New York Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide 2017

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New York Codeof Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide is a guide to the criminal statutes in New York. In addition to the full text of the New York Penal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, the book includes plain-language explanations of what the Penal Law statutes mean, with fictional fact patterns that depict the crimes found in the statutes. A practical application of the statutes further illustrate the statutes and offenses. This book is an exceptional tool for lawyers, judges, law students, and police officers.

Preceding each statutory chapter or group of chapters in the penal code is a fictional fact pattern. Following each statute that defines a felony or misdemeanor is a practical application section. These sections draw on the fictional characterizations to explain the statutes. Readers can use the fact patterns and practical applications to understand the language of the statutes and determine how to charge appropriately under them.
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New York Penal Law

Part 1. General Provisions
A.    General Purposes, Rules of Construction and Definitions

B.    Principles of Criminal Liability

C.    Defenses

Part 2. Sentences

E. Sentences

Part 3. Specific Offenses

G. Anticipatory Offenses

H. Offenses Against the Person Involving Physical Injury,
Sexual Conduct, Restraint and Intimidation 

I. Offenses Involving Damage to and Intrusion Upon Property

J. Offenses Involving Theft

K. Offenses Involving Fraud

L. Offenses Against Public Administration

M. Offenses Against Public Health and Morals

N. Offenses Against Public Order, Public Sensibilities and the Right to Privacy 

O. Offenses Against Marriage, the Family, and the Welfare of Children and Incompetents 

P. Offenses Against Public Safety

Part 4. Administrative Provisions

W. Provisions Relating to Firearms, Fireworks, Pornography
Equipment and Vehicles Used in the Transportation of Gambling Records 

X. Organized Crime Control Act

Y. Hate Crimes Act of 2000

Part 5. Administrative Provisions

Z. Laws Repealed; Time of Taking Effect

New York Criminal Procedure Law

Part 1. General Provisions

A. Short Title, Applicability and Definitions

B. The Criminal Courts

C. General Principles Relating to Requirements for and Exemptions from Criminal Prosecution 

D. Rules of Evidence, Standards of Proof and Related Matters

Part 2. The Principal Proceedings

H. Preliminary Proceedings in Local Criminal Court

I. Preliminary Proceedings in Superior Court

J. Prosecution of Indictments in Superior Courts—Plea to Sentence

K. Prosecution of Informations in Local Criminal Courts-Plea to Sentence 

L. Sentence

M. Proceedings After Judgment

Part 3. Special Proceedings and Miscellaneous Procedures

P. Procedures for Securing Attendance at Criminal Actions and Proceedings of Defendants and Witnesses Under Control of Court—Recognizance, Bail and Commitment Q. Procedures for Securing Attendance at Criminal Actions and Proceedings of Defendants Not Securable by Conventional Means—and Related Matters R. Procedures for Securing Attendance of Witnesses in Criminal Actions 

S. Procedures for Securing Testimony for Future Use, and for Using Testimony Given in a Prior Proceeding 

T. Procedures for Securing Evidence by Means of Court Order and for Suppressing Evidence Unlawfully or Improperly Obtained 

U. Special Proceedings which Replace, Suspend or Abate
Criminal Actions
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Kenneth Del Vecchio is a former judge, former prosecutor, and criminal lawyer who has tried over 400 cases. His other legal books include New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide, Test Prep Guide to Accompany New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, and Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide to the Penal Statutes (National criminal codebook). 

A frequent legal analyst on networks such as Fox News Channel, Del Vecchio is the owner of the Criminal Law Learning Center, where he has taught over a thousand police officers and lawyers. Del Vecchio is also a filmmaker and criminal suspense novelist, and founder and chairman of Hoboken International Film Festival.
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