IMS Country Review 2017: Saudi Arabia

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  • Region: Saudi Arabia
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IMS Country Review™ 2017 provides comprehensive qualitative insights into a specific pharmaceutical market as well as showing sales trends over the last 5 years. Sales performance is analysed in terms of major corporations, therapeutic classes, major products and new product activity.

Key Benefits:
  • Targeted national sales analysis by company, product and therapy areas, allowing you to understand the pharmaceutical performance of the country.
  • Synopsis of the healthcare system and relevant pharmaceutical issues, based on primary research gathered by the IMS country experts.
  • Standardised comparable data against which the industry is measured, stemming from accurate and reliable IMS audited year-end sales data.
Includes useful measures:
  • US$ sales
  • 5 year growth in US $ and local currency dollar (eliminating inaccuracies due to exchange rate fluctuations)
  • Evolution Index
  • market share
  • Detailed information file allowing a thorough understanding of the data values and definitions, the universe/country abbreviations, and the EphMRA anatomical therapeutic classification
  • Cost-effective strategic analysis tool that will provide the essential insights needed to get insights into a country market of interest
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These Country Review comprises 2 sections:

1. Qualitative country overview, featuring consistent sections on:
  • Market Trends
  • Healthcare Provision
  • Prescribing Policy
  • Pricing System
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Industr y Environment
  • Channels of Distr ibution
2. Quantitative country performance sections, providing sales trends for:
  • Country ranking amongst 40 markets
  • Audited Market Trend
  • Leading 35 local companies
  • Leading 35 corporations
  • Market Share by Corporate Nationality
  • Leading 15 Therapeutic Classes
  • 15 Fastest-Growing Therapeutic Classes
  • Leading 15 Therapeutic Class Profiles, including trends for top 10 corporations and top 10 products
  • Leading 40 Products
  • Leading 40 New Products
  • Leading 15 product forms
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