The European Space Industry in 2016 (Eurospace Facts & Figures)

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Commercial Markets Represent 38% of Industry Sales in 2016 (Worth 3.2 €B)

A strategic sector, embedded in the larger aerospace and defence industry, the space manufacturing industry designs, develops and builds space systems (launchers, spacecraft and the related professional ground segment) for public and private customers in Europe and across the Globe. The space industry is at the higher end of an important value-added stream of commercial and public/strategic services. Space value added services and their user ground segment (e.g. Copernicus, Galileo, Broadcast and broadband services, geo-information...) generate socio economic benefits and support the development of Europe.

  • Industrial statistics collected at the source
  • Annual survey, >200 space units in the economic model
  • Proven consolidation methodology
  • Full chronological consistency and comprehensive series
  • Unique economic indicators

Report contains:

  • More than 50 charts and tables
  • All market segment (institutional/commercial) all product segments (satellite applications, human spaceflight, science, launchers, ground segment) employment demographics (by corporate affiliation, company size, education and country of activity)
  • Long series 1996-2016 for analysis
  • Detailed data sets for all key information
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1. Foreword

2. Overview

  • A specialised strategic sector
  • Markets and customers

3. Main indicators
Long series indicators

4. Sector Demographics

  • Industry employment - age and gender distribution
  • Industry employment - qualification structure
  • Industry employment - distribution by country
  • Industry employment - distribution by company
  • Employment in large groups
  • SMEs in the space sector
  • Special focus: SMEs in the supply chain
  • The situation
  • Distribution by capability
  • Distribution by country
  • Focus on the top 40 space SMEs

5. Final Sales by Market Segment

  • Overview: European sales vs. Export
  • Overview: Public vs. Private customers
  • Customer details
  • Focus: European public/institutional customers
  • Focus: The commercial market (private customers and exports)
  • Overview: Historic series - customer segment

6. Final Sales by Product Segment

  • Overview: Sales by main product segment
  • Focus: Military systems and military customers
  • Launcher systems sales
  • Satellite applications sales
  • Scientific programmes sales
  • Ground segment activities

7. Output of the European space industry in 2016

  • European spacecraft deliveries to launch
  • Ariane and VEGA launches

8. Methodology

  • Perimeter of the survey
  • Data Collection
  • Consolidation Model
  • Methodological update in 2010

9. Definitions

  • Space systems and related products considered in the survey
  • Launcher systems
  • Spacecraft/satellite systems
  • Ground Segment (and related services)
  • Sector concentration: employment in space units, employment by unit and cumulated %

10. Survey information

  • Eurospace economic model
  • 2017 Survey statistics: questionnaire return rate in % of units, sales, and employment
  • Companies having supported the survey in 2017

11. Survey release notes

  • Release notes
  • Long series information
  • Perimeter changes
  • Copyright policy

12. Credits

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown