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Sweet Biochemistry: Remembering Structures, Cycles, and Pathways by Mnemonics makes biochemistry lively, interesting and memorable. by connecting objects, images and stories. Dr. Kumari has converted cycles and difficult pathways into very simple formula, very short stories and images which will help readers see familiar things in complicated cycles and better visualize biochemistry.

  • Provides quick, indigenous formulas, mnemonics, figures and short stories to help users simply recollect the study of biochemistry
  • Gives unique descriptions of the difficult areas in biochemistry and new ways of remembering a pathway or structure
  • Presents original diagrams that resonate and are easy to recall

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1. Glycolysis 2. Krebs Cycle 3. Electron Transport Chain 4. Beta Oxidation of Fatty Acids 5. Fatty Acid Biosynthesis 6. Cholesterol Structure 7. Cholesterol Synthesis 8. Heme Synthesis 9. Porphyrias 10. Urea Cycle 11. Urea Cycle Disorders 12. Glycogen Storage Disorders 13. Mucopolysaccharidosis 14. Lipid Storage Disorders 15. Ceramide Structure and Degradation 16. Prostaglandin Synthesis 17. Purine Structure 18. Purine De Novo Synthesis 19. Pyrimidine Structure 20. Pyrimidine De Novo Synthesis

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Kumari, Asha
Dr. Asha Kumari is a young medical biochemist. Her parent institute is Pt. BD Sharma, PGIMS, Rohtak, from where she completed her MBBS and MD Biochemistry in 2014. She is presently working as a demonstrator in the Department of Biochemistry of the same prestigious institute. She is a member of Association of Medical Biochemists of India. She is actively involved in medical research and has written papers in international and national journals.
She is second child of Sh. Dayanand and Smt. Burfo Devi. Her elder and younger brother has always encouraged her talents. Personally, she is versatile. A good dancer, painter, singer and a sportwomen. Her native place is Rohtak, Haryana, India. She believes that 'science is religion and religion is science'. Dr. Asha has a deep interest in improving the teaching methods in medical field. This book is her first endeavor in the same direction.
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