The Market for Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment in Europe (Analyst Version)

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120 MBT Plant Facilities is Expected with an Estimated Capacity of Almost 10 Million Annual Tons to be Commissioned Between 2017 and 2025

The Market for Mechanical Biological Waste Treatment in Europe

The business with mechanical biological waste treatment plants (MBT plants) continues to be a strong market. In the past 5 years, an average of about 25 new MBT plants were constructed annually in Europe. In this way, an average of about 2.2 million annual tons were commissioned each year.

In early 2017, Europe has a total of about 570 active MBT plants with a treatment capacity of 55 million tons. Another 120 facilities is expected with an estimated capacity of almost 10 million annual tons to be commissioned between 2017 and 2025. Thus the market situation will continue to be strong in the coming years, although the speed of construction will decrease somewhat.

In many countries, the modernisation of existing plants will replace the new construction business. One reason for this is the production of RDF, which is increasingly pushed to reduce the landfilling fraction of the MBT plants. The altered composition of residual waste as a result of a stronger separate collection also requires investments in existing plants.

Against this backdrop, the publisher has analyzed the existing European MBT plants and forecast the future market development by using a transparent methodology.

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Preface for the Analyst Version


Management summary

1 Differentiation
1.1 Term
1.2 Waste input, differentiation from other sorting plants
1.3 Geographical differentiation

2 Plant technology
2.1 Purpose
2.2 Influencing factors
2.3 Basic structure
2.4 Waste delivery, initial storage
2.5 Shredding
2.6 Sorting
2.7 Biological treatment
2.8 Flue gas cleaning
2.9 Other support processes

3 Costs and revenues
3.1 Investment costs
3.2 Operational costs
3.3 Revenues

4 Legal framework and market factors
4.1 EU waste policies
4.2 RDF demand
4.3 MBT vs. waste incineration
4.4 Biogas subsidisation
4.5 Other market factors

5 Plants and market
5.1 Plants
5.2 Market

6 Competition
6.1 Operators
6.2 Technology providers

7 National markets and sites
7.1 Overview
7.2 Belgium
7.3 Bulgaria
7.4 Croatia
7.5 Cyprus
7.6 Czech Republic
7.7 Denmark
7.8 Estonia
7.9 Finland
7.10 France
7.11 Germany
7.12 Greece
7.13 Hungary
7.14 Ireland
7.15 Iceland
7.16 Italy
7.17 Latvia
7.18 Lithuania
7.19 Luxembourg
7.20 Malta
7.21 Netherlands
7.22 Norway
7.23 Poland
7.24 Portugal
7.25 Romania
7.26 Sweden
7.27 Switzerland
7.28 Slovakia
7.29 Slovenia
7.30 Spain
7.31 UK



List of Figures
Figure 1: Analysed topic in the ecoprog waste matrix
Figure 2: Geographical differentiation of analysed markets
Figure 3: Material flows of an MBT plant
Figure 4: Input and treatment effort
Figure 5: Output and treatment effort
Figure 6: Processing efforts for plastic (secondary raw material)
Figure 7: Processing efforts for refuse-derived fuel
Figure 8: Output and treatment efforts
Figure 9: Decomposing composite material through shredding
Figure 10: Selected technologies for reducing particle sizes
Figure 11: Technologies for separating waste
Figure 12: Exemplary MBT plant
Figure 13: Examples for investment sums for new construction projects
Figure 14: Overview investment sum
Figure 15: Components of operational costs
Figure 16: Operational costs of mechanical processing (without disposal and transportation costs)
Figure 17: MBT market factors
Figure 18: Adoption and implementation of EU Landfill Directive
Figure 19: Shares of type of MSW treatment in the EU, by country
Figure 20: Deadlines of the Landfill Directive and reductions for reaching the third deadline
Figure 21: Reduction of landfilled biodegradable waste by third deadline
Figure 22: Measures for limiting landfilling in the EEA
Figure 23: Adoption and implementation of EU Waste Framework Directive
Figure 24: Waste hierarchy (EU Waste Framework Directive)
Figure 25: Adaption and implementation of IPPC Directive
Figure 26: 2030 goals of the planned Circular Economy Package
Figure 27: Calorific values of selected fuels
Figure 28: Coal and oil prices in Europe 1995-2015
Figure 29: MBA versus MVA
Figure 30: Transportation routes to a treatment plant in a rural location
Figure 31: Space needed for 1 Mg of MSW
Figure 32: Subsidisation schemes in the individual countries
Figure 33: MBT plants in Europe, n=570
Figure 34: MBT capacities in Europe, n=54.9 million Mg/a
Figure 35: Average plant size by region
Figure 36: Type of biological treatment, n=570
Figure 37: MBT capacities per head
Figure 38: Development of MBT capacities and plants in Europe by 2025
Figure 39: Newly constructed plants and installed treatment capacities per year
Figure 40: Expected construction of new MBT capacities between 2017 and 2025 in 1,000 Mg/a
Figure 41: MBT plant operators in Europe
Figure 42: MSW treatment in Austria 2004-2014
Figure 43: Market forecast Austria
Figure 44: Location of plants and projects in Austria
Figure 45: MSW treatment in Belgium 2004-2014
Figure 46: Location of plants and projects in Belgium
Figure 47: MSW treatment in Bulgaria 2004-2014
Figure 48: Market forecast Bulgaria
Figure 49: Location of plants and projects in Bulgaria
Figure 50: MSW treatment in Croatia 2006-2014
Figure 51: Biogas feed-in tariffs in Croatia (2016)
Figure 52: Market forecast Croatia
Figure 53: Project outlook Croatia
Figure 54: Location of plants and projects in Croatia
Figure 55: MSW treatment in Cyprus 2004-2014
Figure 56: Market forecast Cyprus
Figure 57: Project outlook Cyprus
Figure 58: Location of plants and projects in Cyprus
Figure 59: MSW treatment in the Czech Republic 2004-2014
Figure 60: Market forecast Czech Republic
Figure 61: Project outlook Czech Republic
Figure 62: Location of plants and projects in the Czech Republic
Figure 63: MSW treatment in Denmark 2004-2014
Figure 64: MSW treatment in Estonia 2004-2014
Figure 65: Market forecast Estonia
Figure 66: Project outlook Estonia
Figure 67: Location of plants and projects Estonia
Figure 68: MSW treatment in Finland 2004-2014
Figure 69: Market forecast Estonia
Figure 70: Project outlook Finland
Figure 71: Location of plants and projects in Finland
Figure 72: MSW treatment in France 2004-2014
Figure 73: Feed-in tariff for biogas in France 2016
Figure 74: Tariffs for injection into the gas grid from April 2016 onwards
Figure 75: Market forecast France
Figure 76: Project outlook France
Figure 77: Location of plants and projects in France
Figure 78: MSW treatment in Germany 2004-2014
Figure 79: Market forecast Germany
Figure 80: Location of plants and projects in Germany
Figure 81: MSW treatment in Greece 2004-2013
Figure 82: Market forecast Greece
Figure 83: Project outlook Greece
Figure 84: Location of plants and projects in Greece
Figure 85: MSW treatment in Hungary 2004-2014
Figure 86: Feed-in tariffs in Hungary 2016
Figure 87: Market forecast Hungary
Figure 88: Project outlook Hungary
Figure 89: Location of plants and projects in Hungary
Figure 90: MSW treatment in Ireland 2004-2013
Figure 91: Market forecast Ireland
Figure 92: Project outlook Ireland
Figure 93: Location of plants and projects in Ireland
Figure 94: MSW treatment in Iceland 2004-2013
Figure 95: MSW treatment in Italy 2004-2014
Figure 96: Subsidies in Italy 2016
Figure 97: Plants and sizes in Italy
Figure 98: Market forecast Italy
Figure 99: Project outlook Italy
Figure 100: Location of plants and projects in Italy
Figure 101: MSW treatment in Latvia 2004-2014
Figure 102: Market forecast Latvia
Figure 103: Project outlook Latvia
Figure 104: Location of plants and projects in Latvia
Figure 105: MSW treatment in Lithuania 2004-2014
Figure 106: Current subsidies in Lithuania
Figure 107: Market forecast Lithuania
Figure 108: Project outlook Lithuania
Figure 109: Location of plants and projects in Lithuania
Figure 110: MSW treatment in Luxembourg 2004-2014
Figure 111: MSW treatment in Malta 2004-2014
Figure 112: Market forecast Malta
Figure 113: MSW treatment in den Netherlands 2004-2014
Figure 114: Market forecast Netherlands
Figure 115: Project outlook Netherlands
Figure 116: Location of plants and projects in den Netherlands
Figure 117: MSW treatment in Norway 2004-2014
Figure 118: Market forecast Norway
Figure 119: Project outlook Norway
Figure 120: Location of plants and projects in Norway
Figure 121: MSW treatment in Poland 2004-2014
Figure 122: Development of marshal fees in Poland between 2002 and 2014
Figure 123: Throughput of the mechanical and biological treatment plants in Poland
Figure 124: Market forecast Poland
Figure 125: Project outlook Poland
Figure 126: Location of plants and projects in Poland
Figure 127: MSW treatment in Portugal 2004-2014
Figure 128: Market forecast Portugal
Figure 129: Project outlook Portugal
Figure 130: Location of plants and projects in Portugal
Figure 131: MSW treatment in Romania 2004-2013
Figure 132: Market forecast Romania
Figure 133: Project outlook Romania
Figure 134: Location of plants and projects in Romania
Figure 135: MSW treatment in Sweden 2004-2014
Figure 136: MSW treatment in der Switzerland 2004-2014
Figure 137: MSW treatment in Slovakia 2004-2014
Figure 138: Market forecast Slovakia
Figure 139: MSW treatment in Slovenia 2004-2014
Figure 140: Market forecast Slovenia
Figure 141: Project outlook Slovenia
Figure 142: Location of plants and projects in Slovenia
Figure 143: MSW treatment in Spain 2004-2014
Figure 144: Regional landfill taxes in Spain
Figure 145: Market forecast Spain
Figure 146: Project outlook Spain
Figure 147: Location of plants and projects in Spain
Figure 148: MSW treatment in the UK 2004-2014
Figure 149: Market forecast UK
Figure 150: Project outlook UK
Figure 151: Location of plants and projects in the UK

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  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown