Global Development Survey 2017, Volume 1

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26% of Developers Worldwide say they are Currently Developing their Apps to run on Secure and Trusted Systems

The Global Development Survey is a broad survey of developers worldwide, conducted twice a year that covers all of the hottest development topics. This series started in 1998, focusing on language, tools, and technology adoption. It is delivered as an aggregate report which includes in-depth analysis on global development and the Data Analytics Console which provides the data behind the report with the versatility of 26 filters.

While other surveys specialize in particular areas of development such as Cloud, Big Data, and Mobile Development and are restricted in their sample to only those developers in that discipline, the Global Development is open to all types of software developers.

Conducted twice a year in six languages with over 1400 developers worldwide this survey also explores: demographics, platform use and migrations, language use, Cloud development and deployment, security, Payment Solutions, Mobile development, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Databases and Big Data, software development requirements, development tools, development issues, and modeling configurations and managing applications.

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Objectives of the Survey
Survey Methodology 
Research Design 
Relative Rankings 
The Sample – Software Developers 
The EDC Panel
Other Evans Data CorpServices
Multi-Client Survey Series
Tactical Survey Reports 
Custom Surveys 
Targeted Analytics

Involvement with Software Development
Developer Segment
Developer Segment by Region 
Trend: Developer Segment
Job Description 
Age by region- Trend
Gender by Age 
Gender (Trend)
Years Experience
Developer Program Membership
Developer Program Membership by Region
Developer Program Membership: Trend 
Development Outside of Employment 
Time Spent on Outside Development

Type of Software Developed 
Trend: Type of Software Developed
Company Size 
Companies' Length of Time in Business
Companies' Time in Business by Region
Number of Developers on Team
Team Size by Developer Segment
Developers' Role in Purchasing
Development Work: In-house or Outsourced? Today 
Development Work: In-house or Outsourced? Three Year Projections 

Primary Host Operating System Today 
Trend: Primary Host Operating System Today
Primary Host Operating System Next Year 
Secondary Host Operating System Today 
Secondary Host Operating System Next Year 
Primary Linux Distribution in Use 
Target Platforms and Environments Today 
Target Platforms and Environments Next Year 
Most Important Factor in Platform Selection
Target Device Platforms Today 
Trend: Target Device Platforms
Plans for Specific Development Paradigms 
How Many Developers Consider the Specifics of Processors? 
Targeted Processors 
Importance of IoT to Digital Strategy 
Development for Connected Devices or the Internet of Things 
Sensor Use 

Mobile Development 
Mobile Development by Company Size
Importance of Mobility to Digital Strategy
Initial Mobile Platform Targets 
Approaches Used with Mobile Development 
Approaches Used by Developer Segment 

Games Development 
Involvement with Games Development
Platforms Targeted with Games Development
Game Engines Used
Use of Cloud Game Streaming Services
Number of Games Published Last Year 
Use of AR or VR in Gaming 

Importance of Cognitive Computing/AI to Digital Strategy
Plans for Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Use
Involvement with AI or Machine Learning Development
AI and Machine Learning Disciplines Used 
Involvement in Analysis from AI Projects
How Do AI Projects Learn?  
How do Projects Learn by Region
Primary Industry Reached with AI 
Top Areas of Focus in AI Efforts 
Types of Algorithms Used in AI Efforts 

Involvement in Storage Solution Optimization 
Time Spent Working with or Optimizing Storage  
Plans for Software Defined Storage Deployment
Involvement in Network Solution Optimization
Plans for Building a Software Defined Network
Top SDN-Based Open Source Standards and Projects 

Importance of Security to Organizations
Most Common Organizational Security Strategy 
Optimization of Security Solutions 
Optimization of Security Solutions by Developer Segment 
Time Spent Optimizing Security 
Familiarity with Security and Trust-Based Technology 
Plans for Developing on Secure and Trusted Systems
Plans for Secure and Trusted Systems by Developer Segment
Familiarity with Secure and Trusted Processors 
Familiarity with Secure and Trusted Processors by Region 
Operating Systems Used for Secure and Trust-Enabled Applications
Biggest Perceived Security Threat
Top Security Concern for Mobile Devices
Authentication Methods Used 

Plans for Super-computing or Other HPC
Application Design in Supercomputing Efforts
Optimization for Specific Hardware in HPC 
Importance of Multi-Threading to Organization 
Plans for Multiple Processors or Processor Cores 
Memory Models in Use
Threading Models in Use 
Involvement with Targeting Heterogeneous
Parallel Programming Models Used with Heterogeneous Systems
Plans for GPGPU 
GPU Compute Technologies Used 
Plans for FPGA Offload 
Math Library Use
Types of Chipsets Targeted with Math Libraries 
Math Libraries Used
Processors Targeted with Math Libraries
Primary Target for MKL Use
Primary Target for IMSL 
Importance of Conditional Numerical Reproducibility Cases
Importance of APIs to Digital Strategy 
How Many Developers Publish Their Own APIs? 
API Publication by Company Size
How Many Developers Monetize Their API Publication? 
Number of APIs Published in the Past Year
API Management and Support Methods
Number of API Call Requests Received 
Average Number of APIs Used
What Percent of Developers’ APIs Are Free?
Top Criteria for API Solution Evaluation 

Importance of Cloud to Digital Strategy 
Plans for Cloud Deployment 
Plans for Cloud Deployment by Developer Segment
Most Valued Cloud Services
Plans for Using a PaaS Deployment or Cloud Application Platform)
Evaluation of PaaS / Cloud Application Platform Providers

Preferred Server Infrastructure for Virtualization
Number of Virtual Machine Templates Used 
What Do They Virtualize? 
Plans for Container Virtualization 
Container Use: Standalone or Part of Virtual Machine?
Relationship between Container Environment and Hypervisor 
Are Container Images Used by Outside Customers? 
Virtualization Practices Implemented

Importance of Data Management to Organization
Percentage of Time Spent with Databases or Analytics
Involvement in Big Data and Advanced Analytics 
Industries Targeted with Big Data Applications 
Types of Databases Used
Types of Databases Used by Developer Segment
Plans for In-Memory Databases 
Databases Used

Plans for Apps Involving Asset Transfer 
Need for a Decentralized Approach for Asset Transfer 
Plans for Distributed Ledgers 
Distributed Ledger Technologies Evaluated
Distributed Ledger Technologies Used in Production
Plans for Blockchain Databases
Plans for Blockchain by Developer Segment 
Use of Blockchain Outside of Cryptocurrency 
Primary Use Case for Blockchain Implementation
Industries Targeted with Blockchain
Most Influential Factor in Blockchain Platform Selection
Readiness of Blockchain Infrastructure
Expectations for AI Use in Blockchain
Blockchain's Use in IoT Security 

Importance of Payment Solutions to Digital Strategy 
Most Common Payment Methods Used 
Plans for Payment Solutions Gateway Use 
Plans for Payment Solutions Gateway Use by Company Size
Plans for Payment Solutions Gateway Use by Region 

Length of Development Lifecycle
Greatest Areas for Improvement for Development Lifecycle
Greatest Areas for Improvement by Length of Development Lifecycle 
Greatest Areas for Improvement by Developer Segment 
Needed Improvement in Various Stages of Development 
Needed Improvement in Development by Developer Segment 
Use of Version Control Systems and Testing Environments
Types of Programming Methodologies Used 
Top Challenges in IoT Application Development 
Top Challenges in Application Development by Developer Segment

Top Development Disciplines in the Coming Year 
Importance of Tool Types 
Tooling: Satisfaction by Importance 
Primary IDE Types in Use 
Primary IDE Types Used by Developer Segment 
Primary Desktop IDEs Used
Primary Cloud-based IDEs Used 
New Tool Adoption 
Technology Adoption
Open Source Use
Most Important Open Source Components 
Open Source in Moonlighting Efforts
Importance of Development Disciplines to Developers' Organizations 
Expected Change in Importance of Tech Disciplines 

Adherence to UX/UI Guidelines
Typical Approach to UX/UI Design 
Use of Native Widgets
Involvement with Natural User Interfaces 
Plans for Various User Interfaces 
Importance of Virtual Reality to Digital Strategy
Importance of Augmented Reality to Digital Strategy
Plans for Augmented Reality
Use Cases for Virtual Reality
Use Cases for Augmented Reality 
Primary Focus for Augmented or Virtual Reality 

Top Reasons for Language Selection
Reasons for Language Selection by Developer Segment
C Use
C++ Use 
C# Use
Objective-C Use
Swift Use
Java Use 
Scripting Languages Use
Other Language Use 

JavaScript Use
Python Use 
Perl Use
Ruby Use
R Use
Other Scripting Language Use

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown