Developer Marketing Survey 2017

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A survey of software developers' attitudes about the marketing tools and programs used to promote and sell products to them. Provides invaluable insight for your developer marketing campaign, including:

  • What are the psychographics that compel developers?
  • What are the demographics of the typical developer?
  • What web sites and search engines do developers visit most?
  • How do contests and gamification fit in the mix?
  • What are the natural price points and pricing elasticity of dev tools?
  • What is the most powerful influencer for developers?
  • Which marketing methods do they like most?...Which do they hate?

Essential for product promotions, pricing and forecasting, media planning, and all your developer marketing needs.

For less than half the price of a single banner ad on most sites, this report will save you and your marketing budget money, time and effort on an exponential scale throughout the year. This is THE MOST important tool you can have for crafting an effective marketing campaign for developers.

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Objectives of the Survey
Survey Methodology 
Research Design 
Relative Rankings 
The Sample – Software Developers 
The EDC Panel
Other Evans Data CorpServices
Multi-Client Survey Series
Tactical Survey Reports 
Custom Surveys 
Targeted Analytics

Job Title / Function
Job Title / Function by Company Size
Developer Segment
Gender (Trend)
Trend: Age by Region 
Marital Status 
Involvement with Software Development
Company size 
Company Years in Business
Technical Skills Acquisition
Size of Companies Targeted with Software

Why do Developers become Developers? 
Motivation by Age 
Importance of Psychological Drivers in Development Work 
Most Worrisome Problem for Developers 
Most Worrisome Problem by Age
Intuitive or Logical – Self Rating
Job Security or Career Opportunity – Self Rating 
Established Company or Startup – Self Rating
Views on Women Programmers
Views on Robotics
Views on Open Source Software 
Views on Evolving as a Developer
Top Causes to Donate Time to
Top Causes by Age 
Primary Reasons for Engaging with Various Marketing Vehicles
Reasons to Start Using a New Technology

Companies Developers Believe are most Developer Centric 
Perceptions of Developer Centric Companies by Age 
Companies that Provide Most Excellent Tools and SDKs 
Perceptions of Excellent Tools Companies by Age 
Companies that are Most Likely to Dominate their Industry 
Perceptions of Companies Likely to Dominate by Age
Companies that are the Most Innovative
Perceptions of Most Innovative Companies by Age

Involvement with Purchasing Development Tools
Involvement in Purchasing for IoT Developers 
Types of Technology Products Developers Purchase / Influence
Types of Technology Products by Company Size-
Purchasing Authority Levels 
Purchasing Authority Levels by Developer Segment
Assessment of Ability to Influence Decision Making 
Individual Annual Tools Expenditures
Individual Annual Tools Expenditures (Trend Individual Annual Tools Expenditures by Company Size 
Most Common License Structure
Most Used Purchase Method 
Willingness to Pay for Cloud through Mobile Payments
Likelihood of Using Pre-Built Cloud Payment options in Apps 

Most Credible Source on Emerging Technologies
Most Credible Source on Emerging Technologies (Trend) 
Most Credible Source for IoT Developers
Best Online Technology Sites for Finding Product
Best Online Technology Sites for Deep Dives on Tech
Best Online Technology Sites for Reading Entertainment 
Best Online Technology Sites for Tech News
Most Likely Types of Sources for Mobile Development
Most Likely Types of Sources for Cloud Development 
Most Likely Types of Sources for Development Techniques
Most Likely Type of Sources for IoT
Importance of Various Factors on Purchase Decisions 
Most Compelling Product Marketing Tools
Effect of Access to Cloud Tools on Developer Program Membership 
Trust Level for Various Information Sources
Trust Level by Age

How Did Developers First Learn About the Community they’re in 
Where do developers go to get expert knowledge?
Best Liked Outreach Methods 
Best Liked Outreach Methods over the Last Ten Years (Trend) 
Most Liked Marketing Method for IoT Developers
Most Effective Method to Reach a Developer
Most Effective Method (Trend) 
Most Effective Method to Reach IoT Developers
Best Day of Week to Send Unsolicited Emails 
Use of Blocking Software on Devices
Preferred Form Factor for Reading Tech Articles
Advertising Visibility
Thoughts on Text Message-based Ads
Most Effective Web Ads
Most Effective In-App Ads
Frequency of Clicking on Different Types of Ads 
Desire to Receive Push Notifications on the Phone 
Desire for Push Notifications by Age

Most Used Interactive Communication Vehicles 
Most Used Vehicles by Age
Most Used Vehicles by Purchasing Authority 
Use of Development Specific Social Networking Groups 
Frequency of Visiting a Social Media Site for Development Purposes 
Frequency by Age 
Social Media Sites Used for Finding Out About Companies/Products
Social Media Sites Used to Find Out About Technologies/Platforms 
Social Media Sites Used to Communicate with Friends 
Social Media Sites Used for Employment Opportunities
Linkedin Group Subscriptions 
Number of Google+ Communities Followed
Frequency of Visiting Google+ Communities

Methods Most Often Used to Learn About Technology
Most Used Methods by Age
Helpfulness of Learning Resources 
Frequency of Reading Online Tutorials 
Optimal Length of Time for a Tutorial 
Probability of Sharing Tutorials
Tutorials vs Live Teachers
Thoughts on Learning Paths 
Experience with Learning Path-based Training
Advantages of Virtual Events Over Physical Events
Average Number of Conferences Attended 
Most Popular Conferences
Likelihood of Actions to be Taken as a Result of a Conference 
Importance of Various Conference / Trade Show Activities 
Most Popular Types of Vendor Sponsored Events 
Best Companies to Fund Startups 

Best Incentives for Contest Motivation 
Primary Venues for Vendor Challenge Contests
Number of Hackathons and Codecamps Attended
Attendance by Age 
Motivation for Attending a Hackathon
Motivation by Age 
Optimal Length of Coding Challenge 
Important Elements of Hackathons
Hackathon Sponsor
Where do developers learn about hackathons?

Number of Newsletter Subscriptions
Number of Newsletter Subscriptions (IoT Developers) 
Likelihood of Clicking on Links in Email Newsletter by Subject
Frequency of Developer Action as a Result of an Email Newsletter
Desired Frequency of Email Newsletters
Most Frequently Read Type of Development-Related Blogs
Sources Used to Find New Blogs 

First Place for Finding Info 
First Place by Developer Segment 
Frequency of Clicking on Sponsored Ads in Search Results
Frequency of clicking by Company Size 
Frequency of Clicking by Purchasing Authority
Reasons for Not Clicking on URLs 
How Important is it to be High on the SEO Results Page?
Use of Social Media Links for Search
Webinars and Videos
Number of Webcasts / Webinars Viewed in the Past Year
Optimum Length for Webcasts / Webinars 
Top Reasons for Attending Webinars
Reasons for Attending by Number of Webcasts Viewed
Percent of Webinars that Produce Sales 
Best Way to View a Case Study
Best Length for Instructional Videos
Most Important Element in an Instructional Video 
Most Important Element by Developer Segment 

Participation in Developer Website 
Frequency of Contribution on Q&A Sites 
How Much Code Would Developers Share for free
Code Sharing by Age
Biggest Motivation to Share Code With a Community 
Biggest Motivation by Age 
Most Desired Rewards for Developer Site Participation
Most Desired Rewards by Age
How Much Information Are Developers Willing to Provide Online? 
Truthfulness in Submitting Personal Information Online

Best Limiting Technique for Evaluation Copies 
Suitable Number of Days for Time Bombs
Number of Evaluations Downloaded Last Year 
Percent of Downloads Installed and Evaluated 
Percent of Evaluations Purchased
Resources Used to Evaluate Tools

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown