Innovation, between Science and Science Fiction

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Innovation mobilizes complex process in which the imaginary intervenes at various levels. If it is difficult for some players to assert who, science or science fiction is the source of innovations, new technology or new product is part of a fantasy that accompanies its invention, its design and diffusion. If science existed before science fiction, the latter is more often cited by companies and organizations when they present or justify investments or strategic policies. If science fiction is the product of industry and science, it has gradually freed from it to offer little or not explored prospects, that are helpful to innovation processes, that use more and more the imagination. The creation of science–fictional narratives from more and more people in organizations will boost a virtuous circle in which science and science fiction will inspire each other even more in order to innovate.
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Chapter 1 . Science fiction takes its inspiration from the industrial revolution and scientific progress

I. A few important scientific questions dealt with in the history of science–fiction

II. A few theories on scientific imagination

Chapter 2. The use of science fiction by organizations in order to innovate

III. Science fiction in innovative organizations : how storytelling uses technical imaginary

IV. Does science fiction anticipate innovations ? The debate on its prophetic function

Chapter 3. From science fiction imaginary to technoscientific ideology

V. Science fiction and technological ideologies

VI. The imaginary contribution to the building of scientific intelligence
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Thomas Michaud
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