Profile 23 HURIER Listening Profile 306Margarete Imhof

Profile 24 Informational Reception Apprehension Test (IRAT) 313Shaughan A. Keaton

Profile 25 Interaction Involvement Scale (IIS) 319Debra L. Worthington

Profile 26 Feffer s Interpersonal Decentering 327Molly S. Tucker and Sharon Rae Jenkins

Profile 27 Interpersonal Process Recall (IPR) 334Christopher T. Belser

Profile 28 Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) 340Shaughan A. Keaton

Profile 29 Language Style Matching (LSM) 348Kaitlin Cannava

Profile 30 Leader–Member Exchange 7 Questionnaire (LMX–7) 354Lisa K. Hanasono

Profile 31 Listenability Style Guide (LSG) 361Graham D. Bodie

Profile 32 Listening Concepts Inventory (LCI and LCI–R) 372Debra L. Worthington

Profile 33 Listening Fidelity (LF) 379Margarete Imhof

Profile 34 Listening Practices Feedback Report (LPFR) 387Debra L. Worthington

Profile 35 Listening Span Tests 394Margarete Imhof

Profile 36 Listening Styles Profile–Revised (LSP–R) 402Graham D. Bodie and Debra L. Worthington

Profile 37 Medical Communication Competence Scale (MCCS) 410Danielle Blanch–Hartigan

Profile 38 Memory for Conversation 419Jonathon Frost and Brock Bybee

Profile 39 Metacognitive Awareness Listening Questionnaire (MALQ) 430Christine C. M. Goh

Profile 40 Metacognitive Listening Strategies Instrument (MLSI) 438Laura A. Janusik

Profile 41 Microanalysis of Face–to–Face Dialogue (MFD) 445Janet Bavelas, Jennifer Gerwing, Sara Healing, and Christine Tomori

Profile 42 Multidimensional Evaluation of Enacted Social Support (MEESS) 453Daena J. Goldsmith and Abbey Griscom

Profile 43 Multitasking While Listening 458Jonathon Frost and Brock Bybee

Profile 44 Narrative Believability Scale (NBS–12) 465Graham D. Bodie

Profile 45 Narrative Engagement Measure (NEM) 469Jenny L. Crowley and Jennifer A. Jackl

Profile 46 Weinstein Noise Sensitivity Scale (WNSS) 475Debra L. Worthington

Profile 47 Nonverbal Immediacy Measures 482Jane B. Teel

Profile 48 Normative Message Processing Scale (NMPS) 496R. Kelly Aune and Rodney A. Reynolds

Profile 49 Ordinary Conversation Scale (OCS) 504Brian Lakey and Travis Sain

Profile 50 Organizational Listening Survey (OLS) 509Laura A. Janusik

Profile 51 Perceived Partner Responsiveness Scale (PPRS) 516Harry T. Reis, Dev Crasta, Ronald D. Rogge, Michael R. Maniaci, and Cheryl L. Carmichael

Profile 52 Profile of Nonverbal Sensitivity (PONS) 522Laura A. Janusik

Profile 53 Rational–Experiential Inventory 40 (REI–40) 530Shaughan A. Keaton

Profile 54 Relational Framing 537Denise Haunani Solomon and Sara K. Salmon

Profile 55 Rhetorical Sensitivity Scale (RHETSEN) 545Shaughan A. Keaton

Profile 56 Role Category Questionnaire (RCQ) 552Andrea J. Vickery

Profile 57 Self–Perceived Listening Competence Scale (SPLCS) 560
Margarete Imhof

Profile 58 Talkaholic Scale (Compulsive Communication Scale) (TAS) 566Debra L. Worthington

Profile 59 Team Listening Environment (TLE) 573Michelle K. Johnston and Kendra Reed

Profile 60 Time Studies 578Graham D. Bodie

Profile 61 The Listening Test of the Internet–Based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT) 592Vahid Aryadoust

Profile 62 Verbal Aggressiveness Scale (VAS) 599Timothy R. Levine

Profile 63 Taxonomy of Verbal Response Modes (VRM) 605William B. Stiles

Profile 64 Watson–Barker Listening Test (WBLT) 612Debra L. Worthington

Profile 65 Willingness to Listen (WTL) 617Andrea J. Vickery

Index 624

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