Accelerating a Return on Investment in FTTx in Emerging Asia-Pacific: Best Practices

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Explores How Operators Can Accelerate the Return on their FTTx Investments

"FTTx operators in EMAP must do more to accelerate a return on their FTTx investments; the use of fixed-mobile bundles, expanded coverage for smaller towns, and opening networks to third parties are all promising strategies."

FTTx operators in emerging Asia-Pacific (EMAP) have, in many cases, struggled to gain a return on their fibre investment due primarily to poor take-up of retail offers, which itself is the result of inadequately designed offers and competition from other providers with overlapping fibre networks. The cost of fibre roll-out in EMAP has also impeded a return on FTTx investments.

This report explores how operators can accelerate the return on their FTTx investments. We discuss how operators can boost take-up of retail offers and increase ARPU with fixed-mobile bundles. The report also assesses how fibre roll-out costs can be reduced (for instance, through the use of different FTTx architectures). Finally, we explore how operators can develop wholesale strategies and partnerships to both improve retail take-up and reduce the cost of network roll-outs.

This report provides answers to the following questions:

  • How can FTTx operators in EMAP accelerate the return on their investment in fibre networks?
  • Which retail offers work best for driving revenue growth on FTTx operators’ fibre networks?
  • What are the best approaches for targeting FTTx coverage, and what are the best ways to reduce costs per home passed?
  • Are there potential advantages in FTTx operators in EMAP opening their networks to third parties, and what are the different ways in which this can be achieved?

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