Wolfspeed C3M900V SiC MOSFET: Structure and Cost Analysis

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The SiC C3M™ Platform is the first 900V SiC MOSFET platform, designed by Wolfspeed for high-power applications like renewable energy, DC/DC converters, and telecom power supplies. Compared with previous-generation SiC MOSFETs, this third generation allows for a smaller device, higher current density, and lower on-resistance for the same current. The SiC C3M™ Platform proposes devices competitive with the latest SJ MOSFETs and GaN HEMT in terms of cost and performance.

The SiC C3M™ Platform includes three devices at different currents, assembled in two packages. This report presents a deep analysis of the C3M0280090 device and an overview of C3M0120090D and C3M0065090D assembled in a TO220 package. Moreover, this report studies the potential evolution of the device’s cost over the next five years according to technology and market trends.

Also included is a comparison with previous Cree SiC MOSFET generations and a cost comparison with Infineon’s Si SJ MOSFET and GaN Systems’ GaN HEMT.
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Detailed Photos

Precise Measurements

Material Analysis

Manufacturing Process Flow

Supply Chain Evaluation

Manufacturing Cost Analysis

Selling Price Estimation

Comparison with Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor
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