Bread and Baked Food Market by Type (Bread, Pastries, Cereals, Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Biscuits, Scones and Other Types): Europe 2015-2021

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The bread and baked food market report covers a detail study of the forecast and analysis in Europe. . The report includes historic data of 2015 and forecast from 2016 to 2021 based revenue (USD Billion). The study provides drivers and restraints for the market and the impact on the demand over the forecast period. Additionally, the study comprises existing opportunities in the bread and baked food market on a Europe and regional level.

The report provides the users of this report with a complete view on the bread and baked food market, by including detailed competitive scenario, along with strategic developments and product portfolio of key manufacturers and vendors. The competitive landscape of the bread and baked food market is well given with analysis of Porters five forces model for the bread and baked food market. The study covers a market attractiveness analysis, where type and application segments are benchmarked based on their market size, growth rate and attractiveness.

The bread and baked product market can be segmented based on type. The bread and baked product market can be segmented based on type. The bread consists of two major types that are white bread and brown bread and other types. There are numerous baked products available in the market among those the key products are pastries, cereals, pies, cakes, cookies, biscuits, scones and other types. All the segments have been studied based on current and future trends and the market is predicated from 2015 to 2021.

The report covers detailed competitive outlook including company profiles of the key participants operating in the Europe market. Key players profiled in the report includeDelta Agri-Foods Inc, Biscuits Fossier, DeliFrance, Groupe Holder, Paul. Cake the Kitchen Family, Bakers Oven, Beigel Bake, Huntley and Palmers, Premier Foods, Warrens Bakery, AB Mauri and Ginsters among others.

This report segments the bread and baked food market as follows:

Bread and Baked Food Market: Type Analysis
White bread
Brown bread
Others (doughnut, bagel, tortilla, cracker pretzel)
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1. Introduction
1.1. Report description and scope
1.2. Research scope
1.3. Research methodology
1.3.1. Market research process
1.3.2. Market research methodology

2. Executive Summary
2.1. Europe market revenue, 2015 - 2021(USD Billion)
2.2. Europe bread and baked food market: Snapshot

3. Bread and baked food Market Europe and Industry Analysis
3.1. Bread and baked food: Market dynamics
3.2. Market drivers
3.2.1. Drivers of Europe bread and baked food market: Impact analysis
3.2.2. Increasing popularity of functional bakery products is expected to fuel the market growth
3.3. Market restraints
3.3.1. Restraints of Europe bread and baked food market: Impact analysis
3.3.2. Limited life shelf of the baked products
3.4. Opportunities
3.4.1. Innovative products can open up new avenues for the market
3.5. Porters five forces analysis
3.6. Market Attractiveness Analysis
3.6.1. Market attractiveness analysis by type segment
3.6.2. Market attractiveness analysis by regional segment

4. Europe Bread and Baked Food Market - Competitive Landscape
4.1. Company market share, 2015
4.1.1. Europe bread and baked food market : company market share, 2015
4.2. Strategic Development
4.2.1. Acquisitions Mergers
4.2.2. New Product Launch
4.2.3. Agreements, Partnerships, Collaborations and Joint Ventures
4.2.4. Research and Development, Product and Regional Expansion
4.3. Patent Analysis (2011-2016)
4.3.1. Patent Trend
4.3.2. Patent Share by company
4.3.3. By Region

5. Europe Bread and Baked Food Market Type Segment Analysis
5.1. Europe bread and baked food market: type overview
5.1.1. Europe bread and baked food market revenue share, by type, 2015 - 2021
5.2. Bread
5.2.1. Europe bread market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.2.2. White bread Europe white bread market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.2.3. Brown bread Europe brown bread market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.3. Pastries
5.3.1. Europe pastries market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.4. Cereals
5.4.1. Europe cereals market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.5. Pies
5.5.1. Europe pies market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.6. Cakes
5.6.1. Europe cakes market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.7. Cookies
5.7.1. Europe cookies market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.8. Biscuits
5.8.1. Europe biscuits market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.9. Scones
5.9.1. Europe scones market, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)
5.10. Other
5.10.1. Europe bread and baked food market, by other types, 2015 2021 (USD Billion)

6. Company Profile
6.1. Delta Agri-Foods Inc
6.1.1. Overview
6.1.2. Financials
6.1.3. Product portfolio
6.1.4. Business strategy
6.1.5. Recent developments
6.2. Biscuits Fossier
6.2.1. Overview
6.2.2. Financials
6.2.3. Product portfolio
6.2.4. Business strategy
6.2.5. Recent developments
6.3. DeliFrance
6.3.1. Overview
6.3.2. Financials
6.3.3. Product portfolio
6.3.4. Business strategy
6.3.5. Recent developments
6.4. Groupe Holder
6.4.1. Overview
6.4.2. Financials
6.4.3. Product portfolio
6.4.4. Business strategy
6.4.5. Recent developments
6.5. Cake the Kitchen Family
6.5.1. Overview
6.5.2. Financials
6.5.3. Product portfolio
6.5.4. Business strategy
6.5.5. Recent developments
6.6. Bakers Oven
6.6.1. Overview
6.6.2. Financials
6.6.3. Product portfolio
6.6.4. Business strategy
6.6.5. Recent developments
6.7. Beigel Bake
6.7.1. Overview
6.7.2. Financials
6.7.3. Product portfolio
6.7.4. Business strategy
6.7.5. Recent developments
6.8. Huntley and Palmers
6.8.1. Overview
6.8.2. Financials
6.8.3. Product portfolio
6.8.4. Business strategy
6.8.5. Recent developments
6.9. Premier Foods
6.9.1. Overview
6.9.2. Financials
6.9.3. Product portfolio
6.9.4. Business strategy
6.9.5. Recent developments
6.10. Warrens Bakery
6.10.1. Overview
6.10.2. Financials
6.10.3. Product portfolio
6.10.4. Business strategy
6.10.5. Recent developments
6.11. AB Mauri
6.11.1. Overview
6.11.2. Financials
6.11.3. Product portfolio
6.11.4. Business strategy
6.11.5. Recent developments
6.12. Ginsters
6.12.1. Overview
6.12.2. Financials
6.12.3. Product portfolio
6.12.4. Business strategy
6.12.5. Recent developments

7. Patents
7.1. U.S. (US Patents)
7.2. Europe (EP documents)
7.3. Japan (Abstracts of Japan)
7.4. Europe (WIPO (PCT)
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown