Global Precision Farming Market 2017-2025

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A global population expansion is expected in the coming decade with population estimates expected to grow fro 7.3 billion currently to around 8.5 billion by 2025. This increase in the global food requirement will drive the need of higher efficiency and yield rates in forms and will also act as a conduit for the adoption of robotics and automation technologies in the agricultural domain. Though the precision farming market is seeing certain low capital based cost effective solutions cropping up in the part few years, high capital costs for technologies like variable rate technology (VRT) is still a barrier for adoption by farmers. Added to the lack of independent field testing to help farmers with decision making with regards to equipment and machinery, adoption of precision agriculture hardware and software services is till limited to few developed nations

The high capital costs and lack of awareness issues are expected to fade away eventually in the coming decade especially due to many government initiatives supporting the increased use of precision farming techniques. One such example is the Agriculture and Horticulture Department Bard (AHBD) in the U.K. which has made significant strides in making sure that independent information is available to the farmers.

From a technology perspective, the lack of standards and limitation with respect to the exchange of data between the different systems has hindered the adoption of machinery from different brands. The precision farming value chain is also lacking in independent advisory or consulting focused system integrators. This has made it a difficult task for farmers to make suitable investments decisions due to the lack of robust agro-economic models.. It is expected that in the coming decade, as the proliferation of autonomous machinery becomes commonplace in the farms across the globe, and an influx of market across the value chain in the same period, will help resolve many of the constraints inherent in the lack of standardization.

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  • AG Leader Technology
  • Agribotix
  • Delaval Group
  • Lely Group
  • Precision Hawk
  • Teejet Technologies
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1. Executive Summary
1.1. Classification and Comparison of Global Precision Farming Market
1.2. Key Policy Recommendations for the Global Precision Farming Market
1.3. Executive Summary info-Graphic

2. Scope, Methodology & Assumptions
2.1. Scope
2.2. Research Methodology
2.2.1. 360 Degree Market View
2.2.2. Top-Down & Bottom-Up Approach
2.3. Forecast Model

3. Global Scenario
3.1. Global Market for Precision Farming
3.2. Market Dynamics
3.2.1. Drivers
3.2.2. Restraints
3.2.3. Challenges
3.3. Value-Chain Analysis
3.4. Key Opportunity: Agricultural Drones/UAVs in Precision Farming Applications
3.5. Techno-Economic Analysis
3.5.1. Global Precision Farming Market
3.6. Market Breakdown: Hardware Vs Software, Services & Peripherals
3.6.1. Hardware Automation & Control Sensing & Monitoring
3.6.2. Software, Services & Peripherals Farm Management Softwares

4. Market Segmentations
4.1. Precision Farming Market By Component Technologies
4.1.1. Guidance Systems GNSS GIS
4.1.2. Remote Sensing Systems Hand-Held Devices Satellite-Based Sensing
4.1.3. Variable Rate Application (VRA) Fertilizers Pesticides and Herbicides Seeding
4.2. Precision Farming Market By Products
4.2.1. Agricultural Drones/UAVs
4.2.2. Autonomous Tractors
4.2.3. Agricultural Robots
4.2.4. Others
4.3. Precision Farming By Applications
4.3.1. Yield Monitoring
4.3.2. VRA
4.3.3. Field Mapping
4.3.4. Soil Monitoring
4.3.5. Crop Scouting
4.3.6. Animal and Livestock Management

5. Market By Geography
5.1.1. Americas
5.1.2. Studies By the American Farm Bureau Show A Rise in the Number of American Farmers Looking to Leverage Robotics and Precision Agriculture
5.1.3. Europe High Level of interoperability in Agtech Within Europe Has Helped in Early Adoption of Precision Farming
5.1.4. Australasia High Value Crops Are A Key Target for Precision Farming in Asia
5.1.5. Significant Rest of World Israel Heats Up As A Hot-Bed for Agtech Attracting A $50 Million Fund From VCs

6. Country-Wise Specifics
6.1. U.S.
6.2. Canada
6.3. Mexico
6.4. Germany
6.5. France
6.6. Italy
6.7. U.K.
6.8. Spain
6.9. Japan
6.10. China
6.11. AUS & NZ
6.12. South Korea
6.13. india

7. Competitor intelligence
7.1. Market Share Analysis
7.2. Few Major Start-Ups Existing in the Precision Farming Market and Related Domains
7.3. Manufacturers and Primary Stakeholders in the Market

8. Company Profiles
8.1. AG Leader Technology
8.2. AGCO Corporation
8.3. Agjunction inc.
8.4. Case IH
8.5. Dicky-John Corporation
8.6. Agribotix
8.7. Agrobot
8.8. Autonomous Tractor Corporation
8.9. Precision Hawk
8.10. Lely Group
8.11. Delaval Group
8.12. Empire Unmanned
8.13. Monsanto
8.14. Novariant
8.15. Precision Planting inc.
8.16. Raven industries inc.
8.17. Sst Development Group, inc.
8.18. Teejet Technologies
8.19. topcon Precision Agriculture
8.20. Trimble Navigation Limited
8.21. Valmont industries
8.22. Yara international

9. Appendix
9.1. List of Tables and Figures in the Report

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  • AG Leader Technology
  • AGCO Corporation
  • Agjunction inc.
  • Agribotix
  • Agrobot
  • Autonomous Tractor Corporation
  • Case IH
  • Delaval Group
  • Dicky-John Corporation
  • Empire Unmanned
  • Lely Group
  • Monsanto
  • Novariant
  • Precision Hawk
  • Precision Planting inc.
  • Raven industries inc.
  • Sst Development Group, inc.
  • Teejet Technologies
  • Topcon Precision Agriculture
  • Trimble Navigation Limited
  • Valmont industries
  • Yara international
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown